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A Mumbai home that reflects the evolution of its residents

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Jun 19, 2024
Spacious Living Room with White Curtain - Beautiful Homes

The well-lit, monochromatic apartment designed by reD Architects is an homage to family ties

A study with wood covered floors and walls reminiscent of ancestral reading dens, home to a floor-to- ceiling library. A bar, housing the owners’ whisky collection, where they create memories with close ones. This home is an expansive space where their young son can grow up along with their pet labrador. The raison d'etre of the 3,000 sq ft ‘BollyGA’ residence in Mumbai, designed by reD Architects for a family of three (well, four) was kinship.

Every corner reflects the well-travelled and well-read family’s predilection to legacy. They have repurposed furniture heirlooms and re-used pieces belonging to the wife’s parents. The focus of the design is to give enough area to the living and dining space where friends and family collect.

Designed by Rajiv Parekh, founding partner at reD Architects and associate architect Ruchira Pimpalkhute, the former shares the thought process behind turning the erstwhile four-bedroom apartment converted into a light-strewn, luxurious two-bedroom refuge.

Beautiful Living Room with Grey Sofa - Beautiful Homes

The Chesterfield pattern sofa in the living room is from Arketipo and the artwork from R.B. Holle.

Beautiful Large Wall Frame Next to Door - Beautiful Homes

The bar seating comes to life with muted furniture atop a rug from Jaipur rugs, and artwork from P.S. Jalaja.

Beautiful Homes: What was the brief you received from the owners?

Rajiv Parekh: The clients are friends now. Their earlier home was designed by us many years ago, so we had an understanding of how their lifestyle had changed since. The brief was partly our understanding of them and partly how their aspirations and expectations for a new home had changed over time.


BH: What were the specific requirements of the clients? In what ways have you brought them to life in the home?

RP: Specifically, they wanted enough space for their son to explore his personality and grow in this home. Allow him to be organised and yet have his things accessible.

For themselves, the couple needed a place for the whisky collection—an active bar, a space to share and create memories with their close ones. A well-lit space simple space that feels like a home to a well-read, well-travelled couple.


BH: Walk us through the home…

RP: A two-layered entrance door ushers you in via a small vestibule into a large living-dining space that leads to a casual seating in front of the bar, an alcove for drinks and intimate conversation.

The formal living is nestled by the window where a large stone table takes centre stage, flanked by seating on all sides. Soft sheers allow for an element of privacy and warmth. The living room leads to the all-white master bedroom. On the other side of the living room is a den (the fourth bedroom), outfitted with a drop-down TV and sofa cum bed.


The dining space is ensconced between the son’s bedroom on one side, and the study nook on the other. Beyond, lie the functional spaces and the backbone of the home, the kitchen and staff area.

6-Seater Black Dining Table with Wooden Legs - Beautiful Homes

In the dining space, a custom-designed table from Alsorg is paired with chairs from ZJM Exports. The dark hues of the furniture perfectly complement the poured epoxy-based floor.

Beautiful Sitting Space Near Window - Beautiful Homes

A sun-strewn corner of the guest room, with chairs from ZJM Exports, rug from Jaipur Rugs and wardrobe by Colored.

BH: Why have you focused on a monochromatic colour palette?

RP: I personally am a little wary of the use of colour and try to use it judiciously even when I do. In this case, the simple white and grey palette paired with spots of colour and carefully curated art works, resonated with both the clients and I.


BH: Can you take us through the materials used and the thought process for choosing them?

RP: We at reD are leaning more and more towards materials that are locally sourced and inherent to our geography. We have still used some Italian limestones but mostly stuck with the cement epoxy floor and engineered wood to allow for the home to feel earthy and also to have the material age with use. We feel there is an honest charm to seeing how material that has aged well, over use, looks vs the spanking forever shiny appeal of materials that are artificially made to look like the natural materials.


BH: What did you keep in mind while selecting the furniture and décor pieces for the home?

RP: Furniture was selected in keeping with the functional and yet elegant vibe of the home. We strongly suggest that pieces have a story and relate to the clients and their collective memories as a family.

Soft White Coloured Bedroom - Beautiful Homes

In the all-white master, the bed and side tables are custom-made.

Beautiful Black Dressing Table with Oval Mirror - Beautiful Homes

Displaying the couple’s predilection for family ties, in the powder bathroom sits an antique cabinet that belonged to the family that has been re-purposed as a bathroom vanity.

BH: Did you plan a lot of nature-themed elements (animal sculptures, bee painting, plant-motifs)?

RP: I honestly had not noticed this until you mentioned. It was not intentional and nor was the theme a guiding force. But now that you mention it, it does look like we leaned heavily towards the same. I think the large tree canopy outside shielding the home from the eyes of the neighbours may have influenced us.


BH: Like the antique cabinet-turned-vanity in the bathroom, have you repurposed more furniture and décor pieces?

RP: The cabinet was one of their inherited furniture heirlooms which we repurposed. Similarly, we have repurposed some old trunks that her parents actually used when they first went abroad to study and many collectible objects around the house are things her parents collected. The book collection in the library is a combination of the couple’s books as well as those of her father—he left an amazing collection for his daughter.


All images by Talib Chitalwala

Spacious Living Room with White Curtain - Beautiful Homes
In the living room, the chairs in the foreground and the trunks come from the client’s personal collection. They have been re-finished in fabric and leather respectively. Pendant lights are from Flos.
Honey Bee Square Wallpaper in Living Room - Beautiful Homes
In another corner of the living room, sits a centre table from Alsorg, a custom-made sofa by ZJM Exports and a rug from Jaipur rugs. The artwork on the wall is by Tanuja Rane, while the objects scattered throughout are from various sourcing trips with the clients.
Wooden Wall Themed Home Office - Beautiful Homes
The well-read couple’s study nook is a haven for readers, and the books are catalogued and arranged by genre.
Full Length Book Shelf in Library - Beautiful Homes
The study nook has engineered wood flooring from FCML.
Soft White Bedroom Corner Near Window - Beautiful Homes
An airy, light-filled reading nook in the master bedroom is made cosier with a large single couch and thick pile rug.
Beautiful Kids Bedroom with World Map - Beautiful Homes
The son’s bedroom is filled with décor objects bought or made by him, reflective of his personality.
Creative Kids Study Room in White Colour - Beautiful Homes
Outfitted with a custom-made study displaying his many interests, the son’s room is perfect to grow with him.
Blue Wall Tiles and White Floor Tiles Bathroom - Beautiful Homes
A view of the son’s bathroom.

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