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Spruce up your bedroom décor with smart wardrobe colour combinations

  • Wardrobe Design
Sep 02, 2022
Dream wardrobe for your master bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

The way we think about colour schemes for bedrooms has evolved over time. With the modern trend of interesting wardrobe colour combinations, we explore new ways to complement your bedroom décor

Your wardrobe is a core piece of bedroom furniture that, when you consider it, probably has the most visual impact and practical use after your bed. And while wardrobes are primarily used as a place to store items, a modern two colour combination of wardrobe design can give you a striking piece that is more than merely plain household furniture. In general, when choosing colours for their wardrobes, most of us gravitate toward neutral, light tones or toward pastel color wardrobe shades that blend with the overall room colour. However, your bedroom wardrobe need no longer be a hidden or camouflaged piece.


Let’s look at a few of the ways you can embrace the trend of double colour wardrobe design within your home.


Our Top 10 Wardrobe Color Combination Ideas

Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.1 : Tone on Tone

Matching your wardrobe colour design to the shades and tones of your bedroom furniture will add subtle glamour and comfort to your space. A favourite with bedroom wardrobe colour combinations is matching cool white furniture with white pine wood tones for an airy and spacious feel. Furthermore, you can elevate your space by adding soft ambient lighting and plush textures with your bedding, rugs and other soft furnishings. Ensure that your wardrobe colour perfectly complements these shades, for an overall feel of easy luxury.

Wooden wardrobe colour combinations for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.2 : Colour Block

For a modern approach, you can experiment with sunmica colour combinations for wardrobe accents that draw the eye and add energy and interest to your room. Explore classy wardrobe laminate color combinations like a deep matte grey with a softer dove, or a pale green paired with a darker tone of the same hue. Conversely, you could choose a fresh yellow or orange accent shelf in a largely white cupboard for a bright punch of vitality. Or maybe combine a neutral beige color wardrobe body with ascetic white doors for a sophisticated take on modern colour blocking.



Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.3 : Black & White

For a beautifully fashionable and always modern two colour combination of wardrobe design, look no further than black and white. While you could argue that this combination is an old classic, a black and white colour wardrobe fits with such a wide range of modern décor schemes because it is endlessly chic and adaptable. The balance of neutral light and neutral dark also means that your bedroom wardrobe colors complement and elevate your décor irrespective of the undertones of your overall scheme. By varying the amounts of black or white to harmonise with your particular décor needs, you can achieve a look that is both timeless and trendy.

Natural neutral colour combinations for your wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

Wardrobe Color Combination Idea No.4 : Natural Neutrals

Speaking of neutral wardrobe colour combinations, another attractive wardrobe design colour combination to explore is shades of slate grey and blue. Grey blues and their cousin the “greige” shades have been the trendy neutrals for the past several years due to the versatility they bring while still retaining unique character. For a painted almirah colour combination, grey doors and fresh white trim is an unexpected way to give an old piece a modern face-lift. Or you could add a deep grey and blue color wardrobe to a cool coloured bedroom for an added touch of colour and impact.


Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.5 : Half & Half

To add to the impression of height in a bedroom, the ideal two colour combination of wardrobe design is to give the upper halves of your cupboards a lighter shade than the lower portions. Explore wardrobe laminate color combinations that have similar undertones and vary the height of the split to match the dimensions of your space and your wardrobe. Using large, vertical panels, vary the texture of your bedroom wardrobe colors; give lower panels a matte finish and higher panels a gloss to reflect light and maximise the feeling of space.



Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.6 : Brown and Blue

When looking at bedroom wardrobe color combinations in an eye-catching modern space, simple blue and wood tones are a clever upgrade to the classic neutrals. For an approachable yet trendy twist you could combine medium tone wood browns with softer powder blue color wardrobe doors. If exploring laminates, colour combination for wardrobe design is as unique as your imagination is willing to go. As long as you pick your shades to complement each other, the range of options is endless!

Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.7: Romantic Rustic

To be clear, none of the previous ideas are meant to imply that wood tones can’t look elegant and smart on their own! Modernise natural wood finishes for your cupboard colour combination by playing with textures and placement and experimenting with contrasting wood tones. For example, if you are elevating a sliding wardrobe colour combination, add an integrated panel of rattan cane work within the doors. Or you could place the grain pattern of your wood finish so as to create a dual tone chevron pattern on your wardrobe. Or simply highlight the edges of a beige color wardrobe with textured wood beading.

Romantic rustic colour combination for our wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes
Mirrors & glass combination for your wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

Wardrobe Color Combination Idea No.8 : Mirrors & Glass

In general, in a master bedroom, wardrobe colours need to be more gender neutral and adaptable. This is also a room which usually has a large and imposing bed and therefore might seem crowded. Choose a wardrobe colour that can suit a range of changing décor needs and add the illusion of space by the smart placement of mirrors and reflective surfaces. Adding semi-reflective glass or mirrors to a soft matte grey colour wardrobe will maximise the light to create a delicate glow and a feeling of elegance.

Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.9 : Whimsical Wallpaper

If you are looking for a more innovative and unusual solution to wardrobe color, design or finish, you might want to explore wallpapering. This is a particularly smart choice if you're planning to revamp or refresh rather than buy an entirely new piece. For a child’s bedroom, wardrobe color combinations might need to be friendly but not necessarily long term as their taste’s are likely to change as they grow. With wallpaper, a specific race-car colour combination, pink and white wardrobe designs, magical animals or favourite cartoon characters can all grace your child’s bedroom wardrobe and be easily replaced as time passes.

Wardrobe Colour Combination Idea No.10 : Walk-in Glamour

If space is not an issue, few things can make a bedroom seem as luxuriant and sophisticated as a walk-in wardrobe. A fresh pastel color wardrobe with ample shelving options and clever track lighting will be both charming and practical. Or paint both shelving and walls to match in a sophisticated grey colour wardrobe, adding neat built-in lighting and a decorative chandelier for added glamour. Vary your shelf sizes and orientation for versatile and innovative storage and colour sort your clothing and accessories to keep a white colour wardrobe both attractive and functional.

Walk in wardrobe colours for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes


Practical Aspects of Wardrobe Design

Begin by working out what your particular needs and use patterns are. Do you own a lot of shirts or dresses, sarees or suits? Or do you have a closet full of purses, jewellery and accessories? The best way to create a functional wardrobe is with a modular shelving system that you can set up to fit your specific needs.

Look for:

  • Hanging rods at different heights for different items of clothing – high rods for dresses, long coats or trousers; low rods for shirts and folded sarees.
  • Drawers for softer clothing – t-shirts, workout clothes, pyjamas, undergarments etc.
  • Shelving for varied items –  purses, sweaters, shawls etc.


Once you’ve selected the basics and the structure, choose storage solutions that add functionality in smart, easy ways; hanging organisers, folding cubbies, bins and baskets, wall-mounted or freestanding jewellery storage, racks for belts, ties and scarves.


The most important facet of your cupboard design and the bedroom wardrobe colour combinations that work best for you, is to choose a structure and scheme that fits your personality and your home. Hopefully these ideas have helped provide inspiration and give you a sense of how at Beautiful Homes we can help you with wardrobe colour design options for your bedroom décor!


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your design & renovation needs – you can even source the latest décor styles with our curated collection – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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