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A modish Bengaluru home swathed in dark hues

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Feb 09, 2024
Elegant sofa design for living room – Beautiful Homes

Designed by Humming Tree, this home is impeccably styled to create an aura of intrigue

Dark hues especially from floor to ceiling are seldom a choice that many make when it comes to painting their walls. Rajiv Kakati and Pooja Dihingia found the perfect match for their aesthetic sense in Mohammed Afnan & Arun Shekar, the principal designers at Humming Tree. In fact, it was the designers’ dressing sense that initially caught the couple’s eye on Instagram, and resulted in a fruitful conversation that led to this collaboration.


“We were really fascinated with what they had produced in the past and how they had depicted dark spaces. So, there couldn’t be a better duo than them for the concept that we had in mind for our home. We wanted the interiors to be surprisingly artistic, deep and warm. It needed to have a highly handcrafted and textural vibe with a toffee-rich accent,” reveals Dihingia. Keeping these factors in mind, Afnan and Shekar worked their magic, bringing a moody yet thoughtful layer with a special hat tip to the couple’s heritage.

Beautiful Homes (BH): Achieving a dark, mysterious look can be challenging. How did you envision this?

Arun Shekar (AS): The way my mother, who is an artist herself, carved out designs, instilled a sense of volume and proportion in me. This house is impeccably organised, reflecting our clients' passion for animals with such sculptures scattered playfully. It boasts of harmonious proportions, rich dark tones, and a warm, inviting ambiance. The lighting makes sure that the interiors don’t look too dark. When incorporating such tones in a home, having a balanced look is quite a task to nail down. We always wanted a dark interior for this home to make it feel like an exquisitely tailored piece for the clients.

Simple sofa design for your space– Beautiful Homes

This home celebrates the beauty of dark tones. On the walls is dark blue paint from Asian Paints Royale. A mannequin floor lamp picked up in Europe by the couple.

Cosy grey couch design for your home – Beautiful Homes

The upper floor has a separate living area reserved for hosting friends over a tipple in an informal setting.

BH: How did you pick the decor pieces for this home?

AS: Unique artworks and bold hues were nearly obligatory for the couple. To guests, items are furnishings or art; for the couple, they are treasured stories and encapsulated experiences. From the handcrafted Asiatic cheetah by KALA art + objects to the black-and-white mannequin floor lamp, each piece is thoughtfully selected to align with the ambience and the clients' tastes.

BH: The home is uber stylish. Does it reflect the homeowners' personality?

Mohammed Afnan (MA): We believe that good design is one that aligns with the owner's needs. We were determined to make it reflect our clients' personalities. They both work in the design industry and frequently host friends and family, and we wanted them to experience something unique. The couple’s aesthetics have subtly influenced everything—from the choice of patterns to their preferred colours, as well as the textures they find suitable, appropriate and comfortable. For instance, the hand-beaten brass artwork above the master bed is called the ‘Jaapi', and it is a symbol of Assam. The couple moved from Assam to Benguluru and sometimes miss their culture. So, we incorporated this in their bedroom. ‘Jaapi’ is worn during Bihu dance, used as protection against the elements, offered as a sign of respect in ceremonies, and placed as a decorative item around the house, especially on the walls as a positivity sign.

Modern bedroom design– Beautiful Homes

The couple’s bedroom features wall decor pieces called ‘Jaapi’ that are an ode to the clients’ Assamese heritage.

BH: What did you have in mind when selecting the furniture of this home?

MA: Modern yet grounded in their origins, pieces that could complement the deep-toned wooden flooring that strikes a balance between warmth and grandeur. The custom headboard in the couple’s bedroom is made with hand-beaten brass by using local, skilled craftsmen and is our all-time favourite creation.


BH: Tell us about how you picked the colour scheme?

AS: The drama varies from room to room with deep tones occasionally present, and at other times are more subdued and natural, like the terracotta ceiling and walls of the master bedroom or the cool black-and-white trim and shelving in the home office. Bright orange furniture accentuates the contrast between clean lines and mysterious curves in the living room with rich, blue walls running throughout. The home is  accessible, beautiful, and creatively designed and the result was unexpectedly appealing.

Enchanting interiors for home – Beautiful Homes

The home is decorated using carefully curated objects either picked up by the couple on their travels, custom-designed by the team, or sourced from eclectic brands.

Tropical bedroom design – Beautiful Homes

The daughter’s bedroom has a tropical wallpaper. A bed with a curved, fabric headboard creates contrast in beige.

BH: What creatively inspires you as designers?

MA & AS: As designers, we find inspiration in the most subtle details, whether it's the graceful silhouette of a garment, the expressive face of a Theyyam dance mask, the intricate patterns of a potter's wheel, or the fluid elegance of Islamic calligraphy, among many other sources. Our designs are also heavily influenced by our clients' eclectic cultural experiences.


All images by Hansoga Photography

Striped sofa design for your space – Beautiful Homes
Pets Momo and Mimo pose on the couch against a vintage artwork from the couple’s collection. The indoor plant is from The Purple Turtles and the black duco paint coffee table is custom-made.
Elegant sofa design for living room – Beautiful Homes
While the indoors are dark and moody, ample natural light filters in through the French doors. The animal stone sculpture is custom-designed by Humming Tree and executed by KALA art + objects.
Black modular kitchen design – Beautiful Homes
The deep blue hue carries forward to the kitchen.
Chic corner design for your space – Beautiful Homes
The other prominent hue in this home is a terracotta colour by Asian Paints Royale. The colour scheme is reversed here with dark accents added through the art and décor.
Simple olive-green wall design – Beautiful Homes
A hand-painted custom table in cow print stands against an olive green wall. The texture paint is from Asian Paints Royale.
Modern grey bedroom design – Beautiful Homes
The guest bedroom gives blue a miss and is swathed in shades of grey instead.

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