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20 traditional living room ideas to decorate your living room

  • Traditional Design
Sep 03, 2022
Traditional living room design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Traditional living rooms are classic and timeless in their own ways. Here are some inspirational ideas that can help you curate spaces, furniture and accessories for a traditional living room

Living rooms serve many functions and set the tone for your entire house. Some homes have formal living rooms, while others use the living room as a space to relax in. Whether you’re looking to switch up your living room's colour scheme or planning a complete renovation, there are numerous décor styles, unique furniture and sophisticated colour palettes to express your style.


What is a Traditional Living Room?

The term “traditional” makes one think of overdone and stuffy interiors filled with furniture and over the top décor. But traditional décor, when done well, can be classic and elegant that is equally perfect for large family get-togethers and formal soirees. Traditional design incorporates elegant furnishings, classic furniture, gorgeous fabrics, exquisite accents and thoughtful colour schemes.


20 Traditional Living Room Designs

Traditional living rooms are the perfect design for those who want a comfortable and cosy living space with a timeless sense of style. Traditional designs move away from trends with a look that never fades.


Here are 20 traditional living room designs to help inspire your interiors.

1. Elegant Traditional Living Room Ideas

Elegance in traditional design comes in different forms. It could be a living room decorated with antique furniture, overstuffed sofas, padded arm chairs and footstools. Or it could be a sophisticated mix of transitional furniture pieces with rustic elements and textured patterns weaved in.


2. Modern Traditional Living Room with Large, Open Spaces

Open floor plans are great for a modern traditional living room as it offers a large space to play around in. A modern colour palette in neutrals and light wood furniture layered with richer fabrics, and a single focal point like a whimsical centre table can bring a room together delightfully.


3. Ethnic Traditional Indian Living Room Designs with a Wooden Swing

An antique piece of furniture passed down through generations can be the centrepiece of this living room design. Use Indian ikat prints, silk or brocade to add richness and texture to the space. Add an effortlessly Indian vibe with a traditional wooden swing.

Elegant traditional living room design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RED

Cozy traditional living room design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

4. Cozy Traditional Living Room Décor with Warm Colour Palette

Traditional designs use some colour on walls, but in a conservative way. Use mellow tones like neutral greys and beiges, for a cozy traditional living room décor. Pair a neutral-toned couch with a patterned armchair and vibrant cushions for an inviting and cozy space.


5. Simple Traditional Indian Living Room Designs that Look Amazing

Traditional Indian designs use dark toned wood and vibrant colours. Intricately crafted wooden cabinets and chests with decorative brass idols arranged on top gives an immediate ethnic vibe to a room. Enhance the Indian look by hanging temple lamps or tribal art on the wall.

6. Antique Traditional Living Room Furniture for an Authentic Feel

Antiques look beautiful in a period-style room and traditional living room furniture with ornate woodwork, richly woven tapestries, heavy drapes and stained-glass lamps will create a truly splendid living room 


7. Choose a Traditional Sofa Style for a Quaint Living Room

In traditional living rooms, all the pieces don't need to match, but they should balance each other out. A stand-alone antique sofa upholstered in rich, vibrant fabric can be a statement piece that stitches the room together.


8. A Traditional Classic Living Room with an Old School Feel

Built-in bookcases bring an authentic period feel to a traditional classic living room. Add decorative mouldings to the walls, concealed lighting and antique bric-a brac on the shelves for a distinguished old school look.


9. Traditional Living Room Décor for a Small Apartment

For a traditional living room décor in a small apartment, keep the colours neutral to make the space feel bigger. Use traditional Indian prints for the window treatments, upholstery and carpet for a bright and cheerful, traditional living room.


10. Use Diverse Patterns and Colours for Traditional Living Room Designs

From florals to checks to stripes, traditional style welcomes them all.  Prints like warli, dhurrie, and paisley have a versatility and simplicity that can transform any space effortlessly. Earthy tones like mustard, indigo and deep reds add to the rustic charm of a traditional Indian home.


11. Make Your Traditional Living Room POP with Gorgeous Window Treatments

Dramatic floor-to-ceiling window treatments in rich fabrics, like silk, velvet and damask will turn your living room from mundane to extraordinary. Choose deep, vibrant colours that complement the rest of the décor, and add pleats, valances and tiebacks for a decadent look.

12.  Add Style and Symmetry to Traditional Living Room Design 

Balance and symmetry are important in a traditional living room design. Pick a focal point in the room to arrange furniture around and stick to muted neutrals and soft textiles to create a feeling of relaxed elegance. 


13. Sprinkle Magic with Murals in Your Traditional Living Room

Murals can add drama and character to a space and bring it to life. Some beautiful choices include Madhubani, Phad, Warli and Patachitra paintings.


14. Rounded Edged Furniture for a Refined Traditional Living Room Décor

Traditional round edged furniture in dark wood can enhance the look of a living room. Choose pieces that are sturdy and without sharp edges, like plush sofas, deep armchairs, round centre tables, and nested side tables. For more ideas on creating a cohesive and elegant space, refer to a comprehensive living room guide that offers tips on selecting and arranging furniture to achieve a refined traditional décor.

Stylish traditional living room design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

15. Choose Stylish Upholstery for Living Room Traditional Interior Design

Create an elegant living room with light wood furniture upholstered in pleasing botanical patterns that accents a gorgeous wallpaper. Opt for hardwood floors and stunning carpets to bring this beautiful space together.


16. Choose Sophisticated Living Room Traditional Interior Design Colour Palette

Warm colours like cream or beige on the walls paired with darker and deeper colours like deep blues and greens for the fabrics are a great combination. Or a bold statement wall colour paired with muted furnishings will provide balance and symmetry.

Traditional Living room floor design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

17. Opt for Unique Traditional Interior Design Living Room Floors

Nothing says traditional like a room with hardwood floors. With the floors being the focus, go for furniture pieces with simpler lines for an understated but elegant style.


18. Accessorise Your Traditional Interior Design Living Room Creatively

Timeworn, weathered and perfectly aged pieces look beautiful in a traditional interior design living room. An antique fireplace, an exposed brick wall, original architectural details, stained glass windows and crystal chandeliers are all stunning traditional living room ideas.

19. Make Your Traditional Style Living Room Layout Work for You

The layout of a traditional living room design is all about symmetry. Arrange the furniture in a balanced way with nothing odd or out of place. Use a focal point to arrange furniture in a pleasing way.


20. Light Up Your Traditional Style Living Room

Traditional spaces look better with subdued mood lighting. Avoid bright and harsh lights. Instead go for antique lamps, beautiful wall sconces and glorious chandeliers to bring out the beauty of the space.

Light ideas for traditional room design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

FAQs for Traditional Living Room

1. How do you make a living room look traditional?

To create a traditional room design, use a classic interior layout with sturdy materials like oak, rosewood and leather. Stick to a sophisticated colour palette with warm or bright layered neutrals. Choose traditional patterns, like stripes, florals, and damask for upholstery, window treatments and furnishing.


2. What is a traditional living room style?

There is no one definition of a traditional living room. It could mean a very Indian living room with Chettinad furniture, Tanjore paintings and brass lamps to one person or a Victorian style space with antique furniture, chintz upholstery and crystalware to another.


3. How do you decorate in a traditional style?

When decorating a traditional living room, ensure that you don’t use anything too vibrant, bold, or loud. Use deep and rich colours, warmed up with dark wood tones throughout the space. 


4. What is traditional furniture style?

Furniture in a traditional living room is beautifully crafted, creating a look that feels timeless. Detailed and ornate woodwork in a luxurious living room will look as stunning as stark furniture with minimal ornamentation in a more austere living room.

Furniture style for your traditional living room design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RED

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create the Perfect Traditional Living Room?

Great design is not only about decoration and luxury fittings but ensures that all the items in a room come together as a cohesive whole. And great design is what our expert design team at Beautiful Homes are known for. We strive to improve the feel of a space by making it better suited to its purpose.


Create the perfect traditional living room with choice pieces from our lovely online store home décor collection. Call us for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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