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Vastu shastra tips for a south-facing house

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 14, 2022
Design your home with these Vastu shastra tips for a west-facing home - Beautiful Homes

Explore these south facing house vastu plans for your home. Know all about south west facing house, south east facing house for your interiors only at Beautiful Homes

Vastu Shastra, an ancient science, has always been used as a guideline for designing and helping infuse our homes with vitality. From having a south-facing main door to the placement of the kitchen, there are several elements involved in styling homes to suit your preference.


However, with a few adaptable principles and guidelines, you can design the home of your dreams with positive energy surrounding your home.



The direction in which you step out of your home is the face of your house. So, if you are walking towards the south direction while stepping out of the main entrance of your home, you stay in a south-facing house.


Here are some easy to implement Vastu guidelines such as reorganising rooms, setting up the home entrance and other details in and around to enable the flow of positive energy and attract good fortune in a south-facing house Vastu.


A homes' vibe and energy can be felt from the point one walks in through the gate or entrance door. So, when planning the entrance of a south-facing home, remember the following practices:


It is an ideal option if the main door is slightly aligned towards the southeast direction Vastu from the centre. You could place the entrance door in the centre of the south-facing wall to energise the house and bring in wealth and prosperity. Alternatively, you can have your main entrance towards the left of the midpoint. Ensure it is the largest door of the house and is even better if it opens inwards clockwise to welcome positive energy in a south-facing Vastu plan. Southwest direction Vastu for the main entrance is usually not considered favourable.


Pro-tip: You can keep the area well-lit with layered lights or a ceiling chandelier to accentuate its look.

Give your south-facing entrance door a new look with these tips - Beautiful Homes



Bedroom designing ideas for a south-facing house Vastu plan - Beautiful Homes


One of the most comfortable spots of your home, your bedroom gives you space to rest and unwind from the hustle of the world.


Per south direction Vastu, the ideal placement of your bedroom is the southwest part of your house. If you wish, you can explore creating your bedroom in the north direction of the house. In the case of a two-storeyed house, it is advised to have the master bedroom on the highest level. The kids' room and the guest bedrooms should generally be in the northwest direction of the home. However, if it is not possible, you can also place it in the southern or western direction.


Pro-tip: While southwest-facing houses are usually not considered ideal; however, having the master bedroom in this direction can help to enhance leadership and attract positive cosmic energy.




When the entire family comes together for a meal, the joy of cooking is incomparable. However, Vastu principles for south-facing homes usually differ based on the location of the kitchen itself.


For homes with southeast-facing Vastu, the kitchen should ideally be in the east, northwest, or southeast corners of the house. The southeast direction of the kitchen is considered the best and hence having the cooking area here can bring immense prosperity. If you have a door in the kitchen, it is better to have it in the east, northwest, or northeast direction. 

Kitchen design Vastu tips for a south-facing House - Beautiful Homes

It is also advisable to have your kitchen sink in the northwest direction as it allows the free flow of energy and positive vibrations.


Pro-tip: Irrespective of the direction of the home, it is advisable not to have fire and water close to each other as they don't compliment; you may want to explore opposite or adjacent directions for the two. Use warmer tones as a colour palette

Living room design ideas for a south-facing house interior - Beautiful Homes


From spending time with your family to social gatherings, your living room is the epitome of all activity. To enhance its energy, it is also essential to pay attention to the direction of the living room, especially if you stay in the south direction of the Vastu home.


The ideal direction of your living room with a south-facing entrance is the east, north-east, and north, respectively. If you cannot find your ideal corners or direction, you may try creating one in the northwest part of the house. It is more promising to place heavy furniture in your living room's southwest or west direction. If you plan to add a mirror to a specific wall in your living room, it is better to place it on the north wall.


Pro-tip: Placing indoor plants in the living room will help enhance the aura of the living room Vastu for south-facing houses.




A quiet corner or a spiritual place where you may like to pray every morning brings a sense of calm and often forms an essential part of your home.


The ideal position for a southeast-facing Vastu house is the northeast direction. It is advisable to face the north or the east direction while offering prayers. In case you do not have a northeast wall or corner, you may place your pooja room in the west direction as well. Building a pooja room on the ground floor is more functional and beneficial. It is ideal to choose a white or off-white colour for your pooja room walls, besides other light shades such as yellow or blue.

South facing house design as per Vastu with pooja room - Beautiful Homes

Pro-tip: It is better to avoid clutter in your pooja room and store anything here. If it is unavoidable, you may build cupboards towards the south or west direction of the room.



Your home is brought to life with warmth when you have someone to design and accessorise it, replete with the right Vastu shastra tips.


There is nothing more precious than designing your own home and no one understands it better than us. Whether it is a south-facing home Vastu, or northeast facing one, we know the nuances of creating your perfect home with you and for you. With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you get an opportunity to build your dream home with the guidance of professional interior decorators and stylists.


Your customised home interior design & décor solution provider, Beautiful Homes, uses the latest designs, colour palettes and customises them to suit your preference.


Book a 3D design consultation call or walk into any of our PAN India stores. Your favourite Beautiful Homes stores are located in Amritsar, New Delhi, Jaipur, Raipur, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Kochi, Karur, Tumakuru and Nashik.

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