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Elegant vastu colours for your bedroom

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 24, 2022
Elegant vastu colours for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Here, we bring in options to help you choose the Perfect Vastu colour for your bedroom

Planning to design your bedroom? Having a positive atmosphere in your bedroom is quintessential for reverberating with what a happy life looks like. Vastu Shastra inculcates choosing the right Vastu colours for the bedroom to accomplish superior aesthetics and energy. We have combined quite a few Vastu tips to follow while choosing the right bedroom colours, which would ensure that the room where you relax or sleep and wake up sets the correct direction of your life.


Read on to know which is the best bedroom colour per Vastu Shastra.



In the case of bedrooms, for instance, colours — together with the direction of the bedroom play a key role in the resident’s health, fortune, mood and overall well-being according to Vastu. Here are your best options.

  • North bedrooms: Select a soothing green palette for your north-facing bedroom
  • Northwest bedrooms: Consider neutral tones such as shades of white or grey
  • Northeast and East bedrooms: A clear sky blue colour is most beneficial
  • Southeast and South bedrooms: Yellow and orange are a great choice
  • West bedrooms: Ocean hues are an ideal choice for a bedroom in the west



According to Vastu, colours significantly influence well-being, and each one has its importance. So choose the bedroom Vastu colour for your house mindfully. Here are some tips on colour combinations for bedrooms according to Vastu that might help.

1. Vastu colours for Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom is considered as a significant space and hence picking the right colour combinations for this room is crucial. One of the best – colours for the master bedroom is brown. Furthermore, using a combination of brown, blue and pink works very well too.


Tips for colours as per vastu for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Brown colour for your master bedroom as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

2. Vastu Colours for Kids Bedroom

Some of the most suitable colours that you can pick to use in a kid’s bedroom are light green and shades of light yellow. That’ll help the kids to concentrate more on their studies. Avoid using dark blue colour and red colour in the kid’s bedroom.

3. Vastu Colours for Guest Bedroom

North-west is the finest location for the guest room and hence, a guest room in this direction can be painted with white colour, as per Vastu colours for bedroom.

Guest room colour ideas as per vastu - Beautiful Homes
Senior citizens bedroom wall colour ideas as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

4. Vastu Colours for Senior Citizen's Bedroom

Warm colours help form an atmosphere of cosiness and security, which elderly people usually prefer. Rich colours like shades of gold, mustard, orange and yellow help bring in warmth and intimacy. A bright, saturated pastel hue can also bring interest to a room while maintaining an overall soothing air.

5. Vastu Colours for Study Room/Home Office

The combination of light grey and off white can be the ideal colour for the study room /home office according to Vastu. The combination of two light colours in the room can help the students concentrate better on their studies.

Vastu tips for wall colour in your home office or study room - Beautiful Homes


  • Deep or very dark shades should not be used in bedrooms.
  • Avoid too many colours in the kid’s bedroom as it can create confusion and distraction.
  • One must avoid fiery colours like red, orange and magenta in the senior citizen room as they are too provocative.
  • Avoid dark shades of grey and black colours while following Vastu for the bedroom.



1. Healing Green

Green colour can be relaxing, and create good moods.


2. Whimsical White

The shades of white are very soothing . Moreover, white shades in the bedroom can charm your luck.


3. Sunshine Yellow

Yellow colour is a colour of positiveness and healthy minds.

Wall colour combination for bedroom as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

4. Ravishing Red

Red is the colour of love, light, and strength. It is a perfect colour for a couple's bedroom according to Vastu.


5. Blissful Blue

Blue is the colour of trust, passion, and mutual creativity. It can be an ideal option for your bedroom wall colour as per vastu.


6. Pretty Pink

Pink is one of the ideal bedroom colours for couples. It signifies love and can enhance your relationship as per Vastu.



1. Which colour is best for the bedroom as per Vastu?

A recommended colour combination for a bedroom according to Vastu is gorgeous grey and white. You can also opt for shades of brown or shades of blue to promote harmony.


2. Which Colour is lucky for home?

Yellow, white and green are the most pleasing room colours. In rooms, we should always use some light, soothing colours like light yellow, white or light green. These are the finest colours for walls and these colours are known to be the most promising choices while selecting the colour for your house.


3. Which Colour is best for a small bedroom?

Earth tones and neutrals are a popular choice for small bedrooms. If you prefer softer shades, grey, green or yellow can lighten a small room. Neutral shades can make the wall visually recede into the background, making the room seem larger and bringing more attention to the accessories in the room.


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