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A home in Bangalore cleverly designed to conceal its compactness

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Feb 14, 2022
Furniture pieces to uplift the void spaces in your home - Beautiful Homes

Thomas Parambil Architects conceptualised this apartment on elements reflecting cinder and sage

A young lawyer and doctor couple with their child, moved to Bangalore’s upmarket residential area, into a 1,150 square-foot apartment. Located on the ground floor, they wanted their home to reflect a modern-eclectic vibe, with interiors that are aesthetic as well as functional. “We wanted tones which would enhance the look and feel of the home yet create a ‘wow’ factor. As busy professionals, we wanted to come back to an inviting home at the end of a tiring day at work,” share advocate-partner, Joseph Anthony, and retina surgeon, Dr Sherina Thomas.

The couple invited a young architecture and interior design firm, Thomas Parambil Architects, to do up their space, keeping their design brief in mind. “The character of ‘sage’ was the deciding factor for the décor, fabric and the material palette of the space. Cool tones with highlights of charcoal grey were the initial plot of design that further led to form a clear picture of the abode. Our stylist Sona Harris did an impeccable job by accentuating the space with décor and art that brings out the true beauty of cinder and sage,” reveals Thomal Parambil, principal architect at the firm.

Living room & Dining room interiors for your home - Beautiful Homes

The living and dining areas are the homeowners' favourite corners where they spend most of their time.

A Sense of Continuity

To counter the compactness of the abode, the designers teamed up the common spaces like the living room and dining room as one unit by opening up the walls and creating a seamless flow. Even so, there is a clear visual distinction between the two sections with the help of the flooring. Parambil adds, “A sense of fluidity from within is channelised by using vitrified tiles with marble finish in the living and passage areas while setting the dining aside with a herringbone wooden flooring.” 


Teak Talk

One of the highlights of the common area is the warmth of teakwood filling the space with an intricate fluted design. The fluted teak panel starts at the foyer and paves its way into the dining area, engaging the user into experiencing a space that identifies itself as a single entity. Across the fluting comes the accent wall finished with a touch of colonial highlights depicted by minimal framing and a pop of sage.


“The dining space plays host to wood in all its versatile forms, while the herringbone-bond teakwood flooring accentuates the plane, making sure the different shades and patterns coexist effortlessly,” says Parambil.

Textured fabric material for your beds to uplift the space - Beautiful Homes

The texture of fabric to the tone of the material has been intricately selected to uplift the space through its transitions.

Décor Diary

Every piece in the apartment has been chosen with a purpose to wrap the space together using different colours and textures. Moreover, all the products used are locally-sourced, handpicked and curated with utmost attention to detail in order to bring out a sense of balance within the space. Even the art and furniture is customised for the homeowners by the design team. 


The lighting fixtures in this Bangalore home are minimal yet prominent. They are also restricted predominantly to the ceiling by using track lights and architecture lights thus bringing in another dimension to detail effortlessly.

A Tale of Contrasts

As one moves into the private spaces—the bedrooms, the colours pop up in the form of artworks, bed headboards, and accent walls. While minimalism is key in all the common spaces of the house, the bedrooms intend on transporting you into a louder and bolder persona. The transition from pastel to primary colours is carried out with subtle compartmentalisation of spaces according to their function and purpose.


“Every stroke on the canvas has been curated to portray the identity of the space and its pantone. The artist, Sona Harris, reflected her perspective through her works of art,” says Parambil.


The apartment overcomes its space constraints with the clever use of an open floor plan, mirror placement at strategic spots, and a minimalist look with a carefully thought of colour scheme. The addition of French windows in the dining space, and the play of light and bold makes it even more visually appealing.


“The true essence of this home comes from its minimalistic material and colour palette. There is a dramatic flow of materials between spaces, which is very seamlessly executed while envisioning a picturesque view from every nook,” concludes Parambil. 

Open plan layout to make your home interiors look elegant & stylish - Beautiful Homes

The open plan and the material palette bring out this home in an aesthetic and functional manner.

Furniture pieces to uplift the void spaces in your home - Beautiful Homes

Every piece of furniture has been tailor-made to fit into the void of the space, perfectly.

Teak wood panelling to give your home a new look - Beautiful Homes

The teak wood panelling along with the herringbone flooring envelopes the dining space effortlessly.

Foyer design to enhance your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Wood in all its forms and gradations has been used in the foyer.

Wall decorating items to enhance your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

The colour pops in the bedroom are brought through the art and décor choices.

Wash basin designs to make your bathroom elegant & stylish - Beautiful Homes

The bathroom reflects the same colour scheme as the master bedroom, creating a seamless flow.

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