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Wall clock for living room: Unique ideas

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May 20, 2022
Wall clock for your open living room kitchen interior - Beautiful Homes

Think of wall clocks as boring functional pieces? We're here to dispel the myth; read on to find out how you can use these ubiquitous objects as stunning wall décor

With technological advancement, many items that were once a part of any household have become defunct- rotary phones, tape players, typewriters, etc. But, unsurprisingly, these have now moved on to being trendy, vintage décor pieces.


The newest addition to this category is wall clocks. These otherwise ubiquitous pieces are no longer viewed as just functional items. Rather, these timepieces are making a comeback as chic décor in well-curated homes. Want to incorporate them into your living room design? We've compiled a few unique ways you can do it. Read on to find out.


1. A Vintage Wall Clock in a Traditional Style Living Room

The traditional style is the balanced amalgamation of several decades and trends. You will see décor and furniture from various areas in a traditional living room. Living room design layouts are mainly functional and family-friendly. The décor may be minimal but consists of interesting vintage and antique pieces. A vintage hanging wall clock with oversized Roman numerals and hands with intricate shapes would work well. It would be the perfect balance between a clean silhouette, artistic detailing, functionality and old-timey charm.


2. Modern Wall Clock for a Mid-century Modern Living Room

The contemporary design shares its love for sleek shapes and clean lines with the mid-century modern style. Both also lean towards minimalism. In this case, you can use a mid-century modern wall clock for living room as a statement piece. Consider classics such as atomic clocks or sunburst designs to create an impact.


3. Farmhouse-style Wooden Wall Clock

The farmhouse style focuses on creating relaxed and cosy interiors. It incorporates natural materials such as wood and stone, reclaimed pieces, DIY projects and vintage-inspired décor to create welcoming interiors. A vintage artisanal cuckoo wall clock would add intrigue and a rustic look living room to the décor. Opt for a simple, distressed wooden wall clock for the living room for something that blends in.

4. Add a Stylish Wall Clock to your Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can easily look monotonous with square and rectangular frames. A great way to break up the straight lines is to add rounded shapes such as ovals and circles. Use unique wall clocks to create a juxtaposition of curves and angles. Try repeating materials and finishes on the gallery wall for a more uniform look. For example, you can opt for the same material for all the frames like wood, or you can mix metal and wood, etc.

Wall clock design for our gallery wall - Beautiful Homes

5. Wall Clock Décor- A Gallery Wall of Fancy Wall Clock

Over the centuries, there have been a variety of wall clock designs. And now it is pretty easy to fashion designer wall clock yourself to match the room's décor. With so many options at your fingertips, you can create a gallery with just clocks. You can mix it up with an eclectic layout. Alternatively, you can create a storyboard or timeline layout with a clock representing different eras.

Pendulum wall clock for your eclectic room - Beautiful Homes

6. Pendulum Wall Clocks in an Eclectic Room

In an eclectic living room, you will find a beautiful fusion of different styles and trends from various periods. At its heart, it celebrates diversity and quirkiness. Since there are no strict rules, you can truly experiment. An antique big wall clock with a pendulum will fit in an eclectic living room with décor inspired by 18th and 19th-century trends. So consider classics such as regulator and banjo wall clocks.

7. Keep Track of Different Time Zones with a Wall Clock for the Living Room

Have family and friends in different time zones? Do you need to track the time of various places for work? Are you a geography buff? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this simple wall décor idea is for you. Have a wall clock for each time zone you want with creative labels or flags for identification. For a minimalist look, choose the same kind of wall clock for the display. Or have fun with it and pick a style that represents that location. This is a fantastic and unfussy idea to decorate a large expanse of wall.

8. A Glam Living Room with a Designer Wall Clock

A glam room exudes luxury with its distinct use of colour, textures and materials. There are a few different options when looking for the right wall clock for a glam living room. If you're looking for a gilded piece, a sunburst wall clock for the living room might be the way to go. You may have multiple statement décor pieces, so for the smaller stuff like wall clock, it might help dial it down. In that case, opt for a sleek unadorned clock face. One in shiny materials such as granite or marble would match the glam quotient of the rest of the décor. Alternatively, you can choose a bigger version of these and use it as a focal point.

Designer wall clock for your glam living room design - Beautiful Homes
White wall paint & antique floor lamp for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

9. A Boho Living Room with Antique Wall Clocks

Bold colours, mixing patterns and textures, and celebrating elements of different cultures are hallmarks of the boho-style living room design. Souvenirs and thrifted items alike are at home with this style. For an old-timey charm, look for an antique Gallery wall clock for home. Go big and use it as a statement piece. Or opt for an artsy design such as an intricate wrought iron frame.

10. Large Wall Clocks as the Piece De Resistance

Oversized wall clocks are pretty popular right now, particularly in industrial and modern farmhouse-style homes. The magnitude alone creates an air of drama and intrigue, precisely what you need in a focal point. With such a dominant piece, you can forge any other wall décor without compromising on the visuals. Make sure that the clock's design isn't too intricate to avoid a jarring or gaudy look. You can opt for an unframed clock face for a sleek look. Pick a wood or metal wall clock if you're looking for something a little more rustic.


11. Maritime Wall Clock for a Coastal-themed Living Room

A coastal-style living room has a laid-back vibe with a focus on seaside elements. Think of surfing, sandy beaches and open skies. If you want something a little decorative, a surf or beach-themed wall clock for home. Focus on the colours- warm whites, soft beiges, calming blues and greens are staples.


A simple light wood wall clock will also work well as wall décor. If the room leans towards a nautical theme, you can opt for a maritime clock that tracks moon phases, temperature, etc., and time. The added functionality is always a bonus.

12. Abstract Wall Watch for a Contemporary Living Room

With contemporary living room styles, the focus is on simplicity— clean lines, sleek shapes, minimal colour palette and décor are key features. An abstract wall clock would fit right in, in this setting. You can opt for a frameless clock face for your wall décor. Match the colour and material to the rest of the décor for a cohesive look.


A simple black frame with a clear face and hands would work well. You can use it as a statement piece with a deconstructed wall clock with the numbers and hands directly installed on the wall. Choose a futuristic digital wall clock to match the décor of a smart home.

Abstract wall watch design for your contemporary living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Decorate your Living Room with Wall Clocks?

At Beautiful Homes' we provide a massive range of services and products to help you curate a cosy living room that reflects your personality. Select all the essentials you need from our shop: statement furniture, gorgeous wall treatments, light fixtures, and so much more.


Our interior design services include Modular Kitchen design, Furniture, Furnishings and Décor, Lighting, Painting and Wallpaper, Wardrobe Design and more. You can avail of these services for particular areas and rooms in the house or the whole house— you have the flexibility to choose.


Our experts are well versed in the various design styles- industrial, rustic, contemporary, boho etc. With our interior design services, you get design and décor solutions best suited to your style and needs. Our design professionals will ensure you receive a personalised experience and custom design and décor solutions.


Visit our website to browse through various product ranges and services we offer. You can also check out projects we have executed so far. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand everything that goes into achieving the best interior design.


For an in-person experience, walk into any of our stores across India. You'll find our home décor stores across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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