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Nov 25, 2019

What does your nightstand say about you? Plenty. Whether you’re a bed-time reader, a late-night worker, or simply the sort who likes having all your night-time essentials close at hand—the evidence is sure to be strewn across your bedside table. Of course, this may mean you’re often struggling to find space for an alarm clock in the midst of a well-thumbed stack of books, or spilling lotion all over a set of freshly laundered linens. If you feel like your nightstand could use a makeover that serves your needs without compromising on style, we’ve put together a few looks that could help you get started.


For The Hoarder
If you need to have a lot of stuff within arm’s reach and use your nightstand to store all your bedtime essentials, this look helps you do just that with minimal chaos.

Accessorise your side table by making it a reflection of your personality. Add your favourite flowers, a photo of your favorite memory, and a small prop that you like.

Select a spacious side table
The simpler the side table, the more room you have to work with. Choose a stand with spacious shelves so you’re free to arrange your items as you please.


Use baskets to organise
When it comes to organising your stuff, baskets are easy to access and effortlessly chic.


Personalise with a picture
A family photo is a great addition to any nightstand. Make sure you choose a simple, elegant frame.


Make space for books
If you tend to thumb through a few pages before bed, leave a little space on the top shelf for your current reads.


Keep your cosmetics close
A dedicated box for your lotions and make-up removers makes them easy to find—and a lot less likely to spill over as well.

Put your accessories in a bowl
Bracelets, keys, watches, rings—the things that are easy to misplace or break—should have their own dedicated bowl.

Add a vase with fresh flowers
Fresh flowers are never a bad idea—and in an elegant vase add a soothing touch to a busy space.


Use a hanging lamp
Your nightstand is now bursting at the seams—so add some relief with a hanging lamp rather than a table one.


For The Workholic
This one’s for those who, no matter how hard they try, can’t help but bring work home. There’s no shame in being a go-getter, all it means is making the space for it on your nightstand.

Pick a table big enough for your laptop
This saves you a trip to and from your desk—and also means you don’t have to resort to placing it on the floor when you log off and go to bed.


Find a multi-focus table lamp
You’re going to need something bright for when you’re working, but softer for when you’re reading or getting ready for bed—so find a table lamp that offers both functions.


Get yourself a mobile phone stand
If you usually answer late-night calls or like to scroll through emails soon as you wake up, get a bedside phone stand that lets you do that while still lounging in bed.


Next comes the notebook
Many will vouch that the best ideas often come to us in our sleep—and even if that’s not your experience, it’s good to have a notebook around to make notes.


Stack your books at the bottom
If you’ve got reference books you need to keep close at hand—or some magazines to help you unwind, stack them on the bottom shelf.


Add a touch of greenery
A small plant or succulent can go a long way in making the set-up feel homely and comforting, even during strenuous deadlines.

Make your desk work-friendly by investing in products that not only help you arrange your gadgets and books but also add aesthetic and inspire you to do more.

Create a point of interest

Every workaholic needs a break from the monotony of books and gadgets—a visual breathing space—and a figurine, sculpture or toy can provide just that.


Bring it home with some art
A work of art that pleases you, or inspires you when you most need it, above the nightstand helps tie the whole look together.

For The Bookworm
If your night-time ritual is incomplete without some quality time with a good book, this is the set-up for you. This style lets you keep all your favourite reads by your side without compromising on space for your other nightstand essentials.

Your side table can also be your makeshift mini library. Make sure your table has enough sections to segregate your books according to your interests.

Choose a table with a top shelf and a drawer
This allows you to separate your books from your other nightstand essentials, so everything remains easily accessible and mess-free.


Start by stacking your books
Stack the ones you’re reading at the top—and the ones you’ll get to later at the bottom. You could stack them with the spines facing outward to easily read the titles.


Make space for a coffee mug
There are books that have you curling up with hot cocoa or a cup of chamomile tea—and those occasions call for their own special night-time coffee mug.

Add an elegant alarm clock
A small gold alarm clock—elegant and unobtrusive—adds a touch of class to the set-up.


Bring in some fresh flowers
Florals are always a soothing addition—not to mention the scent that will have your room feeling fresh and fragrant all day.


A reading lamp is a must
Your reading lamp is the only piece that won’t get moved around—so place it right at the back of the set-up, where it won’t get knocked over.

A wall frame goes a long way
Your nightstand is a busy space and a wall frame above your bed adds some height and helps balance out the space visually.  


When it comes to styling, even a few changes can go a long way. Scroll for our list of products to help you get started, so your picture-perfect nightstand is no more than a few clicks away.

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