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Difference between wall mounted pooja mandir and floor rested pooja mandir

  • Pooja Room Design
Nov 06, 2022
Wall Mounted Small Pooja Room Designs in Apartments - Beautiful Homes

Understand the primary differences between a wall mounted pooja mandir and a floor rested pooja mandir to build a fresh and vibrant pooja space

In most homes in our country, a pooja room, or the prayer room, is a sacred space filled with serenity and a positive aura. It is a bespoke space that most homeowners design with devotion to performing all spiritual activities. Being the centre of vitality, we all wish to decorate the space with the best of elements and pieces. For a perfectly designed pooja room, it’s crucial that all the elements are positioned correctly, whether it’s the pooja unit designs wall mount, the idols, the accessories or the furniture. Further, the colours of the walls and the position of the mandir are critical to bringing a tranquil ambience that is ideal for praying. No matter big or small, the pooja room should be radiating positive and divine energy.


Today, we present you the differences between wall mounted mandir designs and floor rested pooja mandir designs for helping you a beautiful space for your house.


Wall Mounted Mandir Design for Home

If space is a limitation in your house, or you have a lot of vacant wall space in your pooja room, then, wall mounted pooja shelf designs are considered to be the best option that one can opt for. wall mounted pooja mandir designs help save your floor space and offers a neat and organised look for your prayer area.


Floor Rested Mandir or Floor Standing Pooja Temple

Some houses have a dedicated room for performing pooja activities while for some it is not always feasible to have a dedicated pooja space. Thus, the best option for a spacious pooja room or to create the effect or illusion of a pooja corner at your house is a floor rested pooja mandir.

What to Consider While Looking for Perfect Pooja Mandir

1. Pooja Mandir Size

The size of your mandir plays a vital role in which option you go for. First of all, the mandir you are selecting should be big enough for storing the pooja accessories and requirements that you need. Secondly, the mandir unit you select should sit comfortably in the available at your house. This is important if you are opting for a floor rested mandir. However, if you have limited space in your house for a dedicated pooja room, then the perfect choice would be to consider wall mounted small pooja room designs in apartments. It is the best option for storing all your pooja accessories and gods in a small area.

Floor Rested Pooja Mandir for Homes - Beautiful Homes
wall mounted small mandir designs for apartments - Beautiful Homes

2. Mandir Design

There are a number of pooja mandir designs in the market to choose from. Some of the best designs of pooja rooms include elegant, contemporary, and trendy patterns. However, some people choose to opt for a mandir design that comes with an ethnic hint. Likewise, you can also pick the suitable configuration depending on your individual preferences. With an appropriate design, you can pick from a wall mounted mandir design for home or a floor rested mandir.


The primary difference between these two kinds is that pooja unit designs wall mount can be fixed to the wall and hence, it is appropriate for compact spaces where a floor rested type must be placed on the floor making it a practical alternative for large spaces.

3. Pooja Unit Material

As you head out looking for pooja units for your house, consider the material that actually suits your preference. A modern wooden mandir design for home wall mounted is quite a favourite among most homeowners. Such wall mounted pooja mandir designs come in a chic mahogany or teak finish. This kind of wooden mandir design for home wall mounted comes in a huge variety of tones and structures to pick from.


4. Functionality

A pooja unit is not only a decorative and aesthetic piece to adorn your space or offer your prayers, but it is also considered to be a practical furniture piece. When you opt for one, you should have a precise idea about how many drawers and shelves you exactly need. Another very crucial point to consider is that the surface is large enough for displaying all the pictures as well as idols. You should avoid making use of overloaded or cluttered settings.


5. Additional Considerations that you Should Make

To add some extra appeal and storage space in your pooja room, you can place coffee tables. Not only that, but this can contribute to providing a larger surface on which you can place the idols. Moreover, you can also use that special space to keep incense sticks or any other necessary pooja accessories. This is mostly applicable if you are opting for wall mounted mandir designs as they come with limited space for keeping all the pooja-related items. Though if you are opting for a floor rested pooja mandir, then you do not always need it. This can also be considered as the major distinction existing between wall mounted pooja shelf designs and also floor rested pooja mandir designs.

Which One is Better Between Wall Mounted and Floor Rested Pooja Mandir?

After explaining all the major differences existing between a wall mounted pooja unit and floor rested pooja unit, now, confusion arises about which one is better between these two.


The clear response to this is it relies on your individual requirements. If you have a big and spacious house, then the floor rested ones can be the right choice.


Whereas, if space is a limitation in your house, then you can choose the wall mounted small pooja room designs in apartments as they are easily fixed even in smaller spaces.

Wall mounted wooden mandir design for homes -Beautiful Homes


Just like in any other room in your house, your pooja space needs a stunning element that makes it special. Explore the various possibilities, whether it’s a colourful pooja unit, tile flooring or pooja room lighting ideas. It is paramount to choose wisely based on the element that is best suited to the size and style of the house. Since it is a very sacred space, it should be designed keeping in mind the ease of cleaning and care. The layout and the materials used can make all the difference. We at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, are known for our experts with the best knowledge on the best materials and design elements to be incorporated into pooja rooms.  From a fundamental element like a mandir unit to pooja room accessories, we have got you covered.


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