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Wardrobe designs to tidy up your bedroom

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Mar 09, 2020
Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas In One Monochrome Tone Of Light Green – Beautiful Homes

Bedroom wardrobe designs for every Indian home: from spacious walk-ins to the humble teak cupboard. Which one is the right one for you?

Bedroom wardrobe designs would be fairly simple, if they were to serve only our clothes, but our wardrobes do more than that. As creatures of habit, over time, we amass a slew of belongings we like to call our own—some sentimental, some functional, some through perennial hoarding…and most of these belongings contribute to our personal style. From clothes and accessories to heirlooms and pieces of investment, our belongings are also a part of our identity, and it is second nature to want to preserve and store them well. The first place we think of, for safekeeping, is…you guessed it: behind the doors of our wardrobes or closets, safely tucked away in our bedrooms.



Unique bedroom wardrobe designs in India

As the idea of an Indian home varies across the country, so do the wardrobe designs for bedroom. While lavish bungalows and independent houses may have sprawling walk-in closets fitted out with the latest developments in cabinetry, a smaller apartment in the urban cities may have to make do with built-ins or freestanding cupboards.


But, the main purpose remains the same—finding the best modern & unique wardrobe designs for bedroom to maximise storage space to fit in everything you own.



Unique wardrobe designs for bedroom you’ll actually want to stay in

Analyse the Space you Live in

While the bedroom woodwork designs of your dreams may lead you somewhere, the space available in your home may not be conducive to your dreams. It is essential to realistically map out the floor area you can play with in your bedroom, and to use it as a starting point to build your modern wardrobe designs for bedroom thereon.


Consider the Environmental Factors

In a country like India, dust is a big problem every house is prone to and bedroom wardrobe designs need to be mindful of it. Options such as open, free-standing shelves are wonderful bedroom wardrobe ideas but the hustle of keeping them clean can turn your design dream into a nightmare. The same goes for walk-in closets: unless they’re fitted with dust-proof doors with no gaps, you’ll create a space where dirt will very likely accumulate regularly, right next to where you sleep.


If the walls around your wardrobes are prone to mould or leakages, you might want to keep an eye on them by fixing or repairing them regularly, as the mould can seep into your closet’s wood—leaving a musty odour initially and damaging your clothes over time.


Work with What you Have

This rule holds true especially for rental apartments where your wardrobes are probably already fitted in the bedroom. It may not be what you initially hoped for, but you could work around it, to create a closet that is functional as well as truer to your style. If you don’t like the wardrobe visually, consider polishing the wood in a stain of your choice or maybe even painting it to add a pop of colour to the room.


To tweak the bedroom design a bit more, add the storage racks, drawer insets or acrylic trays and boxes to maximise space inside your wardrobe and create a closet area closer to your needs. These are easily available on Amazon, or stores such as IKEA and Muji.



10 Bedroom wardrobe designs for your home

1. Bedroom Wardrobe Designs to Add Geometric Appeal to the Space

With simple, clean minimal lines in your woodwork, you can upgrade a basic wooden cupboard to lend a unique geometric aesthetic to your bedroom. This works particularly well even in a wardrobe designs for small bedroom.


Insider’s eye: We love the added linear appeal that this side cupboard infuses the room with, especially with the desk, drawer and shelving unit paired around it.

Wooden Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom with Minimal Lines – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia for Studio Node

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas In One Monochrome Tone Of Light Green – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Isha Shah, Designed by Mangesh Lungare

2. Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms with a Pop of Colour

To breathe life into monochrome bedroom woodwork designs, try upgrading your cupboards with a coat of paint in a colour that compliments your personal style. We love the Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2020, Curiosity—a bright, optimistic azure that will add a happy makeover to your bedroom.


A word of advice: While a spot of colour is always welcome, be sure of how comfortable you are with your selection before committing to it. For experimentation or a trial run, try painting a small, moveable piece of furniture, such as a side table or stool first to see how comfortable you are living with the colour.

3. An Unused Space can Double as a Walk-In Closet

This is a clever tip for old, heritage homes in India with several corridors or passageways creating an added connection from one room to another. If this space hasn’t already been put to use, you could convert it into a walk-in closet.


Insider’s eye: To break the monotony of an all-white walk-in wardrobe bedroom design, this closet has an addition of unique elements to lend character to the space—the floral painted chest drawer together with the door handles add an unexpected touch, not to mention the metallic detailing accent of the clothes rod. All this is framed by the gentle charm of the wallpaper on the ceiling, pulling the focus to the top of the room.

White Walk-In Wardrobe Bedroom Design Ideas With Floral And Metallic Accents – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographix for Neha Kachhara Interiors

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas With Unconventional Bracket-Style Handles – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Niveditaa Gupta, Designed by Untitled Design Consultants

4.  Include the Handles in your Bedroom Wardrobe Design

Far from being the usual mundane handles and doorknobs we’re accustomed to, these geometric bracket-style handles are an unconventional twist to the humble closet opener. An added bonus is the play on wood finish and polish, adding a tone-on-tone effect to this bedroom wardrobe design.

5. No Seriously, Don’t Forget the Handles in Wardrobe Designs for Bedroom

With its straightforward simple lines, these handle insets add colour detailing to an ordinary wooden cupboard.


Pro tip: We love the idea for a children’s bedroom designs to paint in shades of their favourite colour. If you’re wary of investing in children’s furniture, which they’ll quickly outgrow over time, this is a playful upgrade to make your existing pieces more child friendly.

Bedroom Wardrobe Designs With Straightforward Simple Line Handles – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Sameer Tawde for MuseLAB

Wooden Wardrobe Design Ideas for Bedroom With Wardrobe Mirror Design – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Niveditaa Gupta, Designed by Untitled Design Consultants

6. Think Outside of the Box with Finishes

Instead of wondering what shade of polish or which type of ply usually fits your bedroom wardrobe designs, go a different route by adding an unconventional finish to the front of your doors. As seen in this wardrobe design for a bedroom, if you like rattan furniture, but worry about dust getting through their weaves, have the best of both worlds by sticking panels of cane work on your existing woodwork or cabinetry.

7. Bedroom Wardrobe Designs for Small Rooms go Vertical

When wondering how to decorate a small bedroom designthe first urgent matter to solve is maximisation of space and storage. In wardrobe designs for small bedroom every inch of space counts—all the way up to your ceiling. We often waste that precious storage real estate above our cupboards. In this particular bedroom wardrobe design, the closet extends on the whole wall from the floor up to the ceiling, adding extra storage space above the closet for things like suitcases, winter clothes, storage cartons and boxes.

Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas For Small Rooms In  in Green Colour – Beautiful Homes

Designed by Shivani Dogra

Vintage Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

8. Wardrobe Designs for Small Bedroom Need Freestanding Furniture

Wardrobe designs for small bedroom should not shy away from old vintage cupboards, because they not only add that heritage charm we all love in a bedroom, but they can also break the monotony of wardrobe bedroom designs. If you can’t commit to a certain layout or arrangement and like to move things around, freestanding furniture (such as this vintage cupboard) is your answer! Freestanding piece of furniture are easy to rearrange whenever the mood arises and add the freedom of many different layout options also when designing for a small space.

9. A Unique Approach to Wardrobe Bedroom Designs

If you’re looking for unique wardrobe designs for a bedroom, consider not only the design of the piece itself but also its location in the space. Instead of fitting your closet into the exact confinements of a corner, place it at a slant, partially facing the rest of the room.


Pro tip: This idea works especially well if your cupboard has an interesting design, pattern or colour, which you’d like to draw focus to in the bedroom.

Wardrobe Design Ideas For Bedroom In Blue – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle, Designed by Ritu Nanda

Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom Behind The Bed In Black Colour – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle, Designed by Anagram Architects

10. The Art of Fitting Cupboards in a Long Room

If your bedroom is extremely long, but not very wide (thereby lacking space for closets on the walls on either side of the bed), why not consider placing your wardrobe behind the bed? In this picture the bedroom wardrobe design has utilised the space across the wall behind the bed to fit the closet. This adds a sense of layering to the room, without compromising on the storage space you definitely need in your bedroom.

Now that you know about the best wardrobe designs to tidy up your room you must check out our guide on designing wardrobes for expert tips and advice on everything related to the most important storage space in your home.


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