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Tips to keep your home interiors clean this Holi

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Mar 02, 2022
Prepare your modern home interiors for the festival of Holi - Beautiful Homes

While playing Holi, it is easy to get carried away and stain our walls and furniture. Follow these simple tips to protect your home, this Holi and safeguard it from any damage

Our culture is well known for its richness. It is a "confluence of cultures”, where people have lived and celebrated together for centuries.


The festival of Holi, celebrated around March every year, is the festival of colours. And the delight on each coloured face on Holi is a sight, surely to behold.


Applying gulal, playing with a pichkari and water balloons is an utterly simple yet very unique way of celebrating this day. Colours spread across, bring vigour and ecstasy on each face, whether you celebrate it or not, to just witness this festival is in itself a feeling like no other.


However, the most challenging task after hours of playing Holi is to clean up your house interiors. What follows the hours of house cleaning, is an exhausting sleep and lots of memories to hold onto. To keep your beautiful memories of this colourful extravaganza restricted to just cleaning yourself up and not the home interiors, here are a few brilliant and effective Holi preparation tips to keep your home interiors clean this Holi and safeguard it from stains.

Holi Preparation for Walls:


  • Easy clean paint
    From matte to polished, paints vary in terms of their look and finish. It is always more useful to go ahead with easy clean paint which is typically easy to wash off. This will let your wall look gorgeous for longer while delivering a good resistant surface. If you choose oil-based paint, it is advised to add a layer of anti-stain varnish to protect the walls from marks and stains.
Easy clean paint finish on the wall for stain removal  - Beautiful Homes
  • Crack-proof Coatings
    You are not the only one to be drenched in water while celebrating the carnival of colours, but your walls are too. Overblown splash of Holi water on the exterior walls of the house readily makes its path to the breaks and cracks, resulting in damaging the house walls. Therefore, waterproofing products work as an answer for pre-treatment coats, exterior and interior basecoats, and seal the cracks to keep the wall clean and maintain an excellent finish at home.

After Holi:

  • Say No to Excessive Scrubbing
    Despite safeguards and our attempt to protect our walls, some amount of colour can manage to find their way and stain the walls.
    In case your wall does get spoiled, you must take prompt action and wipe them with a mild combination of bleach and water to clear all stains. Moreover, in order to get rid of those problematic colour stains from the walls, we commit to excessive scrubbing. Rather, one should adhere to light wiping and dabbing with a soft cotton towel to avoid any colour damage to the wall.
  •  Get a Touch-up
    Periodically, it’s more promising to go for a touch-up on the house walls, when it gets challenging to get rid of those bright stains. Just entirely roll your brush over the wall in numerous directions, working from the centre-outward in each direction. Nevertheless, it is safe to seek professional help for the same. Only pick -premium quality paint that increases the elasticity of the paint coat on the house wall.



Holi Preparation for Floors:

Home design with pastel shade home interior colours - Beautiful Homes
  • Safeguard the Most Accessed Part
    We know that it is quite a challenging task to protect your floor from colours during Holi. If you have marble floor tiles, it’s always most reasonable to avoid playing indoors as the colours could get hard to clean. You could keep your floor clean and safeguard the most accessed part of the floor by laying old newspapers, to create a track from your main door to the bathroom. This clever idea will help you enjoy the festival by retaining your floor safe from any coloured stains.

After Holi:

  • Floor Clean
    Never use a wet cloth for scrubbing the floor if gulal falls on it. Rather, clean the floor with a broom.
    For wet stains, clean the floor off with a sponge and a tile cleaner. You must also soak coloured water spilt on the floor with a dry cloth instantly. For enduring stains, apply a paste of baking soda and water to the affected area. Stroke that area with a wet cloth after a few minutes.

Holi Preparation for Furniture:


  • Sheen protection
    We often forget about the wooden frames and furniture in our houses but we should be cautious that the wooden frames and furniture need our additional attention. To assure that the sheen remains intact, go for an undercoat of water-based coating which is ideal for wooden furniture, ceilings, window doors and walls.
Simple living room furniture with a floor lamp, sofa set & side table - Beautiful Homes
Cover your furniture for protection from the colours of Holi - Beautiful Homes
  • Cover All your Home Furniture
    Getting rid of coloured stains from wooden furniture is a tedious task, and it might diminish your festival spirit; thus, it’s good to cover all your Home furniture with old used bed sheets, sarees, curtains, etc. so your furniture looks polished and beautiful for years to come. If your furniture pieces have become damp due to water, then they will become a breeding ground for the mould and fungus.

    In case of glass items, remove gulal from glass with the help of a dry cloth. Clean the glasses in your house with a paste of baking powder and water.

Holi Preparation for Windows and Doors:

  • A Wood Finish Coating
    A door and window of your house is the first and foremost thing that gets in touch with the colours after playing Holi, leaving stains on it. As door and window knobs are the foremost thing you touch when you transfer from one room to another, which will spoil your walls and window. One choice is to go for a wood finish formulated to enhance and protect wooden surfaces which not only enriches the beauty of wood but presents superior protection to all kinds of wooden surfaces.


After Holi:

  • Use Colin or Nail Paint Remover
    If there is gulal on windows,  doors and door knobs, use dry cloth. Remove the wet colours from the windows and doors with colin or nail paint remover.


Holi Preparation for Bathroom:

Bathing once you're drenched in colours will clear your body stains but will damage your bathroom surface with stains. While bathing, make sure to avoid touching the fixtures directly and wear a plastic glove instead to avoid any colour stains on taps and basins. You can also opt for taking a tub bath to keep your bathroom clean.

After Holi:

The most promising and effective way to save your bathroom fixture is by applying petroleum jelly on the accessories or using liquid detergents to get rid of the stains.



We are Here for your Dream-Clean House

Holi is almost here and it’s sure to come with lots of planning to celebrate and enjoy. A home full of colours can ruin the festival spirit, and destroy the beauty of your home.


Despite this, there is no need to be worried about how to protect your home interior as well as exterior from colour stains and how to keep your home clean, as Asian Paints Beautiful Homes is available with the best guidelines that will assist you to keep your home clean by enjoying the most awaited festival of colours.


Walk into any of our home décor stores across India to get a better idea of all the products and services we have to offer. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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