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A compact Bengaluru home offers design goals in minimalism

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Oct 11, 2022
Divide your open living room & dining room using wooden pillars - Beautiful Homes

Bengaluru-based Aanai Design Studio use a restrained hand to craft a cosy two-bedroom apartment that was executed with the support of Beautiful Homes Service

Sprawling metros brimming over with people typically have an inversely proportional relationship with the size of homes. Though when it comes to compact apartments fortunate to have sure-footed designers at the helm of affairs, size simply does not matter. As was the case with a two-bedroom apartment in Whitefield, Bengaluru that Aanai Design Studio was tasked with designing. In pursuit of creating spaces of understated elegance, the studio’s machinations for the design of this house are a remarkable showcase of injecting warmth into a minimal aesthetic in a small space. And giving execution support to the firm was Beautiful Homes Service. Aanai Design Studio’s founder and creative director Gayathri Padmam H talks about the home and the potential for such collaborations in realising design goals.

Beautiful Homes (BH): Based on what the clients were looking for and the space you had to work with, how did you see the design for the apartment taking shape?

Gayathri Padmam (GP): The client, a young couple with a toddler, reached out to us with the requirement for a cosy home with ample storage. They wanted the aesthetic to be minimal with a touch of warmth and a pop of colour. Given that the apartment was in the busy urbanscape of Whitefield, we wanted the interior design to be as minimal and uncluttered as possible. We wanted their home to be an escape from the hustle of the city.

Minimal living room furniture for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

The furniture in the living room is from Tusker Katha.

BH: How did this project and its requirements divert or converge with your design approach? Was it a challenge in working within the parameters of the client brief?

GP: As a practice, our aesthetic, too, reflects a minimal design language, which is backed by earthy materials like wood and rattan to bring in warmth. The challenge that [typically] comes with smaller spaces lies in understanding the requirements while creating separate zones for each of the activities. For example, in the living-cum-dining area, we used a simple console with minimal handcrafted pillars to separate the living and dining spaces while ensuring the visual connection was retained.



BH: How did you arrive at the complement of colour, material and furniture?

GP: The decision to bring in shades of black around the house to go with the pops of blue came after a lot of deliberation. This is a colour palette we experimented with for the first time. The wood tones and cane, however, are a staple at our practice currently.


As far as furniture goes, we actually started out as a furniture design studio in 2018, expanding subsequently into interiors. In fact, most of our interior projects start with a detailed exercise of furniture design. We rebranded the furniture wing as Tusker Katha this year, while Aanai continues to be the design wing.



Like the rooms you see here? Speak to our design experts to get these looks at your home.

Blue coloured open kitchen design for your minimal home - Beautiful Homes

The blue-coloured open kitchen has a suspended shelf detail.

Enhance your dining room with white brick wall design - Beautiful Homes

The dining room has a white brick wall detail and a built-in study nook; the dining table and chairs are from Meter Cube.

BH: How did you discover Beautiful Homes Service (BHS)?

GP: They were recommended by the clients. It was in the course of exploring various contracting teams that they came across Beautiful Homes Service online. We then visited the experience centre in JP Nagar to look at some of their offerings and finishes before we finalised the decision to work with them.  



BH: How did the collaborative process work?

GP: Beautiful Homes Service made a concerted effort to structure the execution process. They evaluated the design drawings and brought in a PMC manager, who was our point of contact from BHS. The number of team members assigned to the job began with four to five and varied through the life of the project.  



BH: How do you think such collaborations, like the one you had for this apartment with BHS, are beneficial in designing a space?

GP: I think that there is a lot of potential in such collaborations. We are always on the lookout for the right execution team to help us execute our designs seamlessly. It allows designers to focus on the design and not worry about execution. In general, this industry is fairly disorganised and it takes a lot of effort to bring some order to things. It was a great effort on BHS’s part to try and organise the same.


Divide your open living room & dining room using wooden pillars - Beautiful Homes

The living room seen through the wooden pillared console that acts as a room separator between the living and dining space.

Enhance your master bedroom with oval mirror & minimal colour palate - Beautiful Homes

The studio used shades of black for the first time as part of the colour palette, as seen in the side table, the frame around the elongated oval mirror and the bedpost of the bed in the master bedroom; the bed is from Lakkadhara.

Enhance your study nook with floating shelves & minimal design - Beautiful Homes

The study nook has been designed as a minimal space in keeping with the overall aesthetic of the house, with floating shelves and slim, clean-lined tables.

Wardrobe design for your master bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

The wardrobe in the master bedroom has eggshell white and black knobs.

Covert the corner of your master bedroom into study nook - Beautiful Homes

The corner opposite the bed in the master bedroom has been converted into a study nook.

Use oval shaped mirrors for your guest bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

The oval mirror form, in a smaller size, continues in the guest bedroom

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