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Bright wallpaper ideas to infuse energy into your space

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Jul 06, 2023

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home makeover!

Most modern Indian homeowners are always looking for a unique way to push the envelope when it comes to designing their spaces. The way each room is styled echoes one’s own personal style and habits. Today, the most basic, often overlooked elements in a home, are being elevated as talking points or visual statements. The most interesting space being embraced for its style power is the walls. Spanning across the entirety of a home, our walls say more about us than we realise. So, it only makes sense to look beyond conventional solid painted walls and consider something livelier and more eye-catching—wallpaper! Whether you're looking to create a cheerful and lively atmosphere or add a splash of colour to your interiors, we've curated a selection of stunning wallpaper design ideas that will instantly transform your home into a vibrant haven.


If you’re trying to find beautiful bright wallpapers for any room in the house, play around with textures, prints and patterns from a range of Nilaya wall coverings by Asian Paints—our go-to most-trusted wallpaper brand. You could even bring in a designer twist with wallpapers by fashion designer Sabyasachi or home décor label Good Earth; or choose the mesmerising Colour of the Year for 2023, Silver Escapade. To pair this with the perfect paint colour on the rest of your walls, order a colour catalogue from Asian Paints to physically view a range of shade cards around the light in a space. To perfectly tie the space together, pick a dominating colour from the wallpaper, and paint the rest of the walls in a similar shade.

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints


If you’re renovating your house and are looking to try something different with a bright colour wallpaper or can’t find a starting point for choosing the perfect beautiful bright wallpapers, you’ll need a reliable and seasoned designer to help you along the way. While we all dream of a beautiful home, taking time out of our daily schedules and finding the right people to work with is often easier said than done. With this thought in mind, India’s largest paint giant Asian Paints created the Beautiful Homes Service. Enlisting expert interior designers, who’ve worked across the length and breadth of the industry, the Beautiful Homes Service takes care of executing every task in your home renovation from start to finish. This ensures a hassle-free and time-saving experience for anyone with a vision to remodel their home (or redesign a particular room), but lacks the ideas, time or patience to coordinate and project manage between the army of people required to finish the job.

1. Tropical Leafy Wallpaper: Embrace an Exotic Paradise in Your Home

Transform your living space into a nature-filled paradise with a bright colour wallpaper with tropical leafy motifs. Imagine lush green foliage, vibrant palm fronds and exotic botanical patterns adorning your walls, transporting you to a sun-soaked oasis. This captivating wallpaper choice not only infuses your home interior design with a sense of tropical charm but also creates a refreshing and revitalising atmosphere reminiscent of a beachfront retreat. The versatility of tropical leafy wallpaper allows it to seamlessly complement various design styles from modern and minimalist aesthetics to coastal-inspired themes, or even an eclectic mix of influences. Pair it with light and natural elements to create a fresh and airy space, or combine it with vibrant accents to embrace the tropical vibrancy in its full glory. Complement a leafy wallpaper like this with elements that evoke the coastal paradise theme. Introduce natural materials like rattan, bamboo, or woven textures to create a laid-back and breezy atmosphere. Add touches of tropical flora through indoor plants or botanical prints to complete the immersive experience.


STYLE TIP: In addition to its aesthetic impact, tropical leafy wallpaper can also have a transformative effect on the perception of space. The intricate leaf patterns and dynamic greenery create an illusion of depth and expansiveness, making smaller rooms feel more open and inviting. It becomes a design tool that amplifies the sense of spaciousness, bringing the essence of a tropical retreat even to the most compact corners of your home.

Image courtesy, Dialogues by Nirmals

Image courtesy, Envisage

2. Bright Leafy Wallpaper: Infuse Your Space with a Lively Botanical Vibe

Indulge in the refreshing allure of a bright leafy wallpaper and breathe life into your home with a burst of vibrant botanical charm. With its vibrant and bold colour palette, this colourful bright wallpaper instantly adds energy and personality to any space. From a riot of green foliage and vibrant leaves to intricate botanical patterns that exude a sense of vitality and freshness, the beauty of bright nature wallpapers lies not only in its vivid hues but also in the intricate leaf patterns and designs. Whether you opt for large-scale tropical leaves or delicate and intricate foliage, the interplay of vibrant colours and intricate details will add depth and texture to your walls, transforming them into dynamic canvases that command attention and spark conversation.


Create a harmonious atmosphere in your living room design by incorporating the vibrant and intricate leaf patterns of this bright nature wallpaper, transforming your walls into dynamic canvases that command attention and spark conversation.


STYLE TIP: To highlight beautiful bright wallpapers, consider incorporating natural elements throughout the room. Add indoor plants in coordinating pots and planters to reinforce the botanical theme. Introduce earthy textures and materials like rattan or jute to enhance the organic feel. Balance the vibrancy of the wallpaper with neutral accents and furnishings to create a cohesive and balanced space that allows the leafy backdrop to shine.

Image courtesy, Maishaa

3. Textured Wallpaper Design with Floral Patterns: Adding Depth and Elegance

Elevate the visual appeal of any space with a textured wallpaper featuring intricate floral patterns. This captivating combination of texture and botanical motifs will bring sophistication, uniqueness and depth to your walls and home interior design. While a textured surface adds tactile interest, floral patterns infuse a room with a sense of natural beauty and timeless elegance. The textured quality of the wallpaper creates a multi-dimensional effect, where the interplay of light and shadows on the raised surface brings the bright flower wallpaper to life, enhancing the overall style of the room. This textured element becomes a statement in itself, transforming a plain wall into a captivating focal point that draws the eye and sparks conversation.

STYLE TIP: To further enhance the textured floral wallpaper, consider pairing it with complementary elements. Introduce soft furnishings in similar patterns or colours to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Play with contrasting textures, such as smooth fabrics or glossy surfaces, to create visual interest and balance. By layering textures and patterns, you create a rich and inviting atmosphere that showcases your attention to detail and love for refined aesthetics.

4. A Bright Colour Wallpaper with an Intricate Symmetrical Pattern: Elevate Your Space with Artistic Precision

Drench a room in bold hue with a bright colour wallpaper, but add a unique twist and break in monotony with a subtle but intricate symmetrical pattern overlaying it. By creating a harmonious union between a vibrant hue and a mesmerising design, a striking colourful bright wallpaper like this instantly becomes a visual statement piece that demands attention. From meticulously crafted geometric shapes and elaborate motifs to mesmerising tessellations in vibrant and bold hue, each pattern has the power to completely transform a space. The precision and symmetry of the design will lend a sense of order and elegance to your walls, while adding depth and personality to the space.

Image courtesy, Ottimo

STYLE TIP: The symmetrical pattern becomes a focal point, where the eye begins to follow its precise lines while exploring an interplay of shapes and colour. To fully maximise the impact of a bright colour wallpaper with an intricate symmetrical pattern, consider the interplay with other design elements in the room. Choose complementary furnishings and décor that accentuate the vibrancy of the wallpaper while maintaining a sense of balance. Introduce pops of colour through accessories and artwork that echo the hues of the wallpaper, creating a cohesive and visually engaging environment.

Image courtesy, Nilaya by Asian Paints

5. A Wallpaper that Tells a Story: Transforming Walls into Narratives

Imagine walking into a room where the walls come alive with captivating stories told through the artistry of wallpaper. This extraordinary choice of wallpaper design goes beyond mere decoration—it becomes a medium for storytelling and expression. With intricate designs and details, and thoughtful compositions, this type of wallpaper creates a visual narrative that engages the imagination and evokes emotions. Each motif and detail is carefully crafted to convey a rich tale from whimsical folklore to historical events, where the art on the wallpaper becomes a window into a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be discovered.

STYLE TIP: Wallpaper designs like these often feature elaborate scenes, figures or symbols that intertwine to create a cohesive narrative. Each element which plays out a story, allows you to infuse your space with personality and meaning. You can choose themes that resonate with your interests, passions or cultural heritage. Whether it's a mural depicting a magical forest, a historical event or a dreamy seascape, the wallpaper becomes a reflection of your unique narrative and adds a layer of depth to your home. It could also create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, transporting you to cherished memories or inspire dreams and aspirations.


6. Bright White Wallpaper with Stripes: A Timeless Style Statement

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to elegance. A bright white wallpaper with stripes can instantly add a refined charm to a room while creating an airy and fresh ambiance. It works exceptionally well in small spaces, adding depth to the walls, making them appear larger and more spacious. Pair a striped wallpaper design with timeless furniture and accessories, or bring in one statement piece for a striking contrast that will add visual intrigue in the room.




For the most interesting, well-designed bright wallpapers under one roof, step into an AP Homes store in your city. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, AP Homes is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Whether you’re looking to choose a bright flower wallpaper to pair with a chintz sofa or products and finishes to complement a bright nature wallpaper, AP Homes houses everything from furnishings and fixtures to home automation solutions.

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