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Kalyani Saha’s south Delhi home is maximal and eclectic

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Jan 03, 2024
Kalyani Saha, the entrepreneur – Beautiful Homes

The entrepreneur and host par excellence gives us a tour of her home, and her tips on setting a beautiful tablescape for the festivals

We reach Kalyani Saha’s pristine white-on-the-outside home in South Delhi. It is a confluence of old and modern, wild (a sumptuous jungle wallpaper in her dining room) and sleek (dazzling Rezon silverware). She loves opulence and makes no bones about owning it. Kalyani is the proprietor of the luxury silverware brand Rezon. After serving as the Vice President of Christian Dior in India for over a decade she has made her foray into entrepreneurship this time with luxe homeware.


Minutes before our chat Kalyani is razor focussed in adding some finishing touches to her tablescape where she will be hosting a sit-down. “I’m extravagant as a person. Minimalistic isn’t for me. Bare, minimum granite look is great but it is not for me,” she says. She is proud of her Bengali lineage and is a self-proclaimed Bengal Tigress. She shares her home with her 24-year old daughter Tahira Tara who is currently working in London. A gypsy at heart, a connoisseur of beautiful things and a diligent entrepreneur is Kalyani Saha Chawla in a nutshell.  

Kalyani Saha Chawla's South Delhi home is old and modern, wild, as well as sleek. Shw is a maximalist and a luxury enthusiast who has mastered the art of putting distinct things together.

Beautiful Homes: Your home is beautifully eclectic. How have your merged contrasting things so effortlessly?

Kalyani Saha: You know, this home actually came together just like my life. As measured and calculated as it looks it is absolutely the opposite. If I like something when I'm traveling I pick it up. And I'm not really thinking, where am I going to put this? That's the eclecticism of this space. There's a light blue velvet sofa with a contrasting red piping that stands out. Of course you have to tie it all in. I think I’ve mastered the art of putting distinct things together.

Enchanting hall design – Beautiful Homes

The living room is elevated with a light blue velvet sofa with a contrasting red piping.

Simple home interior design – Beautiful Homes

The beautiful Moroccan frame behind the console uplifts the entrance.

BH: Your walls are adorned with Bengali artists. Tell us about your interest in art.

KS: My mother went to Shanti Niketan when she was very young. She was very close to Jamini Roy. I have inherited the works that were gifted to my mother by Jamini Roy. I have seen these works as a child. They have adorned the walls of my Calcutta house and are very special to me.


BH: When you are setting up a console what do you like to incorporate like on it?

KS: At my entrance there's this beautiful Moroccan frame behind the console that I got made. I put the mirrors to give every room the illusion of an extended space. The console has flowers and vases or lamps and fragrant candles. It is a good idea to decorate with coffee table books as well.

A connoisseur of beautiful things and an expert in putting together varying objects, Kalyani Saha Chawla, founder of luxury silverware brand Rezon, describes her festive tablescaping journey.

BH: What according to you are the fundamentals of tablescaping while you entertain your friends and family?

KS: Flowers make such a huge difference. I love greens so I incorporate them when I can. Layering with linens and table mats makes a difference. My silver thalis are placed on chikankari table mats which look special. Candles really do create an ambience. It sets the table apart. Lighting is so important, especially in the evening. It just sets a mood and I personally like dim lighting.


BH: You love sit down dinners. What is so special about your sit-down dinners?

KS: I think that's where you have real conversations. I take a lot of trouble. For me, entertaining 10 people and 100 is the same thing. It is innate in me because I remember my parents, they used to host weekend soirees. It was very engaging because people would recite poetry, and those days social media was non-existent.


BH: What is the focal point of your table?

KS: The food. I love serving Bengali food. It's all homemade. My cook makes my mother’s prawn malai curry. He also makes a really mean Haleem.

White dining room design - Beautiful Homes

Kalyani Saha, proprietor of the luxury silverware brand Rezon.

Silver crockery design – Beautiful Homes

Sleek dazzling Rezon silverware is laid on the dinner table.

BH: And what has been your most memorable soiree or table set up?

KS: I actually take a gigantic amount of trouble, especially for Diwali and Christmas. The lovely part about table setting is how it changes with the season. In summer it's with a lot of Gypsophila and candles. Come Diwali marigold is a beautiful option as it is associated with all things traditional. So last Christmas I had a party where I did an arrangement almost reaching the ceiling like a mad green kind of tablescape.


BH: Where do you draw inspiration from for your table setting?

KS: Inspiration comes from so many places. It could be fashion or art.


BH: What makes a house a beautiful home?

KS: It is always the little things, whether it's a book, whether it's a little artifact from your travels, of course art and paintings just make such a difference. I pay attention to detail and that’s what bring my heart and soul out in my space.


All images by Ashish Sahi

Simple dining room design – Beautiful Homes
Flowers, plants and candle placements sets a table apart.
Stylish crockery design – Beautiful Homes
Kalyani’s love for opulence and extravagance is visible on her table.
Simple wall design – Beautiful Homes
The dining room is a confluence of old, modern and wild with a sumptuous jungle wallpaper.
Kalyani Saha, the entrepreneur – Beautiful Homes
A gypsy at heart, Kalyani Saha is a connoisseur of beautiful things.
Stylish lamp design – Beautiful Homes
Kalyani’s eclecticism is reflected through the different curios placed around her home, sourced from her travels.
Elegant hall design – Beautiful Homes
Kalyani has mastered the art of putting distinct things together.
Chic silverware design – Beautiful Homes
Layering with linens and table mats makes a difference to the aesthetics.

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