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Small bathroom shower design ideas

  • Compact Bathrooms
Jul 28, 2022
Corner bathroom shower designs for small bathrooms - Beautiful Homes

Step inside the shower of your dreams with these stylish shower designs

If you believe in the power of a good shower as much as we do, welcome to the wonderful world of modern bathroom designs. Within the sacred sanctum that is the bathroom, the shower is easily the most intimate of all spaces in a home. Whether you retreat to your shower for some quiet respite after a long day at work or a loud-and-proud private karaoke session, we’re taking you through some of the latest and most stylish small bathroom shower designs along with a nifty guide to picking the best showerheads.

1. Small Bathroom Shower Designs with a Bathtub

Nothing spells luxury quite like a beautifully designed bathtub. Afterall, a hot soak waiting for you at the end of a long day is as close as it gets to attaining nirvana. If the space in your modern bathroom design allows for even the smallest bathtub on the market, it is a worthy investment.


For inspiration, just take cues from the Japanese – it is a well-known fact that the country considers nightly baths and trips to the onsen (communal baths with hot geothermal pools) a scared ritual. A relaxing soak in the bathtub is not just a way to wash away the day’s dirt and grime for the Japanese, it’s also a chance to soothe tired muscles and hit reset. 

Modern bathroom shower designs with bathtub - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, One Only Palmilla

And if the Japanese can fit bathtubs into their compact homes, we simply have no reason to skimp on this bathroom amenity.


While the easiest option to integrate a bathtub into a modern bathroom design is to simply purchase an affordable, ready-to-install model from Indian brands like Jaquar, a custom-made design in marble or stone offers a lot more flexibility in terms of accommodating a tub into the most space-crunched of bathroom design plans. 


If you are considering adding a bathtub into your modern bathroom interiors, it would be wise to treat it as a starting point (after all it will make quite the statement) and then taking a call on the best options for the bathroom shower design too. You can either choose to combine it with a shower above the bathtub or create a separate walk-in shower or a glass cubicle. The latter option is a wise idea for families with little children, pets and older family members who might not find it very comfortable to climb in and out of the bathtub on a daily basis.

Black minimalist bathroom design with mirror décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

2. Glass Shower Designs for Minimalistic Bathrooms

One of the more popular features of modern bathroom design is the glass shower cubicle or the all-glass shower enclosure. It’s not uncommon to spot shower designs for bathrooms of all sizes with either framed and frameless glass partitions, sliding or push-and-pull glass doors these days.


A shower design that uses glass to separate wet and dry areas is especially useful when it comes to small apartments with just a single bathroom. There are a myriad way to incorporate glass for a truly stylish and modern bathroom design. 

For example, frameless partitions or sliding doors for the shower area in clear glass are perfect to open things up and make the bathroom seem bigger and brighter.


In bigger bathrooms, statement-making shower designs can range from jewel-box style enclosures with gold, brass or chrome shower fixtures and even metallic tile grout to more minimalistic designs such as this walk-in shower featuring a striking black frame for the glass partition with a matching matte black showerhead, shower panel and mixer, faucets and even a slick all-black wash basin. And if you’re too shy to commit to a transparent shower design, there’s always room for options like frosted and textured glass or glass partitions and doors that can be custom-designed and etched to match the overall style and theme of any modern bathroom design.

3. Luxe Marble and Granite Shower Designs

As far as popular materials and textures in modern Indian bathroom designs go, marble and granite have never gone out of style and for good reason too. Luxe, natural materials are the easiest way to achieve a spa-like aesthetic at home and when you look at a long-term solutions for modern bathroom design, materials like marble, stone and granite will truly stand the test of time both in terms of durability and a sophisticated, timeless appeal. While trends in printed and patterned tiles change year on year, you can be sure that a bathroom with textured granite, slate, onyx and even classic white marble will never go out of style. Afterall, architects and interior designers still reference the all-marble Romans bathhouses of yore.


There are however, several ways to elevate the old-school use of marble and granite in bathrooms – consider carving out niches for your everyday bath essentials with backlit onyx or adding a stylish and functional built-in bench for a truly relaxing bath time experience. The bench is perfect to sit comfortably as you bask in the steam or simply wait to make the most of a luxurious hair or body mask that you need to leave on for several minutes before you can rinse it off.

Glass partition for bathroom shower design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Curology/ unsplash

Corner bathroom shower designs for small bathrooms - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

4. Corner Bathroom Shower Designs for Small Bathrooms

Over the years, small washroom designs have been able to perfect the art of creating distinct spaces (shower, toilet, vanity and more) to serve all the different functions in the confined space of a single bathroom. Case in point, glass enclosures that help make a clear distinction between the wet and dry areas of a space-crunched bathroom. To make a style statement in your modern shower design, consider using a set of tiles that are completely different from the rest of the bathroom décor in terms of colour pattern or texture.

No matter the size and shape of the bathroom you’re working with, it’s easy to install a corner-side bathroom enclosure that’s either custom-built with with glass partitions and doors or a ready-to-install acrylic model. Whether your shower area forms a square, rectangle or even a triangle, opt for space-saving alcove shelving or plastic caddies from brands like Muji, Ikea or Home Centre that can be hung on shower panels.

5. Stylish Walk-in Enclosure Shower Ideas

If soaking in a bathtub or showering a steamy glass enclosure isn’t really your style, go back to the basics with an open-plan bathroom shower design. It’s possible to achieve sophisticated small bathroom ideas with separate wet and dry areas without installing glass partitions or messy shower curtains.


Rustic stone or concrete finishes still reign supreme in modern and minimalistic bathroom designs. Make use of larger tile sizes to create an illusion of a bigger floor area in your shower design and complete the less is more approach with a flushed ceiling rain shower with in-built bath fixtures and alcoves or niches for storing all your bath essentials. Consider concealed, linear drains over traditional circular, single-point drains for another layer of seamless sophistication.


To bring a little bit of the outdoors to your modern shower design, maximise natural light and add real or artificial potted plants and climbers. Consider warm, dark wood accents for mirrors, vanities and towel racks – or better yet, use a simple wooden ladder to hang clothes, napkins and more.

Bathroom shower design with wash basin & toilet ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jalakara



Black bathroom shower design with floor tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ikea

6. Modern Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Bathrooms are no longer treated as just simple, functional spaces in the practice of interior design. A world of personalization awaits as experimental colours, patterns and textures make their way into modern bathroom design. These playful bathroom tile ideas have also made their way into new-age shower designs. Rich jewel tones like emerald patterned tiles with gold and brass shower fixtures are as popular as more geometric styles like hexagonal tiles with chrome finish rain showers. Bathroom design offers a plethora of opportunities for tile experimentation, from terrazzo floors to mix-and-match tiles, funky chevron patterns, and even grout in contrasting colors, allowing for a modern and playful shower and bathroom design.  


Make the most of your me-time in the bathroom by picking the perfect showers, shower panels, mixers and faucets. Here are some of the most common types of showerheads and mixer taps.

  1. Body Showers and Bathroom Shower Panels

    Some of the most innovative technology has been integrated into new-age shower panels that offer everything from precise temperature control, multiple massaging shower jets, ambient LED lighting fitted into the showerhead and even in-built USB speakers.

  2. Maze Showers

    The showerhead is made up of a maze-like pattern of nozzles for more uniform and economical distribution of water. A maze shower is perfect for those looking for a gentler, low pressure bath experience.

  3. Rain Showers And Ceiling Showerheads

    Placed directly overhead, rain showers and ceiling showerheads are much larger in size with a greater number of nozzles to mimic rainfall. It is a luxurious way to shower but it requires steady water pressure and larger floor space in the shower design.

  4. Multi-function Showers

    A multi-function showerhead allows you to change spray patterns ranging from a very concentrated massage setting to the gentlest mist spray setting.

  5. Hand-held Showers

    Hand-held showers with flexible plastic or metal hoses offer the most flexibility in modern shower design. A hand-held shower comes with a fixed wall mount but it functions as completely adjustable showerhead that can be placed at any desirable height and angle. It’s also great for families with little kids, pets and elders.

  6. Low Pressure Showerheads For Modern Bathrooms

    Love long, luxurious showers but face the guilt of wasting too much water? Enter low pressure showerheads that make innovative use of strategically placed nozzles and air pressure for a shower experience that’s just as luxurious as rain showers. We’re currently obsessed with the tech-driven Nebia by Moen Spa Shower that was launched on Kickstarter earlier this year. It’s patented atomisation and 2x nozzle array ensures there’s no compromise in showers while being mindful of consuming the least amount of water possible.


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