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White Teak’s lights are artistic additions to homes

  • Artistic Lights
Aug 12, 2022
Golden décor item for your dining table & golden lights for your home - Beautiful Homes

The lighting fixtures are integral elements of interior design and key décor accessories to transforming spaces

Think decorative lights and a beautifully proportioned chandelier is probably the first thing that pops into your head. While they continue to hold timeless appeal when it comes to dressing up spaces, chandeliers are certainly not the only ones to hold that title. Contemporary lighting options that inject an undeniable aesthetic quality to the functionality of all lights ensure diversity. Then there’s the fact that lights today are as much about how they look as what they do. And leading the fray is White Teak by Asian Paints, a brand with an extensive curation of lights using a variety of materials.


Seeing the Light

Well-designed lights that also look beautiful span the spectrum of styles at White teak, including—and going beyond—the ageless chandelier. As any interior designer would tell you, lighting is one of the most important details in getting your room décor right. Not just the functional aspects to make sure there is sufficient light falling on every part of the home, but also in the way it adds warmth to your space. Light, in short, is tied to your interior design plan in the most fundamental way.


Light it Right

Lighting your house so that its aesthetic and your taste can shine through depends on how you layer those lights. One layer is expressly for function and general ambient lighting; the other is focused lights to draw attention to some particular element—an artwork for instance—followed by your decorative lights that dress up the space and set the mood and look pretty doing it. The trick is in getting your combinations right and figuring out what would work best in each room. That’s not all. With White Teak, you even get to choose the material that would best complement your interior design, from glass to metal.


They are the most readily identified as decorative lights, given that they’ve always been associated with grandeur and eye-popping luxury. While the traditional tiered glass varieties still have that classic appeal, such chandeliers may not necessarily fit into a contemporary home. Luckily, White Teak chandeliers take care of that with the contemporary shapes and styles. If you thought that a low ceiling might mean chandeliers are off the table as decorative elements, then White Teak has you covered. The brand offers options for low- and high-ceiling homes.

Where they work best: Living rooms are ideal since they set the first impression of your house when guests come over. Bedrooms work too. 

Golden round traditional chandelier for your home décor - Beautiful Homes

The Through the Fire chandelier is an elegant understated piece that combines glass and metallic accents; a perfect fit for a minimal living room.

Pendant Lights

Close siblings of the chandelier, the pendant light is a hanging-from-the-ceiling kind of light as well. Where it differs is in the fact that a pendant is typically just a single fixture suspended from a chain or a cord. You can have a series of pendant lights or a single one. The pendant light also tends to be more minimal in their design. That, however, doesn’t take away from its sculptural value. The best part is they work perfectly even in compact spaces, adding elegance without the opulence. And when you have the variety of pendant lights by White Teak at your disposal, you don’t have to work too hard to find what would suit your space.

Where they work best: Living rooms, a foyer or the entrance passageway, bedrooms, over the dining table.



Wall Lights

When you’re looking at lights as a décor element, well-sculpted wall lights, or sconces as they’re called, hit just the right note. They offer ambient lighting to the space and look great as wall accents. If they’re placed next to something you want to highlight, then they work as focus lighting too. White Teak makes your job simpler, with a wide range that will suit any style or requirement. The brand’s picture wall lights, for instance, would work well to spotlight a particular artwork or image and the kid’s room wall lights make a delightful addition to a playful aesthetic. 

Where they work best: Living rooms, foyers and entryways, passages within the house, bedrooms, to highlight an accent wall, on the vanity and dressing table.



Table Lamps

Nothing’s more useful in today-s work-from home scenario than a table lamp. It helps, too, that they come in different shapes and sizes and can work some visual appeal to your desktop or side table. You can pick minimalist contemporary ones that look sharp and clean, opt for the more lavish-looking ceramic or marble ones, or go for a touch of glam with the gold-finished collection.

Where they work best: A side table next to the sofa, the nightstand in the bedroom, the desktop of your study or home office.

Artistic floor lamp to add lights & brightness to your home - Beautiful Homes

The striking Slate Abate stone veneer lamp with a black-and-gold base has a shade which has been crafted with a veneer made of natural stone; adds a perfect gold accent to minimalist interiors.

Floor Lamps

As accessories go, floor lamps are a great way to enhance your interior design. The sculpted varieties that have a contemporary look, clean lines and slim forms, floor lamps are worthy additions to modern homes. While they certainly look good standing next to your sofa, these lamps are best suited for homes that have a generous amount of floor space. And they are best avoided if you have small kids in the house—they could simply come in the way.

Where they work best:
 Ideally suited for the living room, den and master bedroom.

Ceiling Lights

You got the chandeliers and the pendant lights but White Teak does one better with a range of ceiling lights that are similar—but different. They aren’t suspended from the ceiling like their other glamorous counterparts. Rather, these contemporary ceiling lights lie almost flush against the area of the ceiling where they are placed. Available in different shapes, these lights are a great addition to homes with shorter ceiling height. You have the choice of built-in dimmable LEDs, gold-finished one or quirky ones great for kid’s rooms.

Where they work best: Living rooms, children’s rooms and master bedroom.



Outdoor Lights

If you live in a stand-alone house or even have a ground-floor apartment, outdoor lights are a great way to add charm to the area. Then there’s the fact that the right kind of outdoor lights creates a great first impression when guests come over. You get to pick from an extensive and rather stylish range at White Teak, from garden lights to the ones best suited for the gate.

Where they work best: Flanking the entrance to your house or lighting up the veranda and back/front garden.



This, though, is just a teaser. The brand known to house one of India’s largest collections of decorative lighting wouldn’t stop here, after all. So, if you’re looking to make some changes to your interior design and what to know just what you can look for in decorative lighting, then White Teak’s entire range is where you should make a start.

Designer ceiling lights to add drama to your home décor - Beautiful Homes

The Watch The Throne chandelier is an extravagant creation with a matte gold metal frame holding a clutch of crystal shades; apt for an opulent touch in a living room.

Add chandelier for your home décor - Beautiful Homes

The classic chandelier shape gets a contemporary touch with a sleek metallic frame and a stainless-steel finish; shaped like a candelabra, it has a green and amber-tinted glass body that will complement any kind of home décor.

Hanging lights to add glamour & lights to your home décor - Beautiful Homes

This 8-head smokey grey glass chandelier from the Mykanos Memories series is inspired by the colours and silhouettes of the namesake Greek city; the sculptural arms holding glass goblets are great as mood-setting decor in the living or dining rooms.

Designer floor lamps to add artistic touch to your home décor - Beautiful Homes

Curtain Call floor lamp is a contemporary fixture with an antique gold frame is as much light as décor; ideally suited for living rooms right next to a sofa or against an accent wall.

Golden décor item for your dining table & golden lights for your home - Beautiful Homes

The Touch the Cloud chandelier is an intricate piece of work that can serve as a unique centrepiece over the dining table.

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