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15 unique drawer design ideas for clever storage in your kitchen

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Oct 26, 2021
Kitchen drawer design enclosed in the kitchen cupboard for storage purpose - Beautiful Homes

Does this in some way sound familiar?
You don’t bake on a daily basis but today you feel like baking a cake. Recipe? Check. Ingredients? Check. Baking pan? Not sure. You have to wade through a mountain of daily utensils in the cupboard to see if there is a pan somewhere in the back of the cupboard.


It may be the most beautiful looking kitchen with the swankiest of appliances and top-notch materials but if it falls short on useful storage, it will be a disappointment. In India especially, we are all used to the older houses having deep cupboards for storage under the counters. These may manage to fit everything but they are quite difficult to work with. Half the time, we forget the stuff stored at the back because it’s so annoying to reach.

This is where kitchen drawers come to the rescue. Expert-designed, customised or modular kitchens all have this in common. The biggest advantage of kitchen drawer designs or any kind of pull-out storage is the ease of access. The kitchen interior design that we see today understand the utility of this kind of storage. You can categorise items and put them in different sections to be located with ease. You can also use awkward nooks, corners and areas of the kitchen in a much better way with pull-out storage.

Kitchen drawer designs with cream colour palette & grey kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes

If the idea of modular kitchen drawers intrigues you, we’ve put together a list of different styles that could work in your home kitchen design.

Narrow modular kitchen drawers to store kitchen cleaning supplies, towels & aprons - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Yaroslau Mikheyeu/ shutterstock

Narrow pull-out – kitchen drawers

We usually think of kitchen drawers as big pull-outs however, this is a great way to make use of a narrow space. It’s perfect for hanging kitchen linen like the towels to dry utensils, pot holders, aprons, etc. The bottom shelf is just the right size to hold the dish-soap, sponges and other cleaning supplies so that there is no mess around the sink.

Storage for bottles – kitchen drawers

Another great way to make use of a narrow space is to fix a thin pull-out modular kitchen drawer, like the one seen here, with space for all your oil and sauce bottles. These kinds of bottles don’t require much width but need height; a pull-out like this with two shelves gives you plenty of height to play with.

Thin pull out modular kitchen drawers to store bottles & containers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Africa Studio/ shutterstock

Kitchen drawer design enclosed in the kitchen cupboard for storage purpose - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PK-Donovan/ shutterstock

Kitchen drawers enclosed in a cupboard

Here’s a great way to utilise the cupboard storage you might already have in your kitchen. By fixing pull-out kitchen drawer design of varying heights into the existing structure, this big and deep cupboard has now become an oasis of organised storage.

Under sink kitchen drawers

Take a look at how the space under the sink has been used to a tee. We usually have a cupboard enclosing the space under the sink where we keep our bins. This is a great design incorporates the bin drawer, along with kitchen drawer design for other things like cleaning supplies. The design makes enough room for the drainage pipe while utilising all the space around it for storage.

Utilize your under sink area with smart kitchen drawer storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PK-Donovan/ shutterstock

Functional corner pull out kitchen drawer in the wooden kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, OmiStudio/ shutterstock

Corner storage – kitchen drawers

Good modular kitchen design will work to make the awkward corners as accessible as possible. In this design, the pull-out systems are attached to each other, with one fixed to the door. When closed, the two systems sit comfortably inside the hard-to-reach corner; when opened the door pull out is first accessed, bringing the second one into view.

Pull-outs for awkward alcoves – kitchen drawers

In a similar design as the previous one, these systems work with the door. As you open the door, the shelves pop-out with it, making access a lot easier. Pay attention to corner pull-out systems, especially in u shaped kitchen design.


Pop out modular kitchen drawers with an all white colour palette for a u shaped kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RYosha/ shutterstock

Kitchen island having a pull out kitchen drawer with switches - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Paul Vinten/ shutterstock

Utility kitchen drawer

Utility modular kitchen drawers can be used to extend your counter workspace.  They are also a great way to add more much-needed electrical outlets. Utility drawers don’t need much height either.

Fruit and vegetable storage – kitchen drawers

Mesh kitchen drawers like these ones are a great way to store fruits and vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated. Without proper air circulation, these fruits and veggies can go bad faster; metal mesh attached to wood or metal pull-out kitchen drawer basket frames is the ideal solution. You free up counterspace, have easy access and keep your kitchen organised.

Mesh kitchen drawer for storing fruits & vegetables - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, timltv/ shutterstock

Tall unit kitchen drawer makes a compact pantry for this kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Serghei Starus/ shutterstock

Tall pull-out unit – kitchen drawers

A great way to incorporate a useful and compact pantry into your kitchen interior design is a tall pull-out modular kitchen drawer like this one. Along with the height, the depth – which matches that of the counter – allows for ample storage, especially for daily use items. By making the unit next to the refrigerator slot, you have easy access to all your food storage in one area of the kitchen.

Big kitchen drawers

It might seem counter-productive to swap deep cupboards for big drawers but having at least one kitchen drawer design that is deep and big can be quite useful. You can store your monthly shopping in various bins. This could also be a great place to stack up all your bigger cooking utensils and store kitchen appliances like the blender.

Big kitchen drawer with baskets for storing kitchen appliances - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tolikoff Photography/ shutterstock

Purple kitchen drawer within another kitchen cabinet drawer - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, adpePhoto/ shutterstock

Kitchen Drawers within drawers

If you don’t like the look of multiple drawers, you can incorporate pull-out systems like these. This cutlery kitchen drawer basket sits neatly within a bigger kitchen drawer where you can store your utensils used on a daily basis.

Pull-out plate rack – kitchen drawers

If storing plates in upper cupboards or constantly having a mess of pot lids doesn’t work for you, this rack might be just the thing you need. A great way to store plates and pot lids, it’s also convenient and easily accessible.

Pull out kitchen drawer for storing plates & pot lids in this kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, OmiStudio/ shutterstock

Modular kitchen with built in cutlery storage in the kitchen drawer - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, OmiStudio/ shutterstock

Built-in cutlery storage – kitchen drawers

Take a cue from this kitchen interior design and use the space under the stove range to store your cooking spoons, knives and cutlery. Modular kitchen systems come with these built-in pull-outs with various sections expertly designed to store cutlery. No mater where you place it, a cutlery kitchen drawer basket can be very useful storage in the kitchen.

Dish drying pull-out – kitchen drawers

This pull-out system incorporates a dish drying rack within the kitchen drawer. The bottom of the drawer is lined with a detachable plastic tray to catch dripping water. If you don’t like to have dishes drying on your counter tops, this kitchen drawer basket is a great idea for you.

White kitchen drawer - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, NataVilman/ shutterstock

Adjustable kitchen drawer designs for flexible kitchen storage - Beautiful Homes

Adjustable kitchen drawer designs for flexible kitchen storage - Beautiful Homes

Kitchen drawers with adjustable sections

While we would all like to have a perfectly planned and organised kitchen, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. Incorporating adjustable sections within your modular kitchen drawers is a great way to make sure you can always have an organised space even if you need to change the configuration. It gives you a certain level of flexibility in your storage to play around with.

If you are thinking of implementing any of these drawer storage ideas in your kitchen, you need to start with planning the kitchen out well. Knowing how much you have and what you want to put where is key. These easily available modular kitchen drawers for storage systems have made the process a lot easier. However, it’s always a good idea to consult kitchen Interior Design experts like the Beautiful Homes Service, an offering created by Asian Paints, to help craft your home exactly the way you want.

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