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Trendy colour combinations to give your staircase walls a design boost

  • Staircase Designs
Jul 28, 2022
White staircase wall color for wooden steps - Beautiful Homes

The ultimate creative hack to glam up a characterless staircase is a smart coat of paint! You don’t even have to be an expert to use this technique – it’s quick, effective and we’ll show you that it’s easy too!

When you consider that your home staircase typically occupies significant space in an entryway or hall, you’ll understand the importance of a staircase wall colour that is both attractive and suits your style. The right choice of paint colours for staircase walls will help set the tone of your interior décor and make an important first impression. And in case your stairway is eye-catching or interesting in its own right, the ideal paint colour combination can be the perfect way to play up the architecture for the most impact. Let’s discuss some of the ways you can upgrade your staircase from forgettable to fantastic!


So What is the Best Colour for Staircase Walls?

With such a variety of beautiful paint colours available on the market, choosing the best one might seem daunting. The best place to start might be to think about what you want out of your space.


If you are designing your home in keeping with Vastu Shastra, your staircase wall colour will need to be chosen from a lighter palette to promote positive energy and increase the airiness within your room. Some staircase wall paint ideas that work within Vaastu compliant homes are creamy whites, pale yellows, light greens, blues or dove greys. Avoid darker tones such as dark grey, black or red as these are thought to channel negativity and can make your room seem heavy and moody.


In a more eclectic space, a staircase wall colour combination that stands the test of time is the classic white paired with tonal neutrals. Choose a single crisp, clean white to brighten up your stairway and introduce personality, colours and textures with decorative items or wall art. For a more cohesive look, choose colours that fall within the palette of other rooms within your home. Conversely, your stairs for living room can also be a great place to be adventurous - maybe opt for a unique focal point, featuring vibrant, bold colours. For a little more inspiration, let’s look at some of the best colours for staircase walls below.


Top 5 Staircase Wall Paint Colour Ideas:

#1 Single Tone : Matching Stair Colour & Staircase Wall Colour

Sometimes, the most straightforward of staircase paint selection can make a wonderful impact giving a clever, fashionable look in the simplest of ways. By using just one paint colour for both your stairs and the stair wall, your staircase becomes a clearly defined visual unit within your room, with the ability to both blend in and stand out. To make the most of your staircase wall, stair wall colour can either match the entire stair, or just the risers of each stair. Make sure the stairway colour contrasts with the other walls within your larger space. Alternately, use the same paint shade for the front door, the stair treads, risers and bannisters for a pulled-together and cohesive home design aesthetic.

Beige staircase wall color with stair lights - Beautiful Homes
Staircase wall paint ideas with steel railings - Beautiful Homes

#2 Elevated White : The Best Colour For Staircase Walls

White is a classic paint colour for stairs because it is so adaptable, fitting into a range of design trends and aesthetic preferences. When discussing staircase wall paint ideas for a relatively compact staircase, white can give you the advantage of a fresh, airy atmosphere. To give a plain white more impact, you can jazz it up with a pop of colour for the bannister and newel. Or create a faux “runner” with white paint along the left and right edges of each step, and a contrasting paint colour running up from the foot of the staircase to the top.

#3 Two Tone : The Colour Combination For Staircase Wall Elegance

Another frontrunner in staircase wall paint ideas is using contrasts or tone-on-tone to give your stairway added oomph. Paint one shade on the treads and risers and a contrasting colour for the stair wall for a bright dramatic effect. This method works particularly beautifully for a bright hued wall, giving your stairway a happy, summery vibe. Or perhaps, paint alternate risers in two tonal shades creating a pattern of darker and lighter colours. You could even create “panels” along a stairway, painting the lower half of the wall a different colour. Match the height of the paint to that of the railing opposite for a more cohesive look.

Open staircase wall stair wall colour with fireplace - Beautiful Homes
Black stair wall colour design with ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

#4 Natural Colours : Staircase Wall Paint Ideas For Organic Comfort

In today’s modern home design, choosing nature-centric colours is very much on trend. This can either be done with neutral tones such as beige, white and cream, or you can choose to embrace a wonderful palette of nature-inspired colours! For stairways with wooden treads, soft green or quiet brown walls are a good way to embrace natural tones within the room. Pale blues and greys can also work well when paired with natural stone stair treads. Pick a colour for stairs, wall and bannister that fall within the same spectrum of colour warmth for the best possible overall look and visual unity. 

#5 Pretty Patterns : Simple Stair Wall Colour Design Solutions

Clever use of paint on staircases can turn a merely functional space into an interesting focal point of your room. One such idea is to add interest with patterns and shapes painted onto your stairway. Stencil patterns onto the risers of your stairs using a colour that contrasts with the rest of the stair. You can even use the same colour combination for staircase wall art, matching stencil patterns across both the risers and wall. Another of the quirkier staircase wall paint ideas is to embrace the ombre effect. Starting with the darkest shade on the first step, paint successive risers, or even the entire stair, lighter tints of the same hue as the staircase ascends. Whether it’s as vibrant rainbow hues or pretty pastel tones, a multicoloured stairway is sure to be an attention grabber!

White colour for stairs wall with marble staircase - Beautiful Homes
Grey paint colors for staircase walls with abstract design - Beautiful Homes

Home Design Tips - The DIY Basics and Facts

  • When painting stairs, you will need to pick paint that is long-lasting and hard-wearing, with an anti-slip finish to improve traction. Ensure that your floor-suitable paint is correct for the material of your stairs, be it wood or concrete.

  • Test swatch each paint for your staircase wall colour combination and let them dry fully before you compare shades. This is particularly important for a cohesive final match because wall paint and wood paint might dry down differently.
  • It's important that the surface of your staircase is in good condition before you start painting – repair, patch and sand surfaces to make the surface as smooth as possible.

  • For wooden stairs, make sure to use undercoat sealer or wood primer for better paint adhesion and to prolong the life of your paint job.

  • The simplest and most convenient method to achieve your stair wall colour design is to start at the top of your stairway and work your way downwards. Paint your wall before you paint stairs to cover-up and correct any accidental drips.

  • For the best look and longevity, you might need to apply multiple coats of paint, letting each dry completely before the next coat. Apply a clear water-based urethane varnish for an even better finish. 


The key to choosing a staircase wall colour combination that suits your home is to make sure that it matches your taste and reflects the rest of your interior décor scheme. In a Nordic minimalist space that features minimalist furniture white walls and light wood furniture, a bright yellow or deep blue stairway will add an unexpected pop of energy and joy. And in a room that draws from classic or traditional décor elements you might want a staircase wall colour that leans into monochromatic simplicity for an overall look of classy luxury.


So whether you prefer the clarity of white, are a soft touch for pastels, in the market for something quirkier, or just want a staircase that gives your home that final touch of glamour, we hope these paint ideas for staircases helped to stimulate your creativity and make you want to transform your treads! And if you’d still like a little help, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you choose the best colour combination for stairways to fit your needs.


Here at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we partner with you to craft the home of your dreams – from making those first design decisions to delivering the ideal final outcome, we’re there for you, every step of the way! We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.

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