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Make a statement with 20 wall decoration ideas for bedroom

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Aug 19, 2022
Wall decoration for bedroom with monochrome pictures & hat - Beautiful Homes

Bedroom wall décor plays an important role in its design and vibe. Here are 20 wall decoration ideas that will help you design your bedroom to perfection

In any home, the bedroom is the most sacred space. For most of us, it is the only area where we can get calm after a busy day at work. When we talk about a master bedroom, it’s naturally the space where you want to wake up and get soaked up with happiness and cheerful emotions for the day. You also probably want to come home to a bedroom decor that is loaded with soothing, relaxing elements. Since the bedroom is such a significant space, the process of bedroom interior design should be given some added thought and effort.


There are, regardless, a wide variety of different modern bedroom design ideas that you could use, all depending on the dimensions of the space and your personal fancies. But, before you begin, let’s review a key question when it comes to master bedroom design ideas: What do you need in a master bedroom? For us, it is the wall decoration for bedroom. In this blog, we are reviewing the 20 best master bedroom wall decor ideas. Whether you’re planning a new house, or simply redoing your room wall decor, we have the best modern bedroom wall decor tips and tricks for you!

1. Vintage Signs as the Best Wall Décor for Bedrooms

A metallic wall sign is perhaps the most durable wall décor for bedroom above bed items. Not only this, but it can integrate with all backgrounds and create a dreamy statement piece when positioned in the right place. For an eye-catching visual element within the room, just mount one above your bed or dresser. 

A vintage wall hanging above the bed for bedroom wall decoration - Beautiful Homes
Gallery wall décor ideas for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

2. Gallery Wall for Modern Bedroom Wall Décor

Gallery wall decoration for bedrooms isn’t just for living rooms or rooms for children, and the bedroom below is all the evidence you will need. To get this look and vibe of a gallery wall, source photo frames and pictures new and old in various styles and sizes, however, stick within a colour palette of warm auburn, cool-toned blues, and neutral black and white.


3. Hanging Instruments Wall Decoration Ideas Bedroom

If you are looking for an effortless way to introduce boho vibes into your master room wall décor, then you certainly need hanging decorations for the bedroom such as some baskets, hats or plates to hang on your wall! 

4. Wall DIY Room Décor with Centred Greenery

Doing any room wall décor with houseplants is a tried and tested way to bring life to your elegant bedroom wall décor and make them really pop. Train a climbing vine to rise up and around, probably a wall mirror, or get some creepers crawling right above your headboard and enjoy nature’s beauty while you rest and unwind in a serene space.


5. Abstract Art: The Best Wall décor for Bedroom

Art is meant to fetch a concept, instead of trying to mimic visual reality, an abstract artist tries to accomplish this effect while using abstract shapes, forms, tones and textures. That is what makes abstract art so impressive and interesting to look at and relish. The abstracted shapes and tones are a wonderful visual fit for any bedroom wall décor. The right abstract artwork could give the room the smart, sleek and relaxing vibe you were looking for.

DIY wall decoration for bedroom with christmas tree placed on vintage clock - Beautiful Homes
Geographic wall decoration ideas for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

6. Oversized Flag Wall Decoration for Bedroom

Perhaps you are not much of an art collector but a traveller or patriotic at heart or maybe you simply found an extra-large flag at a flea market that you just had to bring home. An oversize master bedroom wall décor piece like this one requires ample wall space to be shown appropriately. The outcome is a one-of-a-kind focal point that is guaranteed to fetch you some compliments and conversations.


7. Small Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas: Geometric Wallpaper

Why cover only half of the wall with wall decoration bedroom ideas when you can have a floor-to-ceiling display of geometric Wallpaper? Not to mention, there are so many eclectic and bold designs to choose from nowadays, so finding a master bedroom wall décor pattern that will completely fit your aesthetic, space, and budget will be a breeze. It's truly remarkable how much a detailed geometric wallpaper can really transform a space.

8. Black Panelling for Master Bedroom Wall Décor

If you are looking for small bedroom wall décor ideas, remember that you do not always have to use art stylish bedroom wall décor ideas and dress up the walls in your bedroom. One method to bring visual interest is black panelling. From shiplap to board and batten to slat walls, there are a variety of diverse ways to bring the idea into your bedroom space. And you don't even need to cover the entire wall.



9. Classic Sconce Wall Décor for Couple’s Bedroom

A couple’s bedroom should have an elegant bedroom wall décor. Classic wall sconces provide an added source of light and luxury without requiring any more room on the floor or on a side table. To introduce light and elegance to the space, select a design that is both eye-catching and can serve as a romantic bedroom wall décor sculpture. Some wall decoration for bedroom options for sconces includes display sculptures that look like plants or animals or even abstract forms. They are also available in various materials, including metals and resin. You can even buy sconces with LED lighting, which gives them a contemporary look and makes them ideal for lighting a dark space. Classic wall sconces are also one of the best small bedroom wall décor ideas.

10. Mirrors for Symmetrical Wall Décor for Bedroom

A giant mirror helps open up a little space, and — when strategically positioned — it bounces off the light while also forming a focal point on your wall. If you are looking for some small bedroom wall décor ideas and desire to increase the amount of natural light cast around your bedroom, simply place the mirror opposite or beside a window.



11. Modern Bedroom Wall Décor with Black-and-White Photography

It is comfortable to create some visual appeal with wall decoration ideas bedroom, but the creativity doesn't have to cease at just hitting any random art on a wall. 

Big sized mirror with dressing table used for bedroom wall decoration - Beautiful Homes

If you enjoy adding a little additional flair, consider a black and white picture arrangement. There are no strict rules that say your photo bedroom wall decoration items need to be hung in a traditional or uniform fashion — the way you choose to install them can be a statement in and of itself.



12. Wall DIY Room Décor: Curtain Headboard

You can use a simple curtain panel as a romantic bedroom wall décor headboard. Bland walls behind your head will never look the same. Just install a curtain rod on the wall above your bed and hang a curtain with an excellent design or pattern for wall décor for bedroom above bed.



13. Grand Mandala Headboard Wall Decoration for Bedroom

Intricately designed, a grand mandala headboard will give your bed the character it's craving. This headboard is excellent for those looking to add a little colour and life to their bedrooms. All eyes will be drawn directly to this iridescent centrepiece DIY bedroom wall decoration.

Printed wall paints or wallpaper for bedroom wall decoration - Beautiful Homes

14. Prints on the Wall as the Best Wall Décor for Bedroom

Prints are highly trending wall decoration ideas bedroom and are being used everywhere. They instantly give your space an edgy look with grace and style. Patterns and prints can be used in any house as master bedroom wall décor ideas.



15. Colourful Wall Décor for Couple’s Bedroom

Coordinated colour Palettes are necessary for any couple’s bedroom. Strategic planning and creative styling can make any master bedroom feel elegant, romantic and spacious. 

A romantic bedroom space needs the jewelled tones of deep amethyst purple and ruby red, whereas a serene haven will require soothing blues and greens. Small room wall décor ideas include the use of different shades of monochromatic colour.


Intelligent planning and creative styling play a meaningful role in couple bedroom décor. White walls, linen, and curtains in light colours can make the room look larger.


16. Use Embroidery as Bedroom Wall Decoration Items

If you like to start small when it comes to your DIY bedroom wall decoration, why not consider an amazing embroidery wall hanging? If you are feeling up for a challenge, then out of all bedroom wall décor ideas DIY might work perfectly. And just think of how proud you will be of yourself for creating your own embroidery art. Instant bedroom wall décor DIY bragging rights granted.


17. Modern Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas: Add a Workspace

Well, this may seem a bit extreme, but think about it: A workspace will certainly break up a large blank wall and will also let you work within the comforts of your bedroom. And who doesn't love sitting in a cosy bedroom during cooler months and while finishing up your work?

18. Stylish Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas: Minimalist Bookshelves

If you are a bookworm and looking up the internet for DIY bedroom wall décor ideas, then dedicate a large wall to your love of books and create your own private library. From art tomes to the classics you read annually, rows and rows of books are a gorgeous thing. You can even arrange them by colour or size to make the feature even more enjoyable.


A ‘floating’ bookshelf behind your bed can be one of the best modern bedroom wall décor ideas and will create a space for you to decorate an otherwise plain wall. Make sure you paint it in the same shade as the wall colour so you can create the illusion. Don’t overfill them with clutter, keep all your master bedroom wall décor ideas streamlined as much as possible so you let the designs speak for them.

Minimalistic bookshelves used as bedroom wall décor for storage purposes - Beautiful Homes

19. Statement Wall Sculptures Stylish Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas

Your master bedroom décor doesn't necessarily have to be all about wallcoverings and paint with wall decoration ideas bedroom, you can create a gorgeous focal point in your bedroom with a 3D sculpture. Keep your walls simple so your artwork stands out and look out for designs crafted from impressive materials like leather, wood or metal.



20. Bedroom Wall Décor DIY: Textile Wall Art

Form a super tailored look when you get a bit cunning with your room wall décor ideas. If you can find printed fabrics in a pattern you adore, use DIY bedroom wall décor ideas and create articles like throw-pillow covers and utilise extra yardage as wall art when you place them in a frame. And just like that, you have yourself custom bedroom wall décor that feels unapologetically you.



Get a Spectacular Bedroom Wall Décor for your House with Beautiful Homes

The bedroom interior design is perhaps the most private place we have in our modern world. It is immensely important that our bedroom will feel elegant, safe and comfortable. Regardless of whether you have small sleeping quarters or a spacious master bedroom, our professional interior design experts at Beautiful Homes always have a slew of standout ways to transform drab walls with gorgeous wall décor.


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