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5 Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

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Apr 01, 2022
Designer bedsheets in a modern bedroom - Beautiful Homes

The right bedsheet can transform a bed into your cosy snuggery. Check out 5 things to consider before buying bed sheets for your abode

Unwinding and sleeping in an aesthetic, comfortable and beautiful bedroom is like a universal dream. Bedrooms are one of the comfiest and cosy spaces for everyone, and you would love to do your bedroom décor to make your bedroom peaceful and chic. Your bedroom interior defines your style, and taste and expresses your personality. Though more than that, your bedroom design and décor should give you a feeling of fulfilment and delight. Your master bedroom interiors must be such that it brings you pure bliss every time you go to bed. At the end of an exhausting day, when you give in to your bed, it is the soundest form of leisure, and it should relieve you of all the day’s challenging work, stress and pressure. To make way for the best sleep, your bedroom design and décor should be unique and something that serves you the best.


All in all, your bedroom design and interiors should be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. And this is where versatile designer bed sheets come into play. Bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases, covers, comforters and quilts help to create a cosy and beautiful bedroom. The key is to choose suitable items for your bedroom. Good quality bed sheets aren’t just for the look, they can directly improve your overall health. The right bed sheet & sleeping conditions lead to a good night's sleep.


Where Exactly Should your Investment Go? 

Your choice of bedsheets will definitely be the main element for better sleep. Pillows & cushions are a great addition. While decorative items will always seem to come in last, in terms of delivering a "good night's sleep", there are many factors to seriously consider spending a little time & money while buying bed sheets for yourself. Here's the rundown of 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets.

1. The Measurements of the Bed and Mattress

If you know the size of mattress you own, finding the right sheets is easy. Traditional bedding should be compatible with established sizes, but it's best to measure your mattress’s depth, length, and width to guarantee that a fitted sheet will sit snuggly.


Specifying the type of bed will also help in choosing the proper fit for the mattress. All bed manufacturers obey a standard in creating the different types of beds. The measurements are as follows: for a twin bed, it is usually 39X75 inches; for twin XL, it is 39X80 inches; for a full-sized bed, it is 54X75 inches; for a queen bed, it is 60X80 inches; for a king bed, it is 76X80 inches.

Olive green medium size bedsheet - Beautiful Homes

2. Colour

Unless you’re a lover of all-white bedding, carrying the chromatic trail can be a fun way to invite an incredible touch of colour to your space, particularly if it’s a bit monochrome. You can find plain bed sheets in just about every colouring, and with premium patterns across a range of motifs—gridded, tye-dye, Ikat, and quaint florals happen to be a few of the trending tones.


3. A Good Texture of the Bed Sheet

Bed sheets can be made from cotton, silk and other types of materials that can deliver optimum comfort to its user. Even if you have the best material for bed sheets, the texture helps one in attaining sound sleep but also makes a bed look luxurious. The thread count can support making the texture smoother and more refined.

Best material for bedsheet for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

4. The Budget

When we talk about any bedsheet, you get what you pay for. Bedsheet fabrics that contain synthetics or plant-based materials will often be more reasonable though not as long-lasting. Many times, the bed sheet price falls into a higher range. Don't hesitate to spend more on them because they are being priced based on their excellent quality. When it comes to premium bed sheets, you pay a lofty price for the comfort they offer and a rich feel. Added with comfort, such bed sheet price  stands more logical as they are also more durable and last longer.

5. Thread Count

The thread count of sheets is calculated by the number of vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads in one square inch of material. Despite the laboriously marketed idea of the superiority of “high” thread count bed sheets, higher isn’t equivalent to better. Normally, a higher thread count correlates to a softer bedsheet material, yet, it should be in a range of normalcy (from 200 to 600) Alternatively, you might find bed sheet fabric with a 1,000+ thread count—which manufacturers achieve by wringing low-quality threads around each other or using multiple fabrics that feel more rough or coarse.

Easy Tips to Buy Bed Sheets for your Room

  • Opt for Cotton
    A cotton double bedsheet is machine-washable and breathable, Long-fibre cotton is the strongest and softest. Longer fibres in a double bedsheet also mean that the fabric won’t pill, so they’ll feel more delicate for a long time. Linen or woolen bedsheet is also a great natural option. Linen is ideal for summer for its lighter weight and breathability, but it does wrinkle easily, even more so than cotton.
Pink velvet double bedsheet with pillows - Beautiful Homes
  • Consider the Finish
    Bed Sheets are usually treated with chemicals to ensure that they won’t wrinkle or forfeit their shape. That said, some manufacturers create organic cotton sheets with a pure finish, indicating its chemical-freeness. However organic sheets may wrinkle more easily than the chemical alternative, and many consumers like the organic option. We suggest feeling the sheet in person and determining what you prefer before buying.
Cotton bed sheet fabric on a white bed - Beautiful Homes
  • A High Thread Count isn’t Everything
    Thread count, the number of threads in each square inch of fabric, traditionally was considered the single most significant measure of grade, though now we know sufficiently. Things like yarn fibre, size, finishing, and spinning all stretch a massive role in the overall quality of a sheet. A sheet of a better-quality fibre with a lower thread count will feel more soothing and stand up to washing better than a sheet of a lower-quality fibre with a higher thread count.
  • Know the Return Policy
    Whether buying the sheets online or from a store, be certain to review the return policy. This way you can review the sheets and know if they are comfy enough for you. This is the most straightforward way to know if they work for you or not. There are several brands that allow a return service within a specified time.
  • Comprehend the Pros and Cons of Wrinkle-free Bed Sheets
    Wrinkle-free sheets are not a must-have, it’s all about individual preference. The pro is that you won’t need to iron them to clear wrinkles. Velvet bedsheets come to mind. The con is that the chemical process can wear off with multiple washes, so you might end up at the ironing board anyway, or just dealing with wrinkly sheets. Another con is the possible health consequences of the chemical finish. Though it is not clear from the label, the anti wrinkle finish arrives from a resin that releases formaldehyde, the chemical that is typically associated with embalming fluids or dissected frogs in biology class. People with skin allergies can be sensitive to formaldehyde.
  • Try Upsizing
    If you have a mattress topper that remarkably increases the height of your mattress, it may make sense to buy bed sheets that are extra deep. That way, you’ll have a more comfortable time putting them on. Make sure to measure the depth of your mattress and mattress topper before selecting between a small, medium size bed sheet or the largest bed sheet size.
  • Always Remember to Wash Sheets Before you Sleep on Them
    If you decide to go with a non-organic finish, always ensure to wash your sheets before using them if you have any sensitivities or allergies to specific chemicals. Washing sheets before you use them allows the yarns to bloom and creates a softer feel.

It’s Time to Own a Piece of Craft with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

In modern homes, a bedsheet is just not confined to covering your bed, it plays a paramount role in essentially defining your bedroom’s aesthetics and feel. A bedsheet is one of the first things that gets noticed in a bedroom. While some people might experiment with contrasting colours, others may pick keeping the colour styles light and not too sharp for the eyes.


From the right weave bed sheets and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of bed sheet cover, for the bedroom that dresses up your space—find what you’re looking for, to get your bedroom design just right. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:

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