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Cozy balcony design ideas

  • Balcony Design
Dec 14, 2022
Boho balcony decor ideas to add bohemian charm - Beautiful Homes

Turn your balcony into a picturesque gateway with these bohemian décor ideas

Balconies serve as a little wind down spot in our homes— whether it holds a reading nook, the home garden or a breakfast table. For a space that is personal, the interior design and décor should reflect your style and tastes. If you’re a fan of eclecticism and whimsy, the bohemian style might be the one for your balcony interior design. Transform a boring balcony into a relaxing boho balcony with our top interior balcony design picks"


Bohemian Balcony Décor Ideas

1. Boho Balcony Design for the Neutral Lovers        

Boho style is all about layering colors, and it can also be applied to your balcony design. While rich colors are often associated with it, you could also choose a more low-key bohemian balcony décor. For your balcony design ideas, you could start with a neutral base of off-whites and taupes and add earthy pops such as mustard, rust and olive. Introduce these colors with simple décor such as pillows, throws, planters and artwork.


2. Texture Galore in Boho Balcony Décor

This style mixes various textures— both tactile and visual— to create warm, inviting spaces. Ensure that you incorporate multiple textiles to your boho apartment balcony for perfect cozy nooks. Jute, linen, tufted rugs, knitted throws and such are some staples you can start with.


3. Mix Materials for Bohemian Balcony Décor

An excellent way to elevate your bohemian balcony design is by mixing various materials to create an eclectic yet cohesive look . The worn look of natural materials like burlap, bamboo, old silk, etc., will add character to the boho apartment balcony.

Pleasant small boho balcony décor ideas to add to your space - Beautiful Homes
Turn your normal balcony into small boho balcony - Beautiful Homes

4. Connect Small Boho Balcony with your Living Room Design

Make the most of your small boho balcony by assimilating it into your living room and designing it as an indoor-outdoor space. For a seamless transition, design both areas in bohemian style and use subtle elements to create demarcations, such as separate area rugs and accent lighting. Repeat  textures and shapes throughout the boho balcony décor like faux-fur, handloom cotton, macrame, scalloped edges and so on, for that quintessential bohemian look.


5. A Multifunctional Boho Small Balcony

Make your boho small balcony do double duty with multifunctional furniture. A diwan or a bench can easily double up as storage. Add extra seating with poufs and stools that too can house other things. Open up the floor space by designing a vertical garden for your boho small balcony. Use textiles, colors and patterns to create a cozy setting.


6. Boho Balcony Décor with Rich, Saturated Hues

If you’re more of a maximalist, choose earthy hues as a base for your boho balcony décor and use saturated accents such as burgundy, violet, emerald. Accent walls, textiles and furniture frames are excellent ways to introduce these colors to your bohemian balcony design.

7. Patterns Add Visual Interest to your Bohemian Balcony Décor

Mixing patterns is another way to bring out the unconventionality and worldly aesthetic of boho design. Deck up your boho balconies in a combination of patterns from around the world— ikat, tie dye, block prints, brocade and more. For a more modern minimalistic look, keep the color palette for your boho balcony design neutral and let the patterns and textures take center stage.


8. Add a Vintage Flair to your Boho Balconies

Bohemian style borrows not only from various cultures but also eras. So if you have the penchant for vintage décor, add it to your bohemian balcony design. A rocking chair, an egg swing, a diwan, an armchair would all be excellent additions and accents to your boho balconies


9. Create an Ethereal Glow for your Boho Balcony Décor

Create the soft and warm glow in your boho balcony by layering lighting. For overheard, consider lanterns, pendants or string ball lighting. Pair it with floor and table lamps and tealight LED candles for a romantic ambience in your bohemian balcony décor. Keep it interesting by choosing a variety of shapes and materials for your lighting fixtures.

Peaceful & lovely boho balcony décor - Beautiful Homes
Vintage boho balcony ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

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