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Every Designer Has A Favourite Shade Of White From The Asian Paints Range

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Feb 03, 2022
All white living room design with grey sofas & comfortable chairs for sitting - Beautiful Homes

There are many shades of white, and everyone has a preference based on the space and use. Find out the many shades of Asian Paints’ White

White is anything but simple. In fact white, surprisingly, is the hardest colour for most people to pick because it has so many options. White isn’t just white: it’s pure white, off-white, egg shell white, ivory and so on. While finding the right shade can send you in a tizzy, it’s important to know that the colour has a significant effect on the environment and mood of a home. "Cliched as it may sound, there is really no substitute to shades of white to bring in an element of calm to a space. Used in a home, it is a reminder for pause; and in a workspace, it is a cue for clarity and focus. For me, white walls offer the best canvas to play with colours and light within the rooms,” says Sarah Sham, Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier in Mumbai.

White goes well with just about any colour—it offers itself up as a blank canvas for furniture and curtains. In fact, the shade allows you to create interesting contrasts in your home design. The colour can make a room look crisp, open and uncluttered. Also, white naturally reflects light, thereby brightening up spaces. The shade has calmness and sterility to it—think hospitals and clinics that are always painted white, to give a sense of cleanliness. The choice of white also plays an important role in the way art and accessories are presented on a wall. In 2016, for the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, the massive art exhibition that takes place in Kochi, Asian Paints partnered with the organisers to create a shade of ‘Biennale White’ which was a shade that could best show off the works in the show, and the shade that was best suited for the type of lighting that would be present in the venues where the artworks were going to be displayed.

All white interior design with white 3 seater sofas & black & white rug for your home design - Beautiful Homes

White walls offer the best canvas to play with colours and light within the rooms.

So, choosing the right white is crucial.And the ‘right’ shade is a different notion for different people, but most designers agree that Asian Paints has an option they love. We asked different designers about their personal favourite shade of White from the Asian Paints universe of white shades.


1. Seema Puri, Principal Architect, Seza Architects

“White is a safe choice; it is calming and makes spaces look large. It serves as a neutral shell for art, merchandise and flooring. My favourite shade of white in Asian Paints is Virgin Mountain—a light grey-green white as it adds a hint of colour and purity to a space without being overpowering.”


2. Kanhai Gandhi, Co-founder, Kns Architects

"White is a colour that could blend and match with anything. It can also create a contrast and make the interiors stand out. Pure Ivory is a shade that has the softness required in an everyday home. It’s a derivative of neutral white that blends well with yellow lighting. It has a soothing, soft and calming effect that adds to the warmth that a house needs."


3. Aditi Vora Nair, Founder And Design Director, Avn Interiors

"Our favourite shade of white in Asian paints is Morning Glory."


4. Sachin Gupta & Neha Gupta, Founders & Interior Designers, Beyond Designs

"Asian Paints’ White Butter, with a hint of cream tone in it, is one of our oft-used white shade. It offers the perfect neutral background for a play of rich artistic home décor. It adds just the right degree of warmth to the environment, which is further enhanced with ambient lighting."


5. Sarah Sham, Principal Designer, Essajees Atelier

"The Asian Paints Morning Glory is one of my favourite palettes to work with, and I have used it across most of my projects. Morning Glory is easy to use across surfaces and has a rich texture making it incredibly versatile to work with."


6. Minnie Bhatt, Design Director, Minnie Bhatt Design

"I use Asian Paints on almost every site. I like the shade Raw Cotton, and I use it very often."

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