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The best ideas for using bamboo elegantly in your home design

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Sep 04, 2022
Bamboo for furniture like coffee table & chair - Beautiful Homes

If you are moving towards more sustainable and eco-friendly options for your interior design needs, consider using bamboo. Read on to discover its benefits and how to incorporate it into your home design

As with every other field, interior design is witnessing recent trends toward sustainable and eco-friendly options. As a result, there is a rise in the use of natural materials such as cotton, jute, help, etc.


While wood is natural, it isn't always sustainable for various reasons. Many wood varieties take decades to grow, so harvest time is longer. Many are obtained by destroying forest covers and so on.


Bamboo is a great alternative to other varieties of wood. It takes an average of 3 to 5 years; you do not need to exploit forest cover; it is not nutrient intensive and other reasons. Additionally, it is quite light and thus easier to transport. All of this makes it pretty cost-effective and affordable.


At the same time, you can treat bamboo to achieve many different hues, tones and finishes. You can incorporate it in many different interior styles. Read on to find out how to do it seamlessly.


15 Ways to Use Bamboo in your Home Décor

1. Bamboo decoration ideas- The Bamboo Plant Itself

Add touches of green to your home décor with the 'Lucky Bamboo'. This gorgeous plant is nearly indestructible and thus a great option for beginners. Its combination of straight shoots, curling stalks, and peppy leaves makes it a stunning, sculpture-like addition to your interiors.


Per Chinese traditions, the number of stalks of the plant holds specific meanings. For example, two stalks symbolise love; three happiness, wealth and long life; and so on. Look up all the associations to infuse good energies with a bamboo tree for home decoration.


2. Bamboo décor- Furniture

Bamboo for furniture is an excellent option because it is moisture and temperature resistant and lightweight. It is a versatile material that would work well in many different interior design styles: contemporary minimalism, farmhouse, coastal, boho, etc.

Here are a few prominent pieces you can incorporate into your interiors: 

  • bamboo chair
  • bamboo sofa set
  • bamboo beds
  • bamboo bookshelf
  • bamboo swing chair
  • bamboo dining table
Bamboo plant for home décor - Beautiful Homes

If you're looking for accent or complementary furniture pieces, consider

  • a bamboo table for bedside or as a centre table,
  • bamboo stool and footrests,
  • bamboo hanging chair for a reading nook, etc.

Bamboo for furniture is also a great option for outdoor spaces in your home, such as the balcony, patio and porch. Lay down the base with a bamboo sofa set, love seat or bamboo chairs for the balcony. Once you have the seating area, you can work on decorating it with throws and textiles. Add bamboo tables or stools for your food or drinks, and complete the set.

Bamboo blinds for sunblock - Beautiful Homes

3. Railings, Screens, and Partitions

Adding screens or partitions is a great way to break up any large space or create a nook. Give your interiors a chic natural touch with bamboo screens. If you're looking for something you can move around, opt for a woven, portable screen or partition.


For a statement bamboo home design, opt for a wall-to-ceiling installation made entirely of bamboo logs. Replicate the look of bamboo trees for home decoration.


In either case, you'll end up with organic partitions that maintain a sense of continuity. Additionally, there will be a stunning play of light and shadows throughout the day. To add a rustic element, you can also use bamboo logs instead of traditional bannisters for stair railings, balcony railings, etc.

4. Bamboo décor- Window Treatments

Add a boho tinge to your indoor and outdoor spaces with roll-up bamboo blinds. These will ensure some much-needed privacy without completely blocking out the light. For the same effect, you may choose woven bamboo shutters for your windows. If you're looking for a simple and low-cost bamboo house design, consider bamboo frames for your windows. Opt for a design that mimics french windows to amplify natural light.


5. Wall Treatments

Biophilic design is a massive trend, and it is here to stay. Such designs make use of a ton of natural materials for the interior. Does this sound like that is something right up your alley? Consider more prominent bamboo home décor aspects for your home interiors, for example- wall treatments and cladding.


Use bamboo logs, woven panels, trimmings or veneers for statement walls. Such bamboo house designs are a great way to introduce textured and visually fascinating elements in the living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

6. Bamboo Décor- Ceilings

Do you or the little ones in your family enjoy natural enclosures such as tree houses? Replicate the organic feel in your home with a bamboo house design. You can do so by sprucing up your ceiling design in the living or children's rooms. All the wall treatment options work just as well for the ceiling. Decorative fibre mats, wallpapers, and stained slats are a few additional options you may want to try.


7. Bamboo house design- Flooring

Hardwood flooring is undoubtedly gorgeous, but it may not fit your budget. Bamboo flooring is a cheaper alternative without having to compromise on aesthetics. It is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, so it can work in traditional style or more modern bamboo house designs.

Bamboo decoration ideas for living room design - Beautiful Homes
Bamboo decorative items like bamboo light - Beautiful Homes

8. Bamboo decoration ideas- Light Fixtures

Bamboo home décor can bring a sense of earthiness to your interiors. Lighting fixtures is one way to do it. There's an array of bamboo decoration ideas for lighting- from chandeliers to floor lamps. You may opt for ones made from the material or something more literal like bamboo shoots turned into accent lighting.

9. Bamboo Accessories

Accessories are finishing touches in home décor, and bamboo decorative items are an excellent way to introduce an organic component. Start with knick-knacks to understand how bamboo décor fits into your interiors.

  • Vases, fluted instruments, figurines, etc. for living room and study

  • Trays, plates and other containers for bathrooms and kitchens

  • Bamboo décor such as wall hangings, planters and scone shelves would work in any room


It is also a pretty accessible material for DIY projects such as bamboo sticks décor- pen holders, mats, wall décor, etc.


10. Sustainable countertops

Add a warm material to your kitchen with bamboo countertops. It'd be a great addition to industrial, boho, farmhouse and contemporary style kitchens. Its varied wood tone can complement different colour schemes- neutrals, pastels and even all-black. 

Bamboo tray & bamboo brush for bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

With a bamboo home design, you can add contrasting elements. Additionally, since bamboo has high moisture and temperature resistance, it can also work well as a dining table countertop, backsplash, etc.


11. Bamboo Hammock Swing

Are you looking for a casual and relaxing piece for your outdoor space? Switch the bamboo chairs for a hammock swing or a bamboo hanging chair. Or you can use these for a cosy little nook indoors. Turn it into the perfect spot to wind down with a side table and an ottoman.


12. Bamboo Lamp Shade

Lighting in a room can significantly affect the ambience. Soft, warm lighting can create a cosy and inviting environment. Achieve this with a chic lampshade. With shades, you can take the edge off any light source and help diffuse the light better.


If you're looking to incorporate bamboo decorative items into your design, lampshades are a good start. Slated and woven designs will create interesting shadows across the room. Remember to choose a shape that fits the style of décor in the room. For example, bell, hexagon and empire shapes would work well with traditional and transitional styles. Whereas drum, bowl and quadrangular forms would be better suited for modern and contemporary designs.


13. Bamboo Doorway Curtain

Doorway curtains are the way to go when you need that extra bit of privacy in your home. But if you're tired of textiles, it's time to give bamboo a shot. Paint some patterns on it to make it fun and exciting. Choose colours and patterns that match the rest of the décor to keep the overall design cohesive.


14. Bamboo Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to open up a space or as an accent to wall designs. Turn it into a gorgeous accessory with an intricate bamboo frame. Bamboo decorative items such as framed mirrors are quite versatile. You can put them up in the foyer, dining room, above the mantle, etc.


15. Bamboo Magazine Rack and Small Stand

While some staple furniture might be necessary, you can always get creative with others. One such example is the side or end table. While a functional piece, you need not always pick a conventional table. Instead, choose a bamboo magazine rack or a stand. With such bamboo home décor items, you can bring in new material. Additionally, most bamboo pieces are visually light, so they can help alleviate the heaviness of other chunky pieces. Plus, with racks, you get surface space and room to keep your reading material and gadgets within reach.


FAQs on using Bamboo?

Bamboo home décor items - Beautiful Homes

1. Is Bamboo Good for Interiors?

Yes, bamboo is much sought-after material for various interior design needs because

  • It is sustainable and sturdy.

  • It can withstand many pests, moisture and temperature changes.

  • It is pliable, and you can virtually make anything from it- furniture, flooring, roofs, décor, utensils, textiles and more.

  • High levels of silicates in bamboo make it resistant to heat. Therefore it is safe to use in kitchens and dining areas.

  • It is available in varied colours and finishes and can be incorporated into various interior design styles.

  • It is available in many forms, such as logs, panels, woven mats, etc. So you can use it for quick and easy DIY projects, for example, bamboo sticks décor (coasters, lampshades, pen holders, etc.)

2. How do you Use Bamboo for Home Décor?

Bamboo is a versatile material. Depending on your interior style, you can use it for wall and window treatments, flooring, furniture, countertops, accessories, etc. 


3. Which Objects of Bamboo Can be Used for Decoration?

Since bamboo is a malleable material, you can use it to make various décor items such as small furniture (stools, racks, bamboo swing chairs for babies, etc.), frames for mirrors or artwork, lampshades and lanterns, serving platters, wall hangings, etc.


4. Is Bamboo a Good Material for a Table?

Bamboo is an easy wood to work with. Therefore, you can get custom furniture such as tables. Additionally, it is a good material for a table because it is cheaper than other hardwood. It is also largely pest, moisture and temperature resistant.

Bamboo cupboard design - Beautiful Homes
Bamboo ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

5. What are the advantages of bamboo?

Here are the advantages of bamboo as an interior design material:

  • It is a sustainable natural material since its harvest time is 3-5 years, much less than other woods.

  • You can use it for different purposes- furniture, flooring, roofs, décor, utensils, textiles and more.

  • It does not warp or shrink due to its high water resistance. In many regions, you see A-Z bamboo house design.

  • With various treatments, you can get bamboo in any wood tone and finish.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Decorating your Home with Bamboo?

Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised bedroom design. At Beautiful Homes, we offer a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. We've got everything from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions.


Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles. Whether you want traditional, vintage or modern bamboo house design and décor, they've got you covered. You get highly customised, best suited to your needs. They will take care of everything from furnishing to woodwork to statement walls.


Visit our website to check various options and the projects we have executed so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution. Or you can walk into our stores across India to know more. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik, and soon in many more cities.

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