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Your essential home maintenance checklist for monsoon

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May 24, 2022
Home décor tips for this monsoon - Beautiful Homes

The arrival of Monsoon brings us wonderful relief from the harsh heat of summer – but the flip side is the possibility of mildew, seepage, leaks and other rain related worries. Let’s run through a few home maintenance tips that will help you be well prepared to enjoy the rainy season fully

We can all picture the joys of the rainy season; lovely days filled with refreshing rain that turns the hard earth a lush green, the earthy petrichor, the hot tea and snacks. We’re less fond of the impact of all the wetness and humidity on our homes and the lingering fear of water buildup and leakage. However there’s actually no need to be overwhelmed or worried. With a little preparation and early planning you can ace your monsoon home care and rainproof your home like a pro. While the season demands careful attention to home care, home cleaning and home décor, these smart and simple monsoon home care tips should help you get your weatherproofing right.


10 Tips for Monsoon Home Care

  • Roofs:
    A leaking roof is both deeply upsetting and also genuinely unsafe. Roof leakage can truly ruin your belongings and home. This is why roof care is a core need for good house maintenance before the monsoons hit. Look for patches on your ceilings which might indicate seepage or stagnant water on your roof. Ensure these areas are properly patched and treated before the rains arrive for an appropriately secure roof.

  • Walls:
    Take care to inspect walls for cracks or fungal growth and prioritize these when planning your household repair. Cracks will need to be patched or fixed and a good coat of weatherproof paint is recommended to ensure that your walls stay dry. Fungal growths, mildew and mold will cause unhealthy musty odors in your home and should be cleaned off using bleach or a disinfectant liquid for good smell in your home.

  • Drainage:
    Effective drainage systems are integral to Monsoon home repairs and maintenance. Check drainage gutters and pipes for obstructions or leaks and replace, unclog or repair as needed. You should also check flat areas for water accumulation and make sure that the width placement of drainage pipes is sufficient to tackle rain flow.

  • Windows and Doors:
    Another significant note when discussing rainy season tips is that wood reacts to moisture accumulation by swelling and can even rot if not given enough care. Varnish or reseal wooden doors and windows before the beginning of monsoon to prevent moisture build-up. Ideally get all wooden architectural elements of your home inspected for rot and get them fixed or treated as needed.

  • Ventilation:
    As the humidity level rises, you might need a break from the wet. This is when having a properly running AC or a dehumidifier will help to reduce the dampness and provide a necessary level of comfort. Make AC cleaning and care a key element of your home maintenance plan both for personal relief and to prevent the build-up of dampness in your home. And remember to open your windows when it stops raining, to let fresh air in!

  • Electricals:
    As a basic rule of home maintenance, house electricals should always be a priority. Thoroughly check that all electricals are properly grounded and that joints, wires and outlets are properly covered. Faults and weak points in switchboards, electrical wiring or fittings should be repaired immediately. Consider this a safety requirement and always get a proper electrician to check your wiring and fittings.

  • Exteriors:
    Repainting exterior walls and metal architectural elements such as balcony or stairway railings are another smart step for effective Monsoon home repairs and maintenance. Opt for a thicker waterproof finish that keeps the water off your walls and exterior metalwork. Ensure surfaces are properly repaired, prepared and primed to get the most out of your weatherproofing.

  • Semi-open Spaces:
    During the height of Monsoon’s torrential rains, vertically open spaces like balconies, terraces and even windows can create a big mess if the water splashes or flows into your home. Cover these spaces with awnings or canopies to protect your interiors and make sure that rainwater drains easily outward. Pick durable materials, taking care that water does not accumulate in any area along the covering. This will help them to last for longer and function better.

  • Gardens:
    While some plants will thrive during the heavy rains, some of your more delicate garden plants and those that require less water will need to be sheltered or even supported against the winds. Move potted plants indoors and check that the pots are draining properly. Reduce the frequency of watering to avoid loss of nutrients or even root rot. Use organic fertilizers and pesticides as needed to keep your plants healthy.

  • Laundry:
    To keep your laundry smelling fresh, do not let it pile up. Instead, wash and dry used or wet clothes immediately and iron them before putting them away. This is particularly important for large fabric pieces like bed sheets, sarees, or curtains etc. Put camphor balls or silica gel pouches in your cupboards to ensure that your fabric storage and organization areas stay damp free. Clean your washing machine regularly – run an empty cycle with a scoop of baking powder or machine cleaner in the drum.

Tips for Monsoon Safe Home Décor


  •  When looking for monsoon décor ideas, good quality bamboo or poly-rattan furniture are the way to go. Optionally, metal can be quite durable when maintained and treated well. Keep your outdoor furniture minimal and declutter your space for easier cleaning and upkeep.
  • If possible, store away thick rugs and carpets to protect them from moisture exposure and dampness. Air them properly, or preferably, get them professionally cleaned before wrapping them in waterproof plastic for home storage.
  •  Invest in all-weather fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings for your monsoon décor. Avoid heavy curtains and drapes as these will retain the dampness. Instead, pick light quick-dry sheers or treated fabrics that are mildew and mold resistant.
  • When swapping out your soft furnishings to suit the weather, experiment with brighter colours and luminous finishes to add energy and vibrancy to your home décor. Monsoon as a season is considered a fresh beginning despite the rainy grayness, so why not embrace this fresh vibe with your interior design.
Bamboo & poly rattan furniture for monsoon décor in your home - Beautiful Homes
Entryway & foyer design for monsoon décor in your home - Beautiful Homes

Tips for Monsoon Home Cleaning

  • Foyer and Entryway:
    Needing constant maintenance, house entryways, foyers and door areas are regularly exposed to wet outer clothing, and muddy footwear during the Monsoon. However, with a little organization you can make this area easy to keep clean. Firstly pick a large doormat in a colour that will help camouflage mud and will keep footwear dry. Choose open, well ventilated shoe shelves for quick drying and neat storage. Ensure there are enough hooks for rain gear as well as an umbrella stand. Additionally, dry towels at the entrance are a great convenience.

●    Kitchen:

Monsoon proofing your kitchen storage and organization is essential for a healthy and clean food prep area. The heightened damp and humidity mean that insects, pests and molds have a greater chance of breeding. Regularly clean your sink and counters to keep cockroaches and other pests away. Clean and declutter storage spaces and use shelf liners to make shelves and drawers easier to maintain. Store food and cooking supplies in airtight containers.

Monsoon décor tips for your kitchen - Beautiful Homes
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms:
    During the rainy season, bedding and soft furnishings need to be washed and dried regularly to prevent mustiness. It’s essential for home maintenance that shelves and cupboards stay dry and mold free. Use camphor balls or Silica gel moisture absorbers to protect your clothing, bedding and books from dampness. The bathroom in particular can get very stuffy due to the humidity. Keep the bathroom floor clean and dry after a shower ensure there is sufficient ventilation in your bathroom.
Balcony décor tips for your home during monsoon - Beautiful Homes
  • Balconies:
    A smartly designed balcony space will make house maintenance simpler. Make sure that tiles are anti-skid and easy to clean. Installing sliding glass shutters along the balcony wall will help to protect your home interiors from rain while allowing for breeze when the rain stops.

So, with these basic home maintenance tips we hope we’ve helped you to keep your home safe and secure for the monsoon season. If you feel like you need a little more help to get started why not reach out to Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you prepare your home for this monsoon!


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