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15 yellow colour combination ideas for walls

  • Colour Combinations
Oct 31, 2022
Yellow colour combination for home walls - Beautiful Homes

The colour yellow is well-known for being associated with warmth and positive energy. The yellow glow adds a certain charm to the interiors of a house

Yellow is considered to be one of the strongest hues when it comes to the psychological influence of colours. Yellow adds light and brightness to the environment it is added to. Apart from that, the colour yellow is also associated with feelings of joy, optimism and positivity. No wonder it is one of the most highly recommended colours for the interiors and exteriors of a house. If you are a homemaker or homeowner and want to colour your house with yellow colour paint - whether it is on the interior or the exterior - then look no further. We have collated some highly sought-after and extremely appealing yellow colour combination wall colour ideas and yellow wall paint combinations for you.


1. Yellow Wall Colour with a Brick Wall

This is a very popular (slightly unconventional but very popular) look to your house or living room as it combines a solid wall colour like yellow with an industrial design feature like a brick wall. The brick wall shows room to improve and the yellow adds a certain vigour to the room. This yellow colour combination essentially balances the other colour out. This yellow matching colour adds a pretty vintage vibe and feel to your space.

2. Lemon Yellow with Brown

Another great combination of wall colours is yellow coupled with brown. This does not imply any shade of yellow, no no. This combination with yellow colour has a beautiful contrast ratio with earthy tones like brown and wood. If you add a lighter shade of yellow, like lemon yellow, it would contrast really well with the wooden furniture in your house. Wooden cabinets with a yellow background would add a specific old-world vibe to the space. This yellow colour combination also allows you to maintain a middle ground with dark overtones and yellow - as usually yellow colour paint and yellow wall paint combinations invite brightness into your rooms.


3. Lemon Yellow with White

This is one of the most classic pairings ever. Usually, lemon yellow colour wall paint and white are not paired together because it does not have a quality of contrast - both are light colours. However, white adds a balance to the spaces where lemon yellow colour wall paint is added by not making the room too bright. A yellow colour combination with white brings out the happy-go-lucky vibes in the yellow matching colour for your wall.

Lemon yellow and white colour combination for your room - Beautiful Homes

4. Blue with Bright Yellow

The beautiful thing about this blue and yellow combination is that any shade of blue can blend really well with any shade of yellow. This allows you to decorate your wall colours using a variety of templates and themes. Light yellow colour combination is a great option.  The signature of these wall colour style variants is a subtle blue with a bright yellow. Blue and yellow when combined together in yellow wall paint combinations, add an impressionistic era vibe to the space. The yellow is simple and yet cheerful and as usual, blue never disappoints. This blue and yellow combination works best in the favour of any space - small or large. The yellow matching colour is a huge advantage.


5. Pale Yellow with Green

If you are a nature lover, then this is the wall colour combination for you. If the morning sunshine is what you want to feel on your face, without having a direct source of sunlight in the room, then this yellow and green combination is the next best thing. The darker shades of the green can (and do) blend well with any shade of yellow. One of the most recommended yellow and green combinations for yellow wall colour schemes is pale yellow with olive green. A combination of dark forest green and lemon-yellow colour wall paint for your wall colour also works really well. This yellow colour combination (or rather light-yellow colour combination) is most sought-after in the tropics where the theme mirrors nature.

Yellow & orange/peach colour combination for room - Beautiful Homes

6. Yellow with Orange/Peach

Orange and yellow are hues found in the sunshine - and hence they represent warmth and positivity. Orange and peach hues, when mixed with yellow, add a feeling of fiery passion and vitality to the house - whether it is on the interior or the exterior. A yellow and orange combination for your wall colour can give a very fiery and modern look to your space as it has a yellow matching colour. Although this yellow colour combination still remains a risky choice, as too much yellow or too much orange can ruin the vibe you would want to go for. When it comes to yellow and orange combination for wall colour, it is best to have a significant contrast in both shades.

7. Mustard Yellow with Grey

Grey is the most trendy neutral tone on the planet. Grey is also known to be actively replacing white when it comes to wall colours in homes across the world. An instant dash of sophistication is added to your room if you add some yellow wall paint with the grey. A grey and yellow combination is a classic. A grey and yellow combination (i.e. mustard yellow colour combination) can be made appealing in various ways. For example - deep and dark shades of grey work really well with pastel yellow and when it comes to mustard yellow colour combination, lighter tones of grey are best-suited. To let the magic unfold in this yellow combination or this yellow wall colour combination or this mustard yellow colour combination idea, the trick is to make sure the grey is in a matte finish and the yellow is bright.


8. Yellow with pink

This combination with yellow colour or yellow wall colour combination is not an obvious voice unlike the ones mentioned above. Nevertheless, it does create a very well-defined and bifurcated statement. In our years of experience designing interiors, we have noticed that light shades of yellow go well with bright pink and light shades of pink go really well with bright yellow. One of the best places to put this combo is the kid’s room. Yellow wall paint (or yellow wall colour)and pink add a cheerful and positive vibe to the room.

9. Dark Yellow with Black

This is a bold choice where you will need to be pretty strategic about placement and hues. Yellow as an accent wall colour can remain fully untouched and then get to a palace where black overlaps. Metallic black or charcoal are choices that you would not want to go with as a lot of them do not create a vibe of continuity. Yellow wall paint  or yellow colour wall paint design or yellow wall colour combination with black is most likely one of the most popular contrast combinations for wall design and wall interior décor ever created. 

Dark yellow & black wall colour combination for the bathroom - Beautiful Homes

10. Mustard Yellow with Lavender

Some places can instantly freshen you up. Most of these spaces have either yellow or lavender in common. Yellow walls with Lavender as an accent is one such example. Lavender usually looks like pinkish-purple and hence is a lighter shade. A lavender and pale yellow combination is a very rustic combination to have on your wall. This combination of yellow and lavender gives a very soothing feeling. Yellow matching colour makes it feel very royal and soft. Lavender as a choice is one of the best colour combination for yellow.

Honey yellow & lemon-yellow colour combination in the living room - Beautiful Homes

11. Honey Yellow with Lemon Yellow

Honey yellow looks somewhat like vermillion. This combination is a very fancy wall colour combination with yellow colour. Honey yellow is one of the most exciting colours to go with yellow  and this combination makes the space look very colourful and lively. If you choose a lighter hue in both colours, you’ll have a vibrant and playful combination of wall colours on your hands. Yellow matching colour is one of the most sought after combinations when it comes to wall colour ideas. 

12. Pale Yellow with Light Blue

Pale yellow paired with a light blue colour for your walls works like a charm! Light blue and pale yellow being lighter shades give a vibe of continuity to the space. This combination makes the room look pretty rustic and vintage. The old-school magic works here to create a vibe of regalia. Yellow contrast colour is a very good idea as is yellow matching colour and colours to go with yellow are increasing in number by the day.

13. Yellow Two Colour Combination

Most interior design experts and décor gurus have experimented with this style before. The idea is to paint all walls yellow except one wall. The unpainted wall gets adorned with yellow patterned wallpaper of a different hue. This creates an enticing yet dramatic focal point in the space, and thereby makes the entire room very restful. Colours to go with yellow is a big area. This yellow combination is a trend that is gaining a lot of traction in both western and Indian homes alike.

Yellow two-colour combination for the living room walls - Beautiful Homes
Yellow wall colour combination for the living room walls - Beautiful Homes

14. Yellow as a Neutral Tone

This involves adding a neutral yellow tone for the entire room’s walls. If the same shade of yellow is used across the space, it creates a sense of continuity and a calming effect. Colour combination with yellow wall or yellow colour wall paint design can be skipped if the whole space is yellow!

15. Yellow with Purple

A deeper shade of purple and a lighter shade of yellow like Lemon yellow or pale yellow would work wonders for your walls. The contrast is bespoke because yellow contrast colour is a very effective choice. This yellow combination will definitely imbue vibes of prosperity and royalty to the space. 

Significance of Yellow in Feng Shui

Yellow represents wisdom and patience when it comes to Feng Shui. According to the principles outlined in Feng Shui, the colour yellow is assigned to the earth element. The earth element in Feng Shui is responsible for providing the energy of stability. The colour combination with yellow wall also offers bright yang energy, which adds a welcoming Feng Shui vibe to your house. A touch of yellow will add consistency to all areas of your life.


If you wish to add a yellow colour to your house, then pick it as a wall colour according to Feng Shui. The best colour combination for yellow are sunflower yellow or a pale yellow tone. Yellow is also supposed to be the ruling colour of the Northeast corner of your house. You can add the colour yellow as a wall colour to various places in your house (yellow colour combination for wall) - such as your bedroom, the kid’s room, the living area, etc. A yellow colour combination for wall works especially great for the pooja room.

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