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Dress up your walls in a unique way with wall murals

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Jul 02, 2024
Black and white wall mural – Beautiful Homes

Did you know wall murals are a great way to showcase hand-drawn, customised art that is also personalised? We got interior designers, stylists and mural artists to detail out every step for you

Our home’s walls make for blank canvases that can be decorated in multiple ways. From choosing a bold paint colour to opting for a patterned wallpaper, we decorate them in our preferred style. But did you know, wall murals are a great way to showcase hand-drawn, customised art that is also unique? If you are planning to get one, read our guide where experts reveal insider tips to keep in mind when getting a wall mural. 

What are Wall Murals?

Before we reveal designs and patterns that experts vouch for, let’s understand what wall murals are and how they are different from other wall decorations. Explains Sahiba Madan, principal architect and founder of Insitu Design Studio and Kalakaari Haath, “Murals, wallpapers and decals are all various mediums of applications of art on walls. Decals are dynamic and can be applied on multiple surfaces such as walls, ceiling, etc. These are less limiting in terms of wall coverage and hence become a cost-efficient option for wall décor. Wallpapers usually cover a single wall of a space. However, smaller spaces such as the powder bathroom, study room, prayer room with wallpaper on multiple walls create an interesting nook in the home. Murals are a great way of including a personal story or adding a layer of personality to a space.”


The reason murals are unique is because they are often hand-drawn and painted by a mural artist, directly on the wall of your choice. “Techniques such as fresco, mosaic, and graffiti are considered traditional mural styles that involve manual painting directly on surfaces,” adds Zahabiyah Gabajiwala, founder and creative head of ZA works.

Botanical theme mural – Beautiful Homes

Wall murals can also be done on just a part of the wall to highlight a section. Here, a mural by Madan gets a wooden frame to bring it into focus. Photo by Suleiman Merchant.

Floral patterns wall mural – Beautiful Homes

This mural by ZA works features a delicate botanical design creating a serene and inviting ambiance. The warm, terracotta-coloured background complements the room's décor. Photo by Darshan Salva.

Benefits of Adding Wall Murals

In addition to sprucing up your walls, murals make for great conversation starters as well as reflect a part of your personality on your home’s walls. “Murals can enhance any area of a home in multiple ways. They inject personality and creativity into spaces, making them more visually captivating and engaging than traditional wall décor. A well-chosen mural can serve as a striking focal point, drawing attention and setting the tone for the entire room. Additionally, murals can alter perceptions of space by visually expanding smaller rooms or adding depth and texture to larger ones,” opines Tamsin Noronha, a Goa-based artist who has painted several murals.

According to Garima Aggarwal Roy, partner and designer at Freehand Studio based in Goa, murals help bring out the unique persona of the people who live in that house. “In cluster living where a bunch of houses look identical on the outside, murals help in customising the space from inside. Another benefit is that one can bring in more colours or patterns without sticking to just one flat hue. As designers, we often try to bring in continuity using these elements. When a mural has multiple colours, one can choose soft furnishings and accessories from a wider range of shades,” she adds. 

Garima Aggarwal Roy – Beautiful Homes

Garima Aggarwal Roy is a partner and designer at Freehand Studio.

Riddhika Jesrani, an interior stylist, spatial decorator and artist, also agrees that murals are one-of-a-kind and special. “Custom murals allow homeowners to express their tastes and interests, making the space uniquely theirs.” She further adds, “Murals can be designed to fit any wall size and can incorporate elements that interact with the room’s architecture, like doors, windows, pillars and beams. They can also divert attention to certain areas of a room or detract from less appealing aspects.”

The Process

The client’s wish remains imperative in creating murals. After understanding what they have in mind, most designers and artists create either a digital sketch or hand drawing to help showcase what the final result is likely to look like. “Budgets are also discussed, and sometimes this determines if the mural will have many small details with shading or if it will be line drawing in one colour,” says Roy. Madan shares, “Small designs can be as low as Rs 499 while custom work can be anywhere up to Rs 1,000 per square-foot.”


The design is locked in keeping other visual details of the room in mind. Next, the wall is prepped by cleaning and priming, to ensure that it has a smooth surface. The base paint also is determined depending on where the wall is located and what external factors affect it. “If the light that falls on the mural wall is not too harsh, I use regular acrylic paints. If the wall gets a lot of light, I use Asian Paints,” says Jesrani.


Next, the artist starts the drawing process followed by painting and sealing the mural. “The time required for a hand-painted wall mural art typically ranges from three to 30 days. The duration depends on factors such as the size of the wall, colour scheme, and most significantly, the chosen art style. Different art styles may have varying time requirements to complete the mural,” reveals Gabajiwala.

Tropical wall mural – Beautiful Homes

A tropical, vibrant wall mural painted by Tamsin Noronha with interiors by Roy. The design mimics the greenery seen outside. Photo by Ethan Maskie.

Elegant floral wall mural – Beautiful Homes

A single-tone wall mural hand-drawn by Jesrani to subtly elevate the wall. Photo by Riddhika Jesrani.

Wall Mural Ideas for Your Home

Now that you know the process, here are suggestions recommended by experts on what kind of murals you can get at home. “I don’t think it's one size fits all, and that’s the beauty of murals in the first place. But a lot of people generally gravitate towards leafy or floral patterns. They just uplift any space,” says Jesrani. Roy agrees, she adds, “Just like our homes respond to a theme, so should the murals. But some of the popular styles are tropical scenes, Japanese motifs, line art, vintage, natural landscapes.”


Noronha suggests choosing abstract and geometric murals to add a modern and artistic touch to any room. “These work particularly well in contemporary or minimalist interiors. For children's room, opt for fantasy mural designs such as outer space, underwater world or a fairytale to ignite their imagination and create a magical ambience indoors,” she recommends.


When it comes to where to get a mural, design experts offer varied options ranging from the main wall in your room to ceiling, powder bathroom and the passage. 

Blue leaves wall mural – Beautiful Homes

Tamsin Noronha is a Goa-based artist who also paints wall murals.

Pink floral mural – Beautiful Homes

Liven up any bathroom by doing up the walls with murals such as this one by Noronha. According to her, botanical and floral motifs can bring freshness and vitality to this space. Photo by Tamsin Noronha.

Upkeep of Wall Murals

Did you know murals can last several years and a few basic upkeep tips can elongate their shelf life? Says Noronha, “The lifespan of a mural hinges on multiple factors including the type of wall it's painted on, the materials used, and maintenance practices. Indoor murals on smooth, plastered walls are extremely durable if good quality interior wall paint, acrylics and sealer are used, and can last a decade or more. Outdoor murals exposed to the elements such as UV rays and rain typically endure five to 10 years, whereas those sheltered on patios or balconies under roofs may persist longer.” She recommends regular upkeep like sealing that shields it from weather, scratches and fading to significantly extend a mural's life. “A common misconception is that a mural should be cleaned regularly by wiping it with a damp cloth. This will only cause deterioration. If dusty, use a dry, soft cloth to wipe it,” she adds.


Jesrani suggests keeping sharp corners or furniture a little away from the mural so it does not damage the artwork. “It’s mostly fairly easy to maintain a mural. It depends on the amount of light the mural wall gets—if the light is just streaming in and not very harsh, you won’t have any trouble with fading,” she says.

Black and white wall mural – Beautiful Homes

A mural by ZA works featuring a striking black-and-white geometric design, interlocking shapes and 3D elements that create a sense of depth and movement. Photo by Karna Tanna.

Things to Keep in Mind

While murals are long-lasting, here are some expert tips to keep in mind to help you decide.


If you live in a rented apartment, you can still consider getting a wall mural. “Instead of getting a mural on the entire wall, consider highlighting areas of multiple walls or adding a simple motif that can significantly enhance the look of the space without overpowering it. This approach allows renters to personalise their living environment creatively, transforming it into a more expressive and inviting place,” suggests Gabajiwala.

Dry season is the most favourable time for painting as well as getting any mural work done as it tends to set in faster. If you are planning to get one, summer months are ideal.


Since murals are personalised, having a clear idea or theme of what you want can help the artist create an original design for your walls. And lastly, it is a good idea to check out previous work of a mural artist to know their style, and figure out the budget beforehand.

Riddhika Jesrani Interior Stylist – Beautiful Homes
Riddhika Jesrani is an independent interior stylist, spatial decorator and artist.
Sahiba Madan – Beautiful Homes
Sahiba Madan is the principal architect and founder of Insitu Design Studio and Kalakaari Haath. Photo by Kuber Shah.
Natural landscape mural - Beautiful Homes
Small spaces can be decorated with wall murals instead of décor pieces to add more character to them, as showcased by Madan in this home office. Photo by Suleiman Merchant.
Abstract wall mural – Beautiful Homes
Zahabiyah Gabajiwala is the founder and creative head of ZA works.

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