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Triadic colour scheme for colourful interiors

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Oct 12, 2022
Blue triadic colour scheme for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

While it can seem a little intimidating to design your own colour scheme, it's not as difficult as you might believe. Let’s explore a popular technique you can use to develop an outstanding colour palette for your home!

The first thing to take into account when exploring home décor ideas and designing your home interiors is the colour palette and overall scheme. The tone and ambiance of your space are hugely influenced by colour; for example, blue is calming, green can be rejuvenating, yellow used to brighten and add joy, and purple for opulence and grandeur and so on. Whatever the visual and emotional impact that you wish to establish, the right combination of colours will help to create it. After monochromatic schemes, and analogous schemes, a triadic colour scheme is probably the most adaptable and useful. Although it sounds complicated and ambitious, triadic colour combinations are much simpler to comprehend than you expect.


Let’s Define Some Common Colour Schemes:

  • Monochromatic Scheme:

    A single particular hue is broken down into its various tones, shades, and tints to create a monochromatic colour palette.

  • Analogous Scheme:

    Any three colours that are immediately adjacent to each other on the 12-spoke colour wheel create an analogous scheme.

  • Complementary Scheme:

    Complementary colours are those that sit on the direct opposite sides of the colour wheel. For example, red and green are complementary colours as are red-orange and blue-green.

  • Triadic Colour Scheme:

    Three colours that are equidistant on the 12-spoke colour wheel create a triadic scheme. Think of a triangle with equal sides as a way to imagine this.

  • Tetradic Colour Scheme:

    A double complementary, or tetradic colour scheme is made up of two colours and the two colours directly across from them on the colour wheel. Visualise this as a rectangle on the colour wheel.


What is a Triadic Colour Scheme?

Triadic colours are those that, rather than being adjacent to or opposite each other, are evenly spaced out on the 12-spoke colour wheel. If you're unsure of whether the colours you've chosen to use are evenly spaced triadic colours, link the three of them by drawing a line between them with your finger – the shape you draw should be a triangle with three equal sides. While they might seem challenging to execute, successfully done triadic colour scheme interior design plans are full of vibrancy and visual appeal. A few triadic colours examples are: the primary hues of red, yellow, and blue; or the secondary colours of purple, green, and orange; or as a complex version, the tertiary blue-green, red-violet, and yellow-orange.



Choosing a Triadic Colour Scheme for Your Room

As with any colour, when picking an ideal triadic colour scheme, room interior design needs and the functionality of your space must be considered. When using a triadic colour scheme, interior design experts often use the 60, 30, 10 ratios, where one colour plays a predominant role, a second is supporting and a third is used sparingly for accents. Playing with depths of tone and shade, the triadic hues can be either bold and vibrant or relaxing and muted.


  • Triadic Color Scheme for Children’s Rooms

    Children’s rooms are an ideal space for bright primary colours. As an example of triadic colour scheme, red, blue and yellow used in a playroom or a children’s bedroom might be the perfect fit. A bold primary yellow accent wall with red shelves and pure blue rugs can make a fun and energetic space for a child to enjoy. Alternatively, play with block colours of the primary hues using a neutral white background.
  • Triadic Color Scheme for a Kitchen

    In a modular kitchen, you might want to explore the triadic colour wheel a little further and choose to play with softer tints of the three hues. Perhaps you might have sea-foam cabinets, with accessories in salmon and navy across your room. Or let a bright yellow-orange bring warmth to your kitchen and have teal and sangria accents for a fresh and dynamic space.
Red triadic colours for an open living room layout - Beautiful Homes
Example of triadic colour scheme for a contemporary living room- Beautiful Homes
  • Triadic Colour Scheme in a Living Room

    A triadic colour palette is typically extremely dramatic due to the sharp contrast. This can make a triadic scheme ideal for living rooms, as colours can mix or stand out more in bigger, often airier spaces. Accent walls look great in living rooms when paired with vibrant couches, lampshades, and other décor. Depending on need, you can even incorporate some additional colours and depart from the triadic colour wheel, as long as the overall effect is cohesive.
  • Triadic Color Scheme for a Bedroom

    Although usually high in drama, triadic colour scheme room interiors can be dialed down with muted tones. A subtle variation of the orange, green, and purple triadic colour scheme can be used to create a tranquil yet vibrant setting for a bedroom. Try pairing a lavender bedspread with rust orange accent pillows, and real plants for a splash of green. Or perhaps use a palette of mauve, delicate aqua and soft honey yellow tones.
Triadic colour wheel for grey bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Five Tips: Using a Triadic Colour Scheme

  • Pick a Mood:

    Depending on the natural light in your room, the space and the function, choose a dominant hue for the base to your triadic colour scheme.

  • Balance Ratios:

    When balanced in a 60, 30, 10 ratio, one of your triadic colours acts as the dominant colour while two serve as accents. This is an easy rule of thumb to ensure a cohesive finished look.
Triadic colour combinations for small living room - Beautiful Homes
  • Set Tone:

    With your main hue set, identify the secondary and accent hues of your triadic colour wheel. The depths and intensity of each can make a big difference to your overall scheme.
  • Pick Depth:

    While every triadic colour scheme will utilise three hues, these need not always be of the same intensity. Use two muted hues beside one very brilliant hue to make the bright hue stand out. Alternatively, two colours of the same intensity can be balanced by an almost neutral shade/tone/tint of the third.
  • Choose Volume:

    For a harmonious triadic colour scheme room design, pick the volumes and positions for each colour carefully. For instance, an accent wall of the dominant hue might be complemented by soft furnishings, upholstery and knick-knacks of the secondary and accent shade.

Examples: Popular Triadic Colour Combinations

  • Violet, Orange & Green

    When using a bolder triadic colour scheme, interior design tricks like accent pillows and statement pieces are a simple way to update a space. Pick a neutral background and a few accents of each colour for a subtler effect. A single opulent piece of furniture can also work, playing against the neutral colour palette of the remainder of the room, and giving each hue significant impact.

  • Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green & Red-Violet

    Using the tertiary colour wheel hues for your triad is a great way to establish a more contemporary eclectic feel. Working with a more complicated triadic colour palette will mean adjusting depth of hue and chroma for better balance and harmony. Embrace wide colour blocking for a bolder look, or tone down the effect by using pastel tints of the main hues.

  • Blue-Violet, Yellow-Green & Red-Orange

    With many triadic colours, examples of decoration might tend toward an accent wall and large statement furniture. If you want to decorate with a strong, tertiary hues on the triadic colour wheel but are worried about overpowering the space, try using the less-is-more ethos. You might choose small accents of your colour triad mixed in with other neutral hues to make each colour stand out. 

  • Red, Yellow & Blue

    Remember that you don't have to cover every inch of your room with colour when experimenting with triadic schemes. In reality, adding a few subtle colour pops to a neutral environment may make a more impactful whole. For a primary hued triadic colour scheme, interior design elements can be placed against plain backgrounds for heightened style.

  • Violet, Orange & Green

    This is an example of triadic colour scheme that benefits from the presence of a little out of the box thinking. Instead of attempting to balance all three colours with walls, furnishing and décor, allow the green to be represented by plants and real greenery for a fresh take. This choice kicks your décor to the next level and gives a traditional, carefree look a really unique spin.


Now that we’ve discussed how triadic colours can allow us to create vibrant, upbeat, contemporary spaces, maybe you would like to update a space of your own! So, if you are exploring interior design for home renovation or just need a little more guidance with choosing the best colours to set the tone for an interior space, we are here to lend a hand!


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