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Design inspo: 15 wall painting ideas for your home

  • Wall Painting Design
Aug 21, 2022
Modern wall painting design ideas for your home walls - Beautiful Homes

If you’re tired of plain white walls and boring neutrals, and you’re looking for a little painting inspiration to help turn blah to brilliant, well, look no further! We’ve got 15 design ideas to get you started on that home décor upgrade, right here!

A fresh coat of paint can seem like the perfect solution if you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to give your home an upgrade and make it look brand new. But, when it comes to wall decoration, painting ideas aren’t always easy to come up with on the fly. A little inspiration can be welcome when trying to pick the right design to remake your interiors and create an elegant living room, a gorgeous bedroom or a unique hallway that perfectly reflects your tastes.


So here are some classic concepts and fun new wall painting ideas that we hope will get you all fired up for a home décor makeover that’s sure to please!

Ombre Wall : Wall Painting Design Idea #1

This is a wall painting design concept in which a gradient is created with colour, blending from one hue to the next, and can be used throughout a room or on a single accent wall. While an ombre design can seem like one of the more simple wall painting ideas, it is also one of the more popular wall painting ideas for bedroom interiors as it’s very versatile – from creating a gorgeous sunset effect, to a rainbow design or even a peaceful ocean scape it can be used to echo your unique taste. Plus, if you want to bring a new wall painting design twist to the ombre concept, confine your blended gradient within geometric patterns, such as a circle or multiple squares.


Wall Stencilling: Wall Painting Design Idea #2

A popular trend in modern bedrooms these days is geometric and tessellated patterns. If you like this trend and are interested in creating a simple and easy to execute pattern for your room, wall painting ideas that use a stencil and roller are your best bet. With a stencil, wall painting design is a lot easier, letting you achieve a clean look with minimal fuss. This is one of those wall painting ideas that allows for a lot of customization, and only needs a little practice to get the technique down.

Ombre wall painting design for creative wall painting at home - Beautiful Homes

Light Switch & Socket Art : Wall Painting Design Idea #3

If you’re good at painting and have always loved to draw, this is one of those creative wall painting ideas that would be perfect for you! But not only is it creative, it’s also one of the easiest wall painting ideas to execute if you have an artistic concept in mind but don’t want it to completely dominate the room. If you don’t want to go too wild with your wall painting ideas at home, and want to stick to a smaller scale project, here, you just paint your pattern or picture around your light switches and sockets, drawing the eye to that section of the wall, like a focused piece of art.



Floral Prints : Wall Painting Design Idea #4

From French fleur-de-lis patterns, to art-deco florals and vintage English roses; floral wall painting design is a well-loved classic and rightfully so! This is one of the most common wall painting ideas for bedroom and living room interiors, and is equally popular as a wallpaper pattern. If you love femanine prints or are drawn to nature-inspired themes for your home, wall painting design concepts like this are ideal for you!


Home wall painting design with water colour - Beautiful Homes

Watercolour Wall : Wall Painting Design Idea #5

Want to explore more abstract wall painting ideas? Creating a tinted watercolour style focus wall is a great way to give a room an artistic temperament and showcase your own unique style. This is one of the harder yet more creative wall painting ideas you can choose, but when executed well, can be absolutely stunning! Of course, hiring a professional is probably the best way to achieve a great result with skill-based yet cool wall painting ideas like this, but with enough practice and the right sponging technique you’re sure to be able to create a mural-like effect with a splash of subtle colours.

Hand-Painted Patterns : Wall Painting Design Idea #6

If you love to get crafty and are excited to explore some DIY wall painting ideas at home, and have the skill to try something a little more complicated and artistic than a basic stencil wall painting design, you could experiment with a free-hand painted pattern. To keep things looking neat and clean, draw out your cool wall painting ideas on paper first and then plot out your draft on the wall in pencil; it’s probably a good idea to also lay down masking/painter’s tape along any straight lines or to demarcate edges, so your finished pattern is crisp. If you’ve never painted any walls before, keep your design small; wall painting ideas hand-painted at this scale will be easier to achieve.

Hand painted wall painting design in kids room - Beautiful Homes
Patterned texture wall painting design with a roller - Beautiful Homes

Patterned Roller Painting : Wall Painting Design Idea #7

Looking for a great method to add a wall painting design to your room that’s not only faster and easier, but can also create more delicate, detailed patterns than a stencil would produce? A patterned paint roller is the ultimate way to execute gorgeous and creative wall painting ideas for beginners! These paint rollers have two rolling brushes, the one in front would make contact with the wall and has the design moulded into its surface, while the one behind is dipped into the paint and brushes against the patterned roller to deposit an even amount of paint on it. If you want a repetitive design on the walls of your home, wall painting design patterns made by rollers are more uniform and can be much smaller, making them ideal for flawless results of your wall painting ideas for living room interiors and other more public spaces of your home.

Solid Block Colours : Wall Painting Design Idea #8

One of the more interesting yet simple wall painting ideas is using blocks of solid colour to make a bold eye-catching statement within your space. This technique, also called colour blocking, is among the smarter and more versatile wall painting ideas that fit a range of design needs. Use colour to highlight an architectural feature – paint exposed beams in an attention grabbing hue, or colour block recessed areas in a tone deeper than the wall shade for added depth and dimension. Colour-blocking can even frame a piece of furniture or enhance unique wall art.

Home wall painting design with solid block wall colours - Beautiful Homes

If you are exploring wall painting ideas for hall areas or entryways, painting a two-tone contrast that separates the upper and lower portion of your wall can create the illusion of height and airiness. What is more, solid blocks of colour are a good way to use up sample pots or leftover paint, making this quite a budget-friendly way to refresh a space.


Repetitive Shapes : Wall Painting Design Idea #9

If you are experimenting with decorative wall painting ideas at home, a great starting point is the symmetry and rhythm of repetitive shapes. This is a particularly good way to use a stencil wall painting design, whether it’s simple geometric circles and squares or interesting leaf shapes, repeated stencils can add harmony to your room. When exploring wall painting ideas for living room spaces that need a subtle lift, get inspiration from the textures and shapes of the rest of your home. For example, a smart herringbone or parquet patterned floor can be echoed on an interior focus wall for a touch of rustic glam. Nature is a great inspiration for easy wall painting ideas – abstract organic shapes in analogous colours might be the perfect element of quirky charm for your room.


Rainbow Stripe : Wall Painting Design Idea #10

Another way to reflect nature in your wall painting design is to use rainbow hues to create a unique pattern. Of course, you could choose to paint an actual rainbow shape in rainbow colours, or you could try a new wall painting design like having distinct rainbow stripes on one wall, or a pattern of abstract or geometric shapes that contain the rainbow colours in a gradient, or maybe an ombre effect across the entire length and breadth of a wall in the rainbow hues, or even adopt one of the more creative staircase wall painting ideas of painting from violet to red along the length of the stairway.

Elegant lines for latest wall painting design in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Elegant Lines : Wall Painting Design Idea #11

If the style of your interiors is more classic, modern or minimalist, and you’re looking for wall painting ideas that are a better fit for that design aesthetic, why not experiment with a pattern of elegant lines. An easy way to achieve a chic look in your home, wall painting design concepts like this are created by painting thin lines over a contrasting base paint colour, and can be done in abstract, nature-inspired or geometric patterns. For a more subtle, classy outcome that still carries one-of-a-kind charm, simple wall painting ideas of this type are the most effective and adaptable – use it to highlight a headboard wall in your bedroom or add it to your rolodex of  staircase wall painting ideas for the day when you want to give your stairway a fancy upgrade.

3D Boxes : Wall Painting Design Idea #12

This ​​latest wall painting design trend is both fun and funky: a statement wall painted with a 3D cube pattern! While you can generally incorporate illusion wall painting ideas at home in more complex ways, 3D cubes are relatively easy to create, making this dynamic and contemporary feature wall trend quite beginner friendly. Spotlight your new wall painting design to best effect in a kitchen using colours that complement the built-ins and the backsplash. Or design it as a homage to Minecraft in a kids’ bedroom. 3D cubes are also among the most impactful small wall painting ideas – try it in a narrow hallway for a quirky dimensional effect that produces the illusion of a more open space!



Connecting Dots: Wall Painting Design Idea #13

It may not seem like there are a lot of feasible wall painting ideas for beginners that will allow you to give your walls a fun upgrade at minimal cost. But when it comes to easy wall painting ideas, this is actually one of the most simple, although possibly a bit time consuming to complete. While the final outcome can look like a high-end, wall painting design, all that you actually need to do is mark your white/neutral coloured wall with random dots spaced a few inches away from each other, and connect them with straight lines. You don’t even really need to use paint; you can probably get the best result by using a permanent marker – truly a painless way to achieve an ultimately unusual, yet elegant look.

Painted Wood Planks : Wall Painting Design Idea #14

If you are looking for wall painting ideas that work with more classic architectural elements, painted wood planks or panelling will help enhance the rustic chic theme. This solution is a particular favourite when planning wall painting ideas for hall, bedroom or home office spaces. Faux shiplap in a bedroom, painted in cheerful colours like a warm peach or natural green can create a statement-making wall decoration; painting ideas for an entrance hall might lean more toward crisp whites or textured blues. For a little unique glamour, try this ​​latest wall painting design trend in a guest powder room. Choose a deep slate grey for your painted wall planks to contrast with lustrous white tiling and elevate your space.

Painted wood planks for simple wall painting design in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Textured Patterns : Wall Painting Design Idea #15

Are you drawn to interior designs for home layouts that fit a more rustic theme? Do you love the visual dimension and texture that stucco, stone and brick provide, but want something with a more fun colour scheme? You can achieve a similarly dynamic effect by creating marks in the paint on your walls before it is fully dry. While this may not be one of the trending or even new wall painting ideas, it’s a classic for a reason, and easily competes with the ​​latest wall painting design concepts, in terms of simple style quotient. There are various ways to achieve a great result for your texture painting ideas, from using a large bristle brush to create fine lines down the entire length of your wall, to daubing abstract textures into the paint using a crumpled rag or ripped up sponge. However you go about it, the most important thing is that it suits the style of your house and your own personal tastes.


At Asian Paints, wall painting design is just one of the many interior design elements we love! And with Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at, is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams.


Get in touch with Beautiful Homes Service for your home design & renovation needs – from making those first design decisions to delivering the ideal final outcome, we’re there for you, every step of the way! We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. Beautiful Homes Service is currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!


So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, now’s a good time to reach out, or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.

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