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Wall panelling ideas for your Indian living room

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Dec 12, 2021
Wall Paneling Design For Your Indian Living Room - Beautiful Homes

If you’re looking for a great way to add truly stunning style to your living room, while blending modernity with Indian aesthetics, consider adding wall panels! In multiple designs and materials to suit your décor scheme and price point, you're sure to find a wall panelling option that’s the perfect fit for your home

When we mention wall panelling, it’s possible that the first thing you think of is quiet libraries with dark wooden walls, or colonial-era bungalows with wainscotting and white painted mantels. And this is perfectly understandable, after all wall panels were historically used to insulate rooms, providing a layer between stone walls and the interiors.

But today, with the many modern options in wall panelling materials available, they’re most often used to create aesthetic appeal, efficiently hide wiring for sound-systems and other electronics, or provide structural support and prevent damage to your walls. Infact, wall panels are ideally suited to Indian style living room design. By utilising in-built texture, colour and accents with an Indian interpretation, you can create a space that is warm and welcoming; balancing modern aesthetics with traditional sensibilities.


Installing Wall Panelling for Your Indian Living Room

Given how Indian houses are built, there are really only two ways to attach your wall panels to your walls:

  1. Install a metal grid frame on the wall and fix the panels onto, or within, that grid – this works for all wall panelling but is most often used for heavier panels, when you need to create a space between the wall and the wall panels (to hide wires, etc.), or when your wall has imperfections that are being covered by the panels.

  2. Screw the panels directly onto the wall – this method is only applicable for straight, smooth wall surfaces and lightweight panels.
Sofa and seating for the comfort in your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

Common Materials Used in Wall Panelling in Living Room:

These days, there are quite a few materials, both traditional and modern, that are commonly used in wall panelling:

  • Wood:
    wood panelling uses boards made from sheets or planks of solid wood, engineered board, or other wood-like products. Often, these panels are designed to create a 3D effect, with traditional box mouldings or batten styles still being the most popular.

  • Fabric:
    made from wooden boards, with foam and batting under your choice of fabric, these panels have a soft and cushiony finish.

    While not commonly used in living rooms, given that they have multiple layers of padding over wood, fabric panels are a popular choice for sound-proofed entertainment rooms and bedrooms.

  • Metal:
    Aluminium, steel and copper are all used for wall panelling and are a particularly durable option for different rooms like interior design for bedroom, kitchen design & full house. With the right finish and placement, these panels can make a stunning, sleek statement in modern Indian living room design.

  • Glass:
    Perfect for creating a lustrous, mirror-finish or a mottled, underwater effect, glass panels are often textured for use as an opaque room divider or to disguise unusual lighting solutions and provide extra visual appeal.

  • Wainscot:
    Today, this style of decorative wall panels is created from wood and synthetic materials. Most often installed in only the lower half of the wall, wainscotting is usually carved with pretty patterns and geometric designs.

  • Chipboard:
    With their wood-finish, chipboard panels are a cheaper and lighter option to solid wood paneling. But, as they are made by hot pressing sawdust and chips, they aren’t quite as durable and strong, and should only be used in rooms that stay dry.

  • Veneer/Laminate Panelling:
    Crafted from durable particle-board substrate or wood veneer, these panels are a popular choice for both walls and ceilings. Since they come in many finishes, colours and patterns, they’re also very easy to use in most interior designs.

  • MDF:
    Both durable and stylish, MDF panelling is made by dry pressing wood shavings at a high temperature. Like veneer and laminate, when it comes to finish, MDF is available in many options and can additionally be moulded to create unique 3D effects and patterns.

  • PVC:
    Both water-resistant and durable, PVC wall panelling is made of rigid polyvinyl chloride blended with a small amount of plasticiser. As they can be moulded, PVC wall panels designs for living room spaces can be quite varied and one-of-a-kind.


Wood paneling designs for your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

Trendy Panelling Ideas for Your Indian Living Room

Decorative panelling boards are a flexible way to achieve a beautiful upgrade to your living room space. With a wide range of panel placement choices and materials, you can revamp your existing Indian living room design, while keeping both budget and installation time within your comfort range.


Panelling Boards to Rediscover Tradition

The charm of natural wood panelling for walls is that it lends a wonderful elegance and warmth to your living room. Wood panelling is a choice that is much loved in home interiors for its ability to blend seamlessly with a wide range of design styles. None-the-less, it’s most identified with a classic, traditional look. Natural wood, MDF panels, veneer or chipboard; available in prices that vary greatly depending on material, the final look of such panels is equally diverse and adaptable to your design. Finished in the classic, dark wood style it is an excellent choice if your aesthetic is more traditional than modern, but, when patterned or given a fresh effect, wood panels gain a modern twist.

3D Texture with Modern Wall Panelling

Step away from the older installation styles and use angular shiplap or geometric patterns to create a blend of classic material and newer design elements. This trendy intermingling of tradition and modernity is particularly popular when you pick a wall panel for living room areas that function as both family spots and entertainment spaces. When exploring modern wall panelling designs living room areas can experiment with texture, more than many other spaces. Using three dimensional panels or vertical batten work for an accent wall can provide a visual focus while remaining subtle enough to offset your other décor.


PVC Wall Panel Concepts for Faux Traditional Styles

Another contemporary wall panel design for living room spaces is faux exposed brick or stone panelling made from PVC. This look is particularly attractive when used behind an entertainment unit or large screen television. Accessorise with terracotta pots and added greenery, and you can create a relaxing oasis within your living room. And, as you don’t need to worry about moisture damage with a PVC wall panel, this is a great way to introduce a touch of the natural world into your indoor areas.

PVC wall panel designs for your Indian living room - Beautiful Homes

You can also use PVC wall panelling to create a geometric and monochromatic stucco look behind a shelf unit or a large open bookcase. Fill the shelves with family pictures, favourite reads and folk knick-knacks to make the space your own. Use decorative Indian prints and fabrics to complete the look for an effortless melding of function and heritage.


Tips to Maintain Your Wall Panelling for Your Indian Living Room:

  • Use a feather duster or a dry, lint-free cloth to dust panellingboards regularly. If possible, vacuum-clean every few weeks to ensure that harder to reach areas are being taken care of. Pay special attention to decorative wood panels for walls, as carved or moulded areas might build up moisture over time. 


  • For panelled walls in damp areas or spaces that are exposed to the elements, make sure to wipe them down frequently with a soft, dry cloth to prevent the formation of mould or grime.
Wall paneling designs for your all white Indian home interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Install heavy curtains or thick drapes, to protect panelled walls from direct, harsh sunlight. This is, by and large, only necessary if you have chosen panelling that is prone to fading or sun-damage, such as fabric, laminate or patterned wall-paper.

  • Sponge PVC wall panel sections in a circular motion with warm soapy water. Wait 2 to 3 minutes and then wipe down with clean warm water. Dry the section off with a microfibre cloth.
  • Don’t let spills or stains stay for long on your wall panels. Wipe down or spot clean immediately with a soft damp cloth or with mild soapy water.
  • Don’t let alkali-based cleaning liquids or heavy-duty solvents sit on the surface of your panelling as they may stain or spoil the finish. This is especially important on wood panelling for walls as the wood may get pitted or damaged.

  • If you have chosen a metal wall panel for living room accents ensure that debris is removed regularly and that the panels are inspected annually. Inspect joints and edges for damage often and replace any damaged panels or trims, as soon as possible.

When choosing the best wall panel design for living room aesthetics that fit the Indian ideal, it is always a good idea to have an expert in your corner! Partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints; manifest the interiors of your dream, envision the perfect wall panelling options for your home, and discover curated accessories and furniture to suit every room. Reach out to our team today!

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