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Screens have made a comeback, and we have 13 beautiful ones just for you

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Mar 18, 2020


As apartments become compact in size, having dedicated single-purpose rooms is becoming a thing of the recent-past. And if you have a single room that has to be used for dual purposes then a room divider, or screen, is the décor accessory you need in your design arsenal. These nifty pieces of furniture, named both for their form, as screens, and for the function, as room dividers, will help you make stylish use of your space. In the 70s and 80s, it was quite a trendy item, albeit as heavily carved wooden pieces, but it quietly vanished. Till now, that is. Recently, the décor companies have begun reintroducing this product in eye-catching and very elegant forms. Designers have experimented with the material, and even form of this piece, while interior stylists are using it to define spaces in an interesting way. It adds a dose of modernism into a chic contemporary home. We’ve assembled a collection of some of the snazziest in the market; even if you don’t need one you may still want to buy it.

Gulmohar Lane
Auroville Rattan Room-Dividers

We spotted this one at our recent visit to India Design ID 2020. This room divider is made of ‘rattan cane’, a material that is known to be lightweight, durable and flexible in some parameters. Due to these qualities it allows you to easily move this rather big piece around as per your liking. It can also be added to your décor as a statement piece considering it has quite a unique silhouette.
Price: Rs. 41,900

Risor White and Black Room Divider

Here’s proof that room dividers need not be heavy on your pocket or on your eye. Simple and inexpensive, here’s a room divider that guarantees a job well done.
Price: Rs. 9,490

Sources Unlimited (Baxter)

Mantice screen by Baxter
This beautiful screen by the Italian brand Baxter has built-in mirrors and a clothes rack to hang outfits. The Mantice screen has quite obviously been designed to section off a portion of the bedroom into a makeshift changing room. With a vintage-style and metalwork, it would fit right into any space with some old-world glamour.
Price: On request

Phantom Hands

X+L 02 Room Divider
Well-to-do pieces of teak that would have otherwise gone to waste from the process of making furniture were collected, polished and used to make this interesting take on traditional room dividers. This one can be used as a partition in wider areas of your home or added for added to a space simply for the modernist visual drama. 
Price: On request

Project 810
Renga Screen

The Renga screen plays peekaboo with its intricate see-through pattern. The ideal position for this would be against a sunlight flooded area like your balcony or a window. The rays would enhance its look and give you control over the amount of light coming in. 
Price: On request

Kunal Merchant

Style cracker mirror screen
Other than doing its job as a mirror, this product earns brownie points for making any place look bigger than it actually is. Placing it in smaller, more compact areas will widen the space up for you, due to its reflective surface.
Price: On request

Pinjrakari space divider bookshelves
The craft of lattice work, locally known as Pinjrakari in Kashmir is based on intricate patterns. This is another multitasker on our list; it does the job of a bookshelf, or if it’s placed in the middle of a room, library style, then it divides the room.
Price: On request

Iqrup & Ritz

Edo room screen
This is a screen that tells a story, poses like a work of art, and adds a lot of character to a room. This striking piece can sit anywhere, even simply behind a sofa, and it immediately brings a touch of elegance to the space.
Price: Rs. 1,90,189

Roche Bobois

Tropical Print Screen by Christian Lacroix
This beauty reminds us of a Chinese folding screen. Designed by fashion designer Christian Lacroix for Roche Babois, this piece is a work of art. And it as expensive as a work of art… It needs a room with space, where you can admire it for the gorgeousness it is.
Price: Rs. 9,66,889


Solid Wood Room Divider in White

Rustic and edgy in its look, this room divider is a great supporting character in any setting. It won’t grab all the attention, and yet it will do its job. You can place this anywhere in your house and it will most likely blend right in.
Price: Rs. 14,499

Wari Watai Store

Aide memoir
Like having a piece of miniature painting on your wall, this piece will add some cultural elegance to your space. For an interesting twist, place it in your bedroom in front of the window, and be mesmerized by the patterns of light that come through during the day.
Price: On request

Rooshad Shroff

Embroidered Screen
A combination of two very different textures, along with a bright spectrum of colours on a muted background, this is a statement designer piece that will definitely prove to be a great conversation starter. The result of great handiwork and design experimentation, this product by the award-winning architect is an icon of contemporary Indian design.
Price: On request

Wooden Room Divider

We have a series of looks that are created around our colour of the year; ‘Curiosity’ incorporating this piece. While planning a ‘Library look’, our guest stylists, Keshav Murugesh and Pooja Bhandary were looking for furniture that sparked warmth. They placed this vintage room divider against the wall to create an interesting contrast of colours. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at how they styled the space here.
Price: On Request

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