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Falguni and Shane Peacock’s home is minimal with hints of glam

  • Understated Glam
Dec 01, 2023
Fashion designer couple Falguni and Shane Peacock home interior design – Beautiful Homes

The fashion designers opened the doors of their Mumbai home to Asian Paints Where the Heart Is for a tour of their space designed with a neutral palette, layered with subtle elements of glamour

Falguni and Shane Peacock, well-known purveyors of high-glam fashion, prefer things on the quieter side in their personal space. “Colour surrounds us at work. So, in our home, we wanted to go minimal,” explains Falguni. Shades of warm white layered with mellow golden light dominate this modern Bandra apartment of the well-known designers. The glamour is undeniable but so very subtle—in the metallic touches, the lush furniture and beautiful lights. But the threads that bind the space together are all those intangibles—happy memories, distinct personalities and interesting stories. Those are all expressed through colours and textures, artefacts and art, objects and books in this house. “I know the story behind every object placed around the house,” he says. Like an artefact bought from an antique store in LA, for example. “I’ll never forget that day. We were just browsing around when in walks Harrisson Ford! We couldn’t believe it!” recalls Falguni.


The décor is personal in more ways than that. It is in his abstract paintings that invoke family and bring colour into their space; in her absolute love for the metallic shining through in subtle and obvious ways; and their love for cosy yet minimal spaces. What makes this home, quite literally, personal is a ubiquitous FSP; the logo of their brand is evident throughout the house. It’s on cushion covers, woven into one of the rugs and hidden in the colourful collage of artworks on a living room wall. It even takes the shape of a gold centre table. For the Peacocks, this home is all about warmth, personality and the personal. It is a place to shrug off the day and sink into comfort. “A home speaks about a bond of love. Every passage, wall, element and detail is the result of the connection we have with each other,” says Shane.

The Peacock residence effortlessly mirrors the harmonious blend of Falguni and Shane's complementary personalities.

Guide to Integrate Glamour into Minimalist Spaces

A cosy space, a minimal aesthetic, golden light and hints of glamour round out a welcoming space. The Peacock home is an interesting study of how to create an understated home, and ensure it evokes warmth and underscores a minimal approach. Asian Paints Where the Heart Is home tour offers up a roadmap to get a similar aesthetic for your space too.

Combine Metallic Accents and Diverse Hues

First things first: To get the understated style right, choose minimal furniture pieces with a simple design and clean lines. Let the warmth and glamour come in through smaller colour accents and hints of glossy metal. The casual seating area in the large living room, for example, has a fuss-free sectional sofa with just a single dark-hued cushion and a statement piece of a centre table with slim golden legs.

White living room design for your space – Beautiful Homes

An abstract painting by Shane, titled Famille, is the source of colour; the cushions bring warm colour to a cool space.

Add Glamour with Metallic Accents

Your go-to option for a metallic touch is easily achieved with the right accessories. Brass, copper objects and artefacts around the house will dial up the element of glamour subtly. Also using wall sconces in brass, metallic chandeliers or vintage pendant lights will ensure you can effortlessly incorporate some understated bling into your home. Gold features on doors (even the handles) are another way to do so.

Simple showcase design for your home – Beautiful Homes

This space brings together colour, a fuss-free modern aesthetic and golden glamour (in the FSP-logo-shaped centre table); the artworks on the wall are by Shane.

Use Colour Subtly Through Art and Soft Furnishings

Colour that works its way seamlessly into a modern home is, Shane believes, a great way to use it in your interior design. A simple solution is through artworks and paintings. Choose paintings that you will enjoy looking at and will work well with your interiors. The upside to a minimal look is the ‘anything goes’ credo holds true. A vibrant wallpaper they designed slips in colour quietly in one corner. Also bring in colour through soft furnishings, like rugs, cushion covers, etc. They prevent a light white house from being monotonous.

Use Patterns and Prints

Integrate as many patterns and prints. You can upholster your sofas, for instance. Mix up the prints and patterns, though choose ones that complement each other and don’t make your space look discordant. The Peacocks used artworks, a smattering of rugs and wallpaper to do so.


Pick Some Earthy Accents for a Warm Look

Earthy colours and accents ground a modern aesthetic and make it feel inviting. A chocolate-brown cushion cover over a minimal sofa, as seen in the informal seating area of the living room, is sometimes all that’s needed to enhance a space. Use earthy shades similarly: in the rugs, a throw on the sofa, or even in a larger format, as upholstery for a statement chair.

Cosy bedroom design for your space – Beautiful Homes

The bedroom is done up in darker shades; the table lamps work with the colour of the soft furnishings.

Consider Flowers to Add Refreshing Colour

They’re refreshing, pretty and an easy hack to brighten up spaces. Place fresh flowers in eye-catching vases around the house. Ideally, pick out flowers whose fragrance and colours appeal to you. For Falguni, lavender always wins the day. “I love the smell and the colour of the flower.”

Living room design with wooden cabinets for your space – Beautiful Homes
The wallpaper in this room is by the designers; here, the earth tones, seen in the statement chair, and the wooden furniture pieces.
Stylish living room design – Beautiful Homes
The furniture in the living room ensures an understated yet warm aesthetic; the space also layers in colour, metallic accents and some favourite souvenirs.
Sleek home design for your space – Beautiful Homes
The metallic sculpture next to the white, open shelf and the centre table with its curved golden legs are the touchstones of subtle glamour.
Classy bedroom design – Beautiful Homes
On the wall is a vintage Hermès scarf, which adds colour to the room, as does the painting.
Fashion designer couple Falguni and Shane Peacock home interior design – Beautiful Homes
Fashion designer couple Falguni and Shane Peacock have made comfort a priority in their cosy modern Mumbai home.

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