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Best tips for a Duplex house as per vastu shastra 2023

  • Vastu Tips
Feb 12, 2023
Vastu shastra for your duplex house in 2023 - Beautiful Homes

If you want a detached home but cannot afford a bungalow or villa, a duplex house is a lovely compromise. Here are a few important duplex house Vastu Shastra guidelines to ensure that your home is filled with health, prosperity and progress

Having a detached house is a dream that many have, but it is an expensive option and not everyone can afford it. A lovely compromise is a duplex house design, which gives the feel of a detached house with its semi-private outdoor space, but is much more affordable than bungalows.


Duplexes usually have two similar units, built side by side, with a common wall. They usually consist of two floors, with the living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms on the upper floor.


A duplex provides compact but ample space for people who want the feeling of living in a house as it quite often comes with outdoor space. Following the principles of Vastu for duplex house is important to ensure that the family is blessed with good luck and prosperity.

Let’s take a look at Vastu for duplex house guidelines:


1. Entrance Vastu for North Facing Duplex House

Morning sunlight coming into the home through the entrance door is important in Vastu Shastra as it brings positive energy and protects the family from any mishap. The North-Eastern corner of the home provides the best entrance door Vastu for duplex home.

2. Vastu for Master Bedroom in Duplex House

Vastu for master bedroom in duplex house helps in improving relationships between couples and brings happiness into the home. The bedrooms of a duplex should be located on the first floor, according to Vastu Shastra. The upper SouthWest corner provides the ideal Vastu for duplex home master bedroom as it invites positive energies and lessens disagreements.

Vastu for master bedroom in a duplex house - Beautiful Homes
Duplex house pooja room as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

3. Vastu Compliant Location of Duplex House Pooja Room

The pooja room is the most sacred place in an Indian home and should be Vastu compliant for maximum benefit. The preferred directions for a duplex house pooja room are the NorthEast, East and North. These directions are Vastu compliant and help in channelling positive energy and good luck to all members residing in the house. One should also ensure that the pooja room is not located under a staircase or toilet, right in front of the main door, or be next to, or sharing a wall with a toilet or bathing room.

4. Internal Staircase Vastu for North Facing Duplex House

The South, NorthWest, and SouthWest part of the house provides the best duplex house staircase Vastu as it brings prosperity. Staircases in any other corner can lead to financial losses. Avoid a staircase in the SouthEast direction as it can lead to legal problems.

Internal staircase vastu tips for a north facing duplex house - Beautiful Homes
Study room vastu shastra tips in a duplex house - Beautiful Homes

5. Study Room Vastu for North Facing Duplex House

The study room is a space that should be calm and peaceful and encourage productivity. The East or West is the best location, and the North is the second-best location for the study room, as it helps in progress and success.

6. Décor Vastu Tips For Duplex House

Very often, people have to move into pre-built homes and some of them may not be completely Vastu compliant. The best way to remedy this and ward off any misfortune is with Vastu décor.


Here are décor Vastu tips for duplex house that look good too:

  • A crystal or wooden tortoise is a great way to add duplex house Vastu compliance and positivity, as it symbolises protection.
  • A Shree Chakra as duplex house Vastu invites wealth and opportunity to your home.
  • A big bowl filled with water and sprinkled with flowers provides Vastu for duplex house and draws wealth and positivity into your home.
  • Wind chimes provide positive Vastu for duplex home with the different notes they produce.
  • Buddha statues provide Vastu for East facing duplex house as they eradicate negative energy.
  • Use the arowana fish as duplex house Vastu décor as it attracts wealth and fortune into your home.


7. Window Vastu Tips for Duplex House

Proper placement of windows and doors help the flow of energy inside a home.  Ideally, windows should be symmetrical in shape and height.  Windows in the North, East or North-East direction brings prosperity, progress and health. Following windows vastu for duplex home can promote a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.


Beautiful Homes Service for your Duplex House Vastu Tips

Asian Paints, Beautiful Homes offers a stunning range of home décor services, including Vastu compliant interior design services. Whether you are looking for bedroom interior design as per Vastu for East facing duplex house or gorgeous décor Vastu tips for duplex house, we are a one-stop shop to help you create a space that tells your story. You can book a 3D consultation call with our design team or walk into any of our showrooms to shop for what you like. Our stores are presently located in Tumakuru, Amritsar, New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Kochi, Karur, Jaipur, Raipur and Nashik.

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