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Asian Paints’ ColourNext Reveals 2024’s Colour, Wallpaper and Design Forecast

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Feb 15, 2024
Colour of the Year 2024, Terra – Beautiful Homes

The ColourNext Colour and Material Intelligence report forecasts the trends in design for 2024, and reveals the Colour and Wallpaper of the year

Design and colour are coded into every aspect of human life, their impact, far-reaching and their capacity to inspire, boundless. And this is the driving force of the Asian Paints ColorNext report. This only-one-of-its-kind trend report in the subcontinent rolls around every new year, has lost none of its robustness and continues to be the go-to guide for design and colour trends. Now in its 21st year, ColourNext commands the attention of design professionals, industry leaders and aficionados. The report offers compelling insights into how socio-economic, environmental, political and cultural evolutions impact interior design and decor choices. A panel of experts chosen by the brand’s colour marketing team meticulously works, debates and discusses the findings from secondary research and interviews with tastemakers and innovators across creative fields. They then correspond each potential trend story to emotions, colours, keywords and material quality to get to the forecast, the Colour of the Year and the Wallpaper of the Year.


This year, the experts point to a shift inward, a longing to belong and human connection in a hyper-virtual world.


This desire is expressed in the overarching warmth of the Colour of the Year, Terra. The shade reflects the need to slow down and forge deeper connections—with oneself, with each other, with nature. The warm, earthy tones evoke a search of seeking out familiar ground. It exemplifies a quest for solace in a chaotic world and the nostalgic draw of a simpler time. Terra emphasises a sense of homecoming and belonging that we seek in the spaces we inhabit. In a virtualised world, this shade then anchors us to all that is real, safe and welcoming.

Colour of the Year 2024, Terra – Beautiful Homes

Terra emphasises a sense of homecoming and belonging that we seek in the spaces we inhabit.

Wallpaper of the Year, Samsara – Beautiful Homes

The Wallpaper of the Year, Samsara is a textured surface in burnished gold.

This symbolism manifests in Samsara too, the Wallpaper of the Year. A textured surface in burnished gold, Samsara recalls sand dunes, twilit deserts and timeless soil. The wallpaper comprises pigments obtained from mud, tea leaf and natural dyes, and is crushed with gouache wash and metallic gold leaf.


While 2024 will have people reaching for these warmth-inducing tones for their homes, ColourNext’s other trends too echo similar sentiments. The four trends spotlighted in the report ignite a desire for familiarity, to feel rooted in the world we inhabit. They are also a response to the increasingly uncertain and unsustainable world around us. Soil and Into the Deep, for instance, dip into nature to forecast the direction for materials, finishes, forms and textures. Goblin Mode is a cheeky argument against the tyranny of perfection, finding your truth and the beauty of the imperfect. Rounding out the report is Indofuturism, a cocktail of retro meets homegrown heritage meets science fiction to reinvent the past in a contemporary format.

Soil – Beautiful Homes

The trend Soil is about turning to nature and simpler materials and rediscovering their importance.

These comprehensively researched trends and colours are elemental to the designs that will unfold over the coming year. Their impact, in fact, transcends the creative and interior design world. This report finds takers across diverse segments, including the automobile industry and consumer goods brands. And how it all manifests as the year progresses will certainly be a source of interest.

Warm earthy colour of the year – Beautiful Homes
The Colour of the Year, Terra reflects the need to slow down and forge deeper connections.
Into the Deep – Beautiful Homes
The trend Into the Deep dives into all things aquatic and their influence on design.
Indofuturism – Beautiful Homes
The trend Indofuturism is about embracing the past and leveraging tech to realign the future of India-focused design.
Goblin Mode – Beautiful Homes
The trend Goblin Mode is a license to be free of societal expectations of perfection.

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