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Art and accessories play lead roles in Janhvi Kapoor's house

  • Colour and Character
Dec 01, 2023
Janhvi Kapoor’s Mumbai home design – Beautiful Homes

The actress’ space manifests warmth, colour and character through paintings, family albums and interesting material play. Asian Paints Where the Heart Is enjoyed a tour through her sprawling Mumbai home this season

Home, or the idea of it, resides in cherished memories, in particular scents, in carefree laughter, or simply being together. For Janhvi Kapoor, the essence of home is captured in the fragrance of mogra—“because mom [Sridevi] would place them around the house—Rahman's music, and a lot of laughter. She’s never been in this house but I feel her energy [in this space].” This multi-storey Mumbai house with a cool minimal palette forms the framework for a deeply personal design narrative. The details that matter and make this house so unique are a whole lot of memories, beautiful artwork and evocative family photos. The interiors reinforce the neutral look with white marble flooring running through the house. However, the well-thought-out artworks that dot the walls are a bold-coloured counterpoint. “We wanted to bring in warmth through the art and that has made this space feel like home.”


The painting by Sridevi that occupies pride of place on a living room wall possibly contributes to that warmth too. Then there is all that greenery too, which finds ways to peek into the space, blurring indoor-outdoor boundaries. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the large living area let in light and greenery. “The trees are right outside these big windows that stretch right up to the bar area,” says Kapoor. Her favourite spot is a cosy seating area with wooden flooring overlooking more greenery.

In Janhvi Kapoor's home, life imitates art, creating a sanctuary of beauty, warmth, and creativity.

The second-floor corridor breathes heart and soul into the space with walls covered in old family pictures. Equally cherished is a replica of an apartment that Sridevi had in a Mumbai building. “It was essentially her pad.” Her father, producer Boney Kapoor, says. “Home is where the family is happy and I feel Sri is still around here. I know wherever she is, she’s happy the kids are finally in a space that makes them happy.”


A Style Guide to Ignite Inspiration

Kapoor's home manifests warmth, colour and character through paintings, family albums and interesting material play. As she says, “Home is about the memories you create in your house, each fabric and colour means something more than just how good it looks in a space.” With this house feature from this season’s Asian Paints’ Where the Heart Is, we look at ways to adapt this singular aesthetic and make it your own.


Fill in Colour Through Art

Use art and accessories in your home to add colour. But make sure you choose pieces in shades that complement your home’s overall aesthetic and align with your personal tastes. Adding colour through works of art, says Kapoor, was always the plan for this space. Sure enough, the house is brimming over with artworks in sometimes colourful, sometimes monochromatic shades. An eye-catching one in teal, another with bold splashes of red that occupies a wall on the landing, a dramatic painting that Sridevi had created hangs in the living room, and a tall large artwork adorns the outdoor area too.

Minimalist living room design – Beautiful Homes

The collection of artworks adds depth, character and colour to the large minimalist living room.

Photo wall design for hallway – Beautiful Homes

The walls of the second-storey corridor are a veritable gallery of family photos that.

Add Warmth with the Personal Pieces

Warmth and colour are not just about décor; often, items and things that evoke a deep personal reaction also add character and dimension. For the Kapoors, their second-storey corridor given over to family photos does just that. It is a veritable album on walls that tells the story of a tight-knit family. Personal photos of family members not only add colour to your home life but personality to your walls. As Kapoor says, “I don’t think any painting can recreate the emotional value of a photo.”

Put Some Thought into the Upholstery

A cool palette has the advantage of being well-suited to just every kind of colour and gives you the freedom to play around with the soft furnishings. Add colour through the cushion covers, curtains or carpets. Alternatively, if you have a smaller space, use colour in smaller accents, like cushion covers or carpets. You can also pick out prints—geometric, ethnic, floral—and enliven the space.


Bring in the Greenery

A bank of floor-to-ceiling windows that look out to dense flora is hardly a common sight in cities. That shouldn’t stop you from adding some to your interiors with hardier plants that can survive with less attention. The Kapoors planned their seating arrangement to incorporate the lush greenery in their outdoor area into the house. The large dining area faces the trees planted outside the large window and blurs the indoor-outdoor boundary. Incorporating plants also serves to add refreshing colour to the space—if not to the extent seen here, then surely in smaller doses.

Chic dining room design - Beautiful Homes

The large white shell of the dining area brings in colour through the paintings, the lush trees outside the tall window, the pop of blue in the dining chairs and the warm wood of the 12-seater table.

Incorporate a Range of Materials

Instead of sticking to just one material, make things interesting by using a diversity of materials. While Kapoor’s house is dominated by stunning white marble flooring, it also incorporates warmer palettes. An outdoor patio where she meditates and does yoga has a striking terracotta wall. A nook for seating has wooden flooring, and gold and silver features show up in subtle ways. Mix things up in your space and opt for different types of flooring in your public and private spaces, create an accent wall in a material of your choice or even introduce metallic elements through light fixtures, floating bookshelves and smaller artefacts, among other things.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Mumbai home design – Beautiful Homes
Janhvi Kapoor’s Mumbai home has a cooler palette with soft shades in neutral tones and colour incorporated through artwork.
Cosy living room design  - Beautiful Homes
This space is a homage to Kapoor’s mother, the late iconic actress Sridevi, and is a replica of an apartment that she owned in Mumbai.
Warm living room design – Beautiful Homes
A favourite spot of Kapoor’s, this seating space near the bar area is in warmer shades; while the furniture is in neutrals, the large paintings on the flanking walls and the greenery outside add colour.
White sofa design for home interiors – Beautiful Homes
A play of material and colour is evident in this corner, where the metallic side table contrasts the neutral palette and the deep red of the painting adds dimension to the space.

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