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Tips to make your small living room more spacious

  • Space Saving Design
Nov 29, 2021
Small living room ideas with space saving furniture for a spacious look - Beautiful Homes

A small living room does not mean that you have to compromise on lifestyle, comfort or aesthetics. Here are some useful tips to make your small living room more spacious

Small Living Rooms

Space has become a big constraint in all our lives. Gone are the days of large bungalows and huge apartments. As property rates increase, people find that they have to settle for smaller spaces. But having a small living room space does not mean that one has to compromise on lifestyle, comfort or aesthetics. With some clever small living room decorating ideas, one can easily combine form with function for a comfortable and gorgeous looking living room.


If your living room is filled with large furniture and odds and ends, it will make it a cluttered and uncomfortable space. You can make the space feel bigger and airier with unique small living room ideas. With a bit of smart styling and layout strategy, you can transform your small living room into a functional but stylish oasis for you and your family to lounge in.


If you live in a small apartment or house, one of the top priorities in your living room design plan would be to create a feeling of more space. Some people go in for large changes by breaking down walls and creating open plan designs to make the space feel bigger. Others use clever small space living room ideas to make their living room feel more spacious.


Check out open plan living room design mistakes to avoid.


Tips to Make Your Small Living Room Look More Spacious

Don’t let the fact that you have a small living room cramp your style or stop you from entertaining. There are many creative ways to make a small living room look larger. Here are some clever small living room decorating ideas to guide the way.

1. Seating for Modern Small Living Room Ideas

Selecting the right seating arrangement for your small living room is important. Keep it simple and make sure that it doesn’t crowd the room. A light-coloured sofa in cream, white or some other neutral colour can help make the space feel lighter and brighter. You can opt for pieces that have extra detailing like curves, buttons or fluting, which will add more style to your space without overpowering your living room. Add cushions and throws in more vibrant colours and patterns, a rug or two and some accent pieces that are not too loud to create a small living room design that looks amazing.

Space saving seating can make your small living room look spacious - Beautiful Homes

2. Neutral Hued Interior Design for Small Hall

The colours that you use for your hall décor can make a big difference in helping a small living room seem much bigger. Use off white or cream for the walls, select a couple of light shades for the upholstery and window treatments and use shades of the same colours throughout the room. Adding bold art on the walls, an exotic patterned carpet and colourful accent pieces can brighten up the hall and make a vibrant statement. 


3. Unique Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

One of the best ways to make a small house interior design look bigger is by keeping the furniture pieces to a minimum. The pieces that you pick should be functional but should also be interesting. An elegant, carved sofa can be all the statement that the room needs. Alternatively, keep the sofa simple and add an antique accent chair or unique poufs for a pop of colour. Use centre and side tables with interesting bases. Elegant corner pieces or long slim lamps can add charm to a small space.

Arrange the living room furniture for small spaces for a spacious look - Beautiful Homes

4. Creative Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements

The way you arrange your furniture in your small living room can make it look cramped or may effortlessly lift a darker space. The seating arrangement that is pushed against a wall offers more space in the centre of the room. A low centre table makes the space feel more open. A slim tv cabinet or just mounting the tv on the wall can provide more space to move around.


5. Decorating a Small Living Room to Look More Spacious

Did you know that even the furnishings and accessories that you add to enhance your living room décor can help make it feel bigger? For instance, use glass and metal for your centre and side tables, for the tv cabinet and for display shelves. Using a mirror in an ornate frame as a piece of wall art helps a space look bigger. Hanging long curtains that sweep from the ceiling all the way down to the floor will add height to a room.


6. Light Up Your Small Living Room Interior Effectively

Lighting can help brighten and lighten a room considerably. Natural light always looks great but artificial light used effectively can also make a big difference. Use transparent curtains to let the light in. Recessed or concealed lighting on the ceiling can make it appear taller than it is. Using hanging lamps or lighting fixtures that can be attached to the walls can open up floor space.

7. No Clutter Modern Small Modern Living Room Design

A simple and effective way to open up a small space is to avoid the clutter of too many pieces of furniture. A few simple pieces of furniture or accessories combined with large blocks of single colours can make a room calmer and more comfortable. A solid-coloured neutral toned upholstery with interesting textures can make a space less fussy but more interesting. Sheer fabrics at the windows allow light to pass through. Soft floral vines or simple stripes are a pleasing alternative to solid colours but will still keep the look simple.

Minimal furniture for a small apartment living room - Beautiful Homes

8. Creating Small Living Room Designs Indian Style

Do you like ethnic décor in your spaces and are worried that Indian patterns and prints would make a space look cluttered? Not necessarily, it depends on the pieces that you pick. A simple, elegant carved Indian sofa, balanced out with a couple of carved straight back accent chairs could be the jumping off point for your small traditional Indian living room. Muted upholstery and neutral walls will help make the space a blank canvas on which you can add colour in the form of Indian patterned cushions, throws, artifacts and paintings to create a vibrant living room which looks very traditional but offers a lot of space. 


9. Cosy Small Living Room Décor

A small living space gives you an opportunity to make a homely, cosy space for your family to hang out in. A large comfortable sofa, giant pillows, and a couple of throws are all it takes to make a living room comfy. Furniture with exposed legs rather than with skirts creates the illusion of extra room. Well-chosen area rugs can help rooms feel finished and pulled together and also create the illusion of more square footage. 

Living room design with accent center table & minimal furniture - Beautiful Homes

10. Very Small Living Room Ideas

In a very small living room, use minimum furniture as too many pieces can block the view into a room and make it look cramped. Pushing furniture against the walls opens up walkways, offering more room to move about. Short pieces of furniture like poufs, armless chairs and low tables will make the room look larger. Using furniture for two functions is also a great idea, for instance, a seat that can double as a table or a storage box that can be used as a seat are all clever ways in which you can eliminate clutter and give the appearance of space.

How can Beautiful Homes Help Your Small Living Room Look Spacious?

Our expert design team at Beautiful Homes focus on working closely with clients to create personalized interior design experiences. We offer a variety of services from consultations to complete home designs, and we believe anyone can have a beautiful, comfortable, and functional living room. Our design specialists will offer unique small apartment living room ideas to create a small living room design that brings out the functionality, comfort, and beauty of the space.


When designing small spaces, it is human nature to second-guess décor decisions and we account for that with our 3D visualiser. It helps you see how your space will turn out and allows you to make any changes to the design before work begins. We understand how important it is to have a preview of the spaces that you will be living in.


We offer personalized project management throughout each step of the process and take the weight off your shoulders. Our expertise lies in our versatility, attention to detail, and the ability to source the best materials at the best prices, and to provide the highest quality craftsmanship, curated by a well-trained eye to deliver a space you'll love.

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