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Wardrobe compartments ideas for your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 25, 2023
Wardrobe design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Make the most of your wardrobe space by integrating these compartments into the design

Irrespective of the kind of wardrobe or closet you have, you’ve probably faced the problem of organizing all your clothes and accessories to make the most of the available space. Organization hacks help, but in the long run what will work the best is a multi-compartment wardrobe design.


By wardrobe compartments we’re referring to sections that serve a specific purpose. Depending on the space available to you, you can configure the design and choose to add only those wardrobe compartments that you require. Below we’ve listed all the various kinds of wardrobe storage compartments or cupboard compartments for your perusal. 

1. Wardrobe Storage Compartments: Accessory Tray 

If you house your accessories in your wardrobe then an accessory tray is a must. It’ll help you keep your ties, scarfs, watches, jewelry and other tiny accessories separate so that you do not have to constantly rummage through things to find what you’re looking for.


2. Wardrobe Compartments: Glass Drawers

Keep all your essentials and daily use items within eye-sight with glass drawers storage compartment for wardrobe. You can choose from a host of options- clear, tinted, frosted glass and more to best suit your wardrobe design.


3. Wardrobe Storage Compartments: Skirting Drawers

Make every inch count by adding skirting drawers to your multi compartment wardrobe. It is a great addition to any cupboard with compartments to store essentials that aren’t required regularly, such as documents, extra linens, some seasonal clothing and such.

Accessory tray for your wardrobe - Beautiful Homes
Hanger rods for your wardrobe compartment - Beautiful Homes

4. Storage Compartment for Wardrobe: Hanger Rods

Hanger rods are a pretty common compartment for wardrobe of all kinds due to its multifunctional nature— you can use a wardrobe hanger rod to store most kinds of clothing. For easier functionality opt for a pull-out wardrobe hanger rod.


5. Wardrobe Compartments: A Trouser Rack

Another typical compartment for wardrobe is a trouser rack. You can incorporate them at the same height as hanging rods if you have pull-out ones. In case you don’t have one, add the rack at waist level for easy access. Depending on the design of your wardrobe, you could choose between a slide or a swivel option.


6. Wardrobe Storage Compartments: His and Her Section

When you’re sharing a storage space a simple wardrobe with compartments is not enough. Instead, have dedicated sections and custom design it to suit your and your partner’s requirements. The her compartment for wardrobe will have a variety of compartments for different kinds of clothing and accessories. The his section may require more hanging space and shelves for both formal and informal wear.

7. Wardrobe Compartments: Staggered Shelves

Open shelving is a must for a walk-in wardrobe with compartments to store shoes and bags. Since these come in multiple sizes, ensure that you install shelving of different heights.


8. Cupboard Compartments: A Saree Rack

Similar to a trouser rack, you can incorporate a saree rack to your cupboard with compartments. Hang your daily wear sarees on the rack and store the occasional wear in cloth bags in drawers or shelves.


9. Wardrobe Compartments: Hidden Drawers in Wardrobe

A secret drawer is a must for a wardrobe with compartments to store your valuables. Take inspiration from vintage mechanical tables, cupboards and such. A hidden safe deep in the shelves, a nested drawer opening at the side of another one are a few ideas to consider.

Overhead wardrobe compartments for your home - Beautiful Homes
Wardrobe design with compartments for your home - Beautiful Homes

Overhead Compartment for Wardrobe

Lofts are an essential in any wardrobe with compartments. It is a great space to store seasonal clothing, extra bedding, mementos, and more. Additionally, with lofts you can make the maximum use of the space available to you. To make them accessible, incorporate a foldable pull-out ladder in your wardrobe design.

Beautiful Homes Service for wardrobe design with compartments

For more such interior design and décor ideas, head over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. Avail of our end-to-end interior design services to create a bedroom design with the perfect wardrobe for you. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your vision— from accent walls to furniture, lighting to décor; we've got you covered. Book your 3D consultation or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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