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Wallpaper vs. Wall Paints: What goes with Indian interior walls?

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Jul 03, 2022
Wall paint for Indian interior walls - Beautiful Homes

Wallpaper or wall paint is an eternal dilemma most homeowners have. Here we give you a detailed insight on both wallpaper and wall paints. Read on!

When you’re buying a home, or moving into a new one, it is important to consider the look and feel and overall vibe of the space. The interiors of your home make your home complete. Although furnishing and good lighting are important, nothing will truly look right unless your walls are on point. If you’re decorating your home, focus on your walls first. Deciding on the right type of wall treatment is not an easy task at all, given the huge number of products available today. Homeowners are generally confused between two popular options – wall paint vs wallpaper for walls.


The use of wall paints for home or wallpaper for walls in your home has a huge impact on your home’s aesthetic. Both wallpapers and wall paints have their pros and cons. It’s a big decision to choose between wallpaper design for home or wall paint for your home. Let’s take a look at certain factors to help with this dilemma of wallpaper or wall paint. Read on!

1. Cost

There is a difference between the costs of wallpaper for homes and wall paints. This depends on the quality of the materials used as well. Wallpapers for walls price have a high initial installment as they need professional assistance and a high number of instruments. Installment of wallpapers also creates a need to match the décor with the wallpaper patterns.


On the other hand, wall paints for home, like textured wall paints, are comparatively cheaper than wallpaper. 

Dark colour wall paint that matches your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Though painting the walls of your home requires personnel with a certain skill-set, it is slightly more affordable and less expensive than wallpapers. Wallpapers for walls price can differ based on various factors.

2. Durability

Wallpapers can last up to 15 years with a high level of sustainability. Although the initial installation costs of wallpaper are high, its durability makes the spending worth it. Although it does need maintenance and care.


Interior wall paint, on the other hand, has a tendency to get defaced easily. Paints can last on a well-prepared surface for 5-6 years, but they still need a touch up (i.e. repaint) every year or two.

3. Maintenance

Wall paints can get damaged, however, these small imperfections can be covered up by getting a repaint job done. This can be done without a lot of effort. The re-painting can also be a good avenue to redo or match your existing tone in the house. Restoring the perfect wall and re-painting does not require professional help and can even be done personally with minimal supervision or guidance.


While wallpapers, can very easily peel or tear. They are not immune to forces of shear or pulling, and can wear out easily. A small tear can (and in most cases, it will) make you redo the entire process of stripping the whole thing down and pasting again, which is more time consuming than re-painting. Sometimes, even the spare rolls of the original wallpaper do not match with the wallpaper’s tone and texture because it has faded on natural light. Wallpapers are also easy to clean later, hence easier to maintain only  if done well.

Designer wallpaper to enhance your interior walls - Beautiful Homes

4. Usage

Wall paints are suitable for any room as most of them have the tendency to repel moisture from their surface. Also, there are a variety of paints and colours to choose from, for various climatic conditions and tones and look-and-feel needs.


Wallpapers are considered to be a well-suited option for particular rooms in your home. Wallpapers are a sure no-no for your kitchens and bathrooms. Wallpaper used in those areas can peel or show the mildews due to the humidity and dampness. It is better suited to rooms such as dining rooms and bedrooms where there is minimal moisture and less expectation of activity. Wallpapers are also not suited for your home if you are located in the city with a humid climate.

5. Preparation Time

Both wall paints and wallpaper design for home need you to prepare your wall first. The time required for preparing the walls for installing Indian wallpapers for walls is considerably longer than that for wall paints. The damages and imperfections (like undulations on the wall) need to be fixed first as the wallpapers tend to highlight the imperfections in your wall.

Wall paints require minimum preparation time. They also cover the imperfection on your walls by taking up the same material 2-3 times as a coat.


6. Labor

 Well painted walls brighten up a space and add life to an otherwise dull room. Paint also protects the walls from moisture, conceals stains and makes the house more durable, in addition to adding colour, beauty and a positive appeal.The best part being its long lasting if painted skillfully. Attaching a wallpaper, on the other hand, is very much a job for skilled laborers. If cheap labor is employed, the wallpaper may not stick well and come out or tear, thus, doubling the cost, and leading to budget overloads.


7. Safety

Wallpaper for walls is a relatively safer option than wall paint due to the chemical composition of certain paints. Fumes from chemicals used in paints and their damaging health effects (especially on children) are widely known. Some cheaper quality paints have chemicals like resins and pigments which harm the environment as well. It is therefore better to opt for odorless paints. Chemical-free and eco-friendly paints with safe levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are on the rise - both in demand and hence in supply. In the recent years, there has been a huge shift from solvent based to water-based paints. Wallpapers on the other hand are relatively safer and virtually devoid of chemicals that may be harmful to humans.

8. Weather

Wallpapers are not suitable for locations with a humid climate. The glue used to secure the wallpaper may lose its effect in such areas and the wallpaper shall come off easily.


Wall paints, on the contrary, are resistant to heat and humidity if done well. They are still not suitable for areas where the climate is too hot. Oil-based paints in particular, tend to melt, and may form stains and patches on the wall they are being used upon.

White wall paint in the bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

9. Variety

There are a lot of options available when it comes to variety for wallpaper and wall paints. Wallpaper trending designs include a lot of designer options. Wallpapers come in a plethora of variety ranging from stripes to geometric patterns to flowers, fuelling the imaginations of an artistic homemaker. People with a flamboyant taste, may prefer to stick wallpapers that depict certain sceneries like a sunrise or a garden. Children's rooms in particular, can be adorned with wallpapers that have cartoon characters and fun designs to make things more interesting.


Wall paints, on the other hand, are only available in block and solid colours. This is true unless an artist is hired to paint out beautiful patterns. A number of home makers?? prefer to combine both wall paints and wallpapers to create the vibe of their choice. This gives them the advantage to mix and match to create a beautiful and colourful home. Do we add details of AP products here?


Designer wallpaper that goes well with your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

10. Ease of Application

Between trending wall painting and wallpaper trending designs, wall paint is the easier and less fussy option for Indian walls. A couple of days should be enough for the paint job of a standard sized room. Painted walls are also very accommodating to incoming, newer coats of paint of the same hue or colour. In most cases, if the surface of the wall you’re painting isn’t too worn out, a new coat of paint can be applied to the older one directly. Homeowners can also do it themselves granted they know what they’re doing.

Wallpaper application is a job that is best left to an expert. The process is elaborate and tedious and demands a lot of time and patience. The same holds true for a removal of the wallpaper too. A new layer of wallpaper cannot be applied on top of the existing one, as there is a glue coat involved in the process. 


11. Aesthetics

On Indian walls, both wall paint and wallpaper can be used in effective ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. You may use textured paints or flashy patterned wallpapers to create stunning backdrops for your furniture. Unleash your creativity and bring your individual style to every room in your house. Wallpaper for home in India can have a lot of design varieties you can choose from, to complement your home décor.

12. Ease of Removal

While repainting, removing paint from your walls is an extensive process. The process starts with scraping the old paint off the walls, stripping it down and then sanding it for smooth walls that you can paint over again. You’ll also have a lot to clean up once the process is over and usually requires skilled labor. On the other hand, removing wallpaper for home in India is something that can be done by oneself. Although, if you want better results we do recommend hiring a crew with specialized knowledge about the gluing and reveal process. If you have chosen to go with peel-and-paste wallpaper, you can remove it manually with ease. In case you’ve used regular wallpaper, you can scrape it off bit by bit. Wallpaper doesn’t damage walls if done right. If done properly, your wall will be as good as new after the wallpaper removal.

Modern floral wallpaper in the chic dining room design - Beautiful Homes

Still Thinking What’s Better? Wallpaper or Wall Paint?


Here’s a quick roundup of all the above ideas for you


Characteristic ↓






Installation Time

2-7 days (depending on size)

~1 day (depending on size)


Upto 10 years

Under the right circumstances, can be good upto 15 years


Depends on type and quality




Non-damp areas like the bedroom or halls

Prep time

Low to Moderate



Not always needed

Definitely needed


Depending on chemicals used, it may vary

High safety


Generally good for all climates. Not good for extremely hot climates.

Not good for a humid climate.


Limited options available

Wide range of choices

Ease of Application


Low to Moderate


Good but requires skilled labor

Best. Available in a lot of design variants

Ease of Removal




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