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A modern home with an Indian soul in Bengaluru

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Feb 02, 2024
Gold finish centre table design – Beautiful Homes

Conceptualised and executed by Bodhi Design Studio, this home captures the essence of its owner’s personality through its vibrant interiors

When Madhumita Chaudhury, an advertising professional, reached out to Amirah Ahamed, principal architect at Bodhi Design Studio, she had one simple brief to bring her dream home to life—contemporary yet Indian with a dash of eclectic. “My home was going to be a reflection of me in many ways so it was difficult for it to be any one thing in particular. I wanted it to feel warm and homely yet steeped in modernity. Creating a mood board of what that meant to me was the first step,” says the homeowner who lives here with her young son.


Located on the first floor of a 40-year-old building in central Bengaluru, the two-bedroom apartment is spread over 1,200 square feet, and features a melange of patterns, lively hues and heirloom furniture. Peppered with art either gifted or picked up by the owner on her travels, the wholesome interiors draw you in and keep you hooked to its many layers that unveil when you look closely. Using earthy materials such as wood, kota stone, stained glass, cane, and stucco finish on walls, Ahamed creates an eco-conscious, cosy cocoon, replete with antiques but with a modern flair.

Beautiful Homes (BH): The home has a vibrant, Indian touch to it through its colours, décor and furniture. Was this the style were you going for?

Amirah Ahamed (AA): Certainly! The selection of flooring, doors, furniture, and curtains were carefully considered to reflect the client's vibrant personality and her connections to Kolkata and Kerala. The existing antique furniture owned by the client played a significant role in guiding the style for the various spaces. The outcome is a diverse blend of furniture and décor, incorporating elements from both Indian and British colonial influences.

Madhumita Chaudhury, an advertising professional - Beautiful Homes

Homeowner Madhumita Chaudhury in her new home in Bengaluru designed by Bodhi Design Studio.

Simple living room design – Beautiful Homes

The living room space is divided into two zones, a formal one and an entertainment area. The black-and-white tile inlay and the reeded glass folding-sliding partition demarcate the two areas.

BH: Renovating a home in an old building is always challenging. What were the issues you faced on the way?

AA: Despite its charm of high ceilings and unique angular features, the existing layout needed to be tailored to the client’s creative lifestyle. This meant that we needed to move a few walls, rethink the existing layout, flooring, doors, windows and services to incorporate spaciousness and the new functional constraints on a very tight budget.


BH: How did you overcome them with your design solutions?

AA: To bring our vision to life, a comprehensive approach was undertaken to reimagine the layout and functionality of the apartment. Repositioning the bedroom access and zoning of the entertainment area emerged as a key element in the pursuit of heightened privacy and spatial efficiency. The fluted glass and cane sliding-folding partition is a very significant design element that defines the formal living and entertainment area. This adjustment was complemented by the creation of a walk-in wardrobe, a space designed to seamlessly integrate with the resident's daily routines and aesthetic preferences. The bathroom underwent a thoughtful expansion to incorporate a bathtub, and the kitchen—a focal point of many homes, was enlarged to enhance both its practicality and aesthetic appeal. A utility space was added by taking space from the second bedroom balcony. The son's bedroom is designed to be a compact bedroom with its defined sleeping zone and study zone. This meticulous renovation not only aligned with the client's lifestyle but also preserved the building's character while overcoming infrastructural challenges.

Small dining room design – Beautiful Homes

The dining nook is centred around a circular wooden table flanked by three chairs and an eclectic blue bench. The old crockery unit with antique tiles is passed down from the owner’s parents and was once used as a bookshelf.

Wooden bed design for bedroom– Beautiful Homes

The primary bedroom features custom-made doors with fabric inlay while the Kota stone flooring is highlighted with a patterned band of tiles. The four-poster bed is a gift from the parents. Soft furnishings depict colourful, Indian textiles and patterns.

BH: A layered look can be tricky to achieve. How did you ensure it all looks cohesive without feeling cluttered?

AA: The apartment is a harmonious fusion of sustainability, personalisation, and earthy aesthetics—a distinctive, environmentally-conscious living space reflecting the client's taste and values. We started with the flooring design after fixing the layout and that became the backdrop and binding element for the overall layering. The wall treatments came next, followed by the furniture and fixed cabinetry. After this came the textures and colours added through soft furnishing, art and lighting. The material selections were very organic with earthy materials as a common thread. There was also a conscious integration of elements from the past, which helped to add a layer of character and history to the living space. Personalisation emerged as another guiding principle. Curated art pieces and carefully-selected photographs on the walls, infuse the space with a sense of individuality and storytelling.


BH: There's a lot of handicraft, textile patterns used. What was the reason for doing that?

AA: Each fabric or pattern is a deliberate choice, reflecting not just aesthetic preferences but a deeper connection to memories, experiences, and values. This is most evident in the master bedroom where the dressing room doors are custom-made to incorporate traditional fabric inlay.


BH: Design-wise, what's your favourite part of this home?

AA: Carving out the entertainment zone with the right amount of privacy was the most exciting part. When the sliding partition is closed, the entirety of the area, including the master bedroom, attains self-sufficiency and privacy. The centrepiece of the entertainment zone is the client's repurposed old trunk, now serving as a bar unit. In front of the ornate window with stained glass is an antique daybed passed down from the client's grandmother. In this section, the brightly-coloured doors, and the combination of modern furniture with rare antiquity items delineate the chosen style for this abode.


Styled by Fymin Naif and Nimitha Harith

All images by Arjun Krishna

Enchanting room design – Beautiful Homes
The yellow accent chair and metallic centre table are from Freedom Tree, with rugs from Carpet Kingdom placed under them. The rattan chaise lounge is passed down by the owner’s grandmother and is her favourite spot to relax in the home.
Grey sofa design for living room – Beautiful Homes
A customised bookshelf to house their collection lies behind an L-shaped grey couch from IKEA in the living room. Colourful accents of green, red, yellow and blue find their way through the rest of the décor and furniture pieces.
Wall painting for living room design – Beautiful Homes
A patterned rug from Carpet Kingdom, art picked up on travels and a colourful melange of old-meets-new is created to represent the homeowner’s lively personality in her dwelling.
Green wooden door design - Beautiful Homes
The antique green doors open into a literary corner created as an extension of the living room.
Gold finish centre table design – Beautiful Homes
The entertainment zone is apt for social gatherings and features a repurposed trunk serving as a bar unit. Above it hangs a reverse glass painting by Shyamal Mukherjee gifted by the owner’s father.
Simple modular kitchen design – Beautiful Homes
The new kitchen is bigger post the home’s renovation and features flooring inspired by colonial bungalows. The splash of green on the cabinets along with wooden laminates on the base units complete the look.
Small washbasin design for home – Beautiful Homes
The kitchen also has a hand wash area for practical purposes with a bone inlay mirror above the sink. Faded grey dado tiles cover the walls and complement the flooring design.
Simple kids’ bedroom design – Beautiful Homes
The son’s bedroom is small, but the space is utilised well by dividing it into two sections. The study area has a patterned flooring while the resting zone has laminated wooden flooring for warmth.

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