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Actor Pooja Hegde’s home showcases fun ways to add colour and texture

  • Bright and Colourful
Nov 14, 2022
Pooja Hegde

A green front door offers a teaser to the unfolding design story of Pooja's Mumbai home in season 6 of Asian Paints’ Where the Heart Is

Actor Pooja Hegde’s Mumbai home in a sky-rise is a fitting foil to the colour-filled accoutrements of her professional world. Here, the silent haven in a building on a quiet lane, with a view of the Arabian Sea, allows her to disconnect and just be herself. The process of designing it was for Hegde, “a roller-coaster ride. I found out a lot about myself while working on it. When I was doing up my house I realised what kind of a person I am, my likes and dislikes.”  The actor’s home offers a glimpse into a private, quirky and tasteful side of her personality through this episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.


For Hegde, getting this “labour of love” just the way she wanted it meant that every minutiae was looked into, including the well-thought-out entrance. "My door is the trailer to the house. When somebody enters, it tells them what they can expect [from the space].” What lies behind the stylish green door is an amalgam of personal style, a design influenced by the actor’s two favourite cities—London and New York—and diverse colours and textures layered on a vanilla shell.

Pooja Hegde’s abode of happiness is a collection of stories. Almost like a film reel running through the floor and the walls, each element in this home is a movie with love, life and drama that brings a feeling of belonging, comfort and calm to the superstar herself.

A sectional pastel couch in blush pink practically invites you to stretch out and the open kitchen and dining area brings a casual and friendly vibe to the home. Corridors within the space are rescued from me monotonous with framed posters of Hegde’s favourite movies. Her profession peeks in prominently in her bedroom, done up as a hang-out spot with a TV unit taking up pride of place for movie night with friends and family. the daylight that floods the rooms through tall windows adds that final touch to a thoughtfully crafted space.

Follow the Style Guide

Hegde’s pristine white home with its pops of colour, personal touches and quirky spirit are design markers to follow if you’re looking to create a calm and elegant space for yourself. And with the Beautiful Homes Service Style Guide, it is within easy reach.

A Pastel Statement in an All-White Space

Hegde’s pretty white living room has a pretty blush pink sofa that, as she describes, adds a feminine touch to the space, and complements the geometric coffee table, the vibrant green plants and the wooden accents. Pastels in a room awash in natural light make for a refreshing and coolly elegant space, and this Sicily sectional sofa in pink will help get that light bright touch to your living room too.

Pooja Hegde’s Mumbai home in a sky-rise is a fitting foil to the colour-filled accoutrements of her professional world
Black and white striped armchair

The best thing about opting for lighter shades and a neutral white backdrop is that you can play around with patterns and prints. If comfort is key for your living room design, as it was for Hegde, then the Winchester classic wingback armchair is just what you need to ensure that, as is the Moroccan 1 seater. Just upholster either in black-and-white striped fabric or play around with other prints such as floral motifs or a solid neutral colour too.

The Bedroom that’s Also a Gathering Space

If you consider your bedroom to be more than a private space for me time and look at it as the spot where friends and family can come in and lounge about while catching up or watching TV, then this bedroom offers many design goals. A comfortable bed? Of course, which is where the Norfolk queen-size bed makes a case for a stylish neutral bed complete with a tufted headboard. A lounge-worthy seat? Why one when you can have two, with a cosy settee, like the Chicago 2 seater, arranged that the foot of your bed. Throw down a light-coloured rug, like this Imprint rug in ashwood and skyline blue, and add a touch of wood to the TV cabinet, like the Imphal sideboard and you might not venture out of the room.

Imphal sideboard
A calm and elegant bedroom
A design influenced by the actor’s two favourite cities—London and New York



Striking black-and-white headboard

Another Bedroom that’s a Space for Escape

On the other hand, if you consider your bedroom to be your space, a retreat to escape to and unwind in, then Hegde’s other bedroom is inspiration-worthy too. The bed is comfortable sure, but it is the striking black-and-white headboard occupying the entire length of the wall that assures comfortable style. And that’s a good tip to follow: create an eye-catching highlight and tone down the other details. You can do so with this Valencia wooden armchair near a window to create a comfy reading nook, add this Sicily ottoman as another seating option and you’ve got your sanctuary. And if you do get a black-and-white headboard, then a clever touch would be a matte black wall light like White Teak’s Lease of Life the way Hegde cleverly added—hidden in plain sight.

Sicily ottoman
Valencia wooden armchair

Counter Point

Hegde went with a specific blue for her kitchen. “We mixed 50 per cent black paint with blue to get this shade.” An open-plan living area is an opportunity to create an uninterrupted, free-flowing space, and if you’ve got big windows that pour in natural light, then you can be assured of an airy, wonderfully bright space. Hegde’s kitchen island is a great addition for quick meals, for friends to perch if she’s cooking and generally brings the space together. The lights overhead make it even more pleasing. If you have room, think about installing an island and making it a place of interest with some well-chosen lighting fixtures too, like the Royal Tea pendant lights from White Teak over the island—if you like the look of exposed filaments, as Hegde does.

Hegde’s clever kitchen area fronted by an island
A dining table carved out of a single log of wood

Dishing Out Style—with a Meal

Hegde’s clever kitchen area fronted by an island has an added layer of seating in the form of the dining space, which has a table carved out of a single log of wood. If you have an open-plan layout, then this is a great way to get in more seating, especially if you enjoy having guests over frequently. Offset a colourful island kitchen with a warm-coloured wooden-topped dining table—like the Jane 6-seater or the Henry 4-seater—matched with Harmya dining chairs in mixed-and-matched upholstery and the Masterclass chandelier over the dining table. It will create a mosaic of warm colours that will enhance your dining experience.

Walk of Fame

Corridors within homes that lead to different rooms can be the blank canvas you need to express your tastes. Sculptural wall lights and sconces that speak to your interior aesthetic, framed family pictures that offer a trip down memory lane, artwork that lends colour and sophistication or like Hegde did with her framed movie posters, elements that talk about your passion and interest.

Quirky touches to express Hegde’s style
The Walk of Fame Hegde did with her framed movie posters

A lovingly done home in white, complete with quirky touches to express Hegde’s style, this suburban Mumbai space is a have high up in the clouds.

Two-seater sectional-sofa

Two-seater Sectional Sofa

Harmya dining chair

Harmya Dining Chair

Four-seater henry dining table

Four-seater Henry Dining Table

Winchester wing chair

Winchester Wing Chair

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