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Mrinalini Chandra opens her new Mumbai home to Lord Ganesha

  • Festive Interior Design
Sep 18, 2023
Mrinalini Chandra's Ganesh setup in her Mumbai home - Beautiful Homes

The kaleera designer of every Bollywood bride, gives us a tour of her home and takes us through her own decorations, traditions and feast for one of India’s most beloved festivals

Amidst the pomp and festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi, handmade jewellery, an eco-friendly Ganpati and lots of modaks make for warm celebrations in this home in Mumbai we visited. This year as we step into the home of B-Town's kaleera maestro, Mrinalini Chandra, the whiff and artistry of floral arrangements and handmade jewellery are unveiled in the striking sanctum of Lord Ganesha. A passionate Indian couture jewellery designer from Lucknow, Mrinalini’s creations can be best described as an eclectic range of whimsical, slightly modern, slightly traditional pieces inspired by her fascination with flowers.


Against the backdrop of her new Mumbai abode, Mrinalini starts this new chapter with the auspiciousness of Ganesh Chaturthi. From glittering garlands to the vibrant table, Mrinalini with her husband Aditya and adorable Weimaraner Mirza offer glimpses of their home and celebration. Edited excerpts:

Amidst the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi, handmade jewellery, an eco-friendly Ganpati and lots of modaks make for warm celebrations at B-Town's kaleera maestro, Mrinalini Chandra's new home in Mumbai.


Beautiful Homes: Tell us everything about your first Ganesh Chaturthi in this home.

Mrinalini Chandra: Since this is my first Ganpati at home, I wanted to keep it sustainable. The idea of being able to share the joy is really big for me. Inspired by eco-friendly nature of the chocolate Ganpati, I decided to do the same. Here the visarjan is actually in milk which can then it can be distributed among children. I don’t want to add or contribute to the idea of buying a mural and dispersing it into water.  For me, the festivities are going to revolve around food. There’s an NGO in Virar, that delivers authentic stuffing for modaks. My husband and I will be making them together. 


Our Bappa is wearing our own hand enameled jewellery. We do a lot of flower inspired jewellery and as you can see in my house, I am obsessed with flowers. He is wearing a beautiful bougainvillea necklace made in Jaipur. 

BH: What is that childhood Ganesh Chaturthi tradition that you hold close to your heart?

MC: I think for me, Ganesh Chaturthi was always about modaks. Coming from Lucknow, this sweet wasn’t very common there and the sight of it was very exciting for me. Along with lots of family coming over, we used to visit friends who were doing Ganesh Chaturthi in their houses, and I used to always wonder, how will it be if I do my own. It’s a very positive and optimistic kind of festival.

Mrinalini Chandra with her family - Beautiful Homes

Mrinalini with her husband Aditya and adorable Weimaraner Mirza. Image courtesy, Sheldon Healy

BH: Any interesting anecdotes vis-à-vis the festival?

MC: When I was small, I used to think that the biggest mural has the biggest blessings. I realised how it doesn’t matter, like the size, the decorations. It's eventually the best that you can do and must really come from your heart. I feel all Ganpati’s are equally beautiful, I like mine and I am sure you like yours.

Mrinalini Chandra's Ganesh setup in her Mumbai home - Beautiful Homes

Ganesh setup at Mrinalini Chandra's home. Image courtesy, Sheldon Healy

Variety of modaks - Beautiful Homes

Modaks of different colours grace the table. Image courtesy, Sheldon Healy

BH: Take us through your table décor. What sweets, savouries and crockery are on display today?

MC: Since now we are in Mumbai, I have got things that are locally celebrated. So, we have kothambir vadi, modak, ladoo and dhokla. Of course, I come from UP, so there’s jalebi, my favourite dessert. You can see my love for flowers in my table décor too. Most of my crockery is sourced from Jaipur. It’s a lot of fun things to have together!

BH: How do you look after the guests visiting during these days?

MC: We keep our doors open to anybody who wants to come. Food is always on the table. If somebody wants to sit and have a chat with us, we are happy or if somebody wants to pay their respects and leave, that’s also fine. The idea is to share!

Chocolate Ganpati at Mrinalini Chandra's home - Beautiful Homes

Eco-friendly chocolate Ganpati adorning jewellery designed by Mrinalini herself. Image courtesy, Sheldon Healy

Blue walls with arches by Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

Inspired by blue walls with arches in a Jaipur palace, Mrinalini crafted a similar aesthetic in her living room with the help of Asian Paints. Image courtesy, Sheldon Healy

BH: You have recently completed your home. What was the best part of designing it?

MC: I guess the best part was getting to do it with my husband. So normally I am the one with aesthetics, but when we started doing the house, we realised that he had some really good ideas as well and he wanted to experiment with so many things which we hadn't discussed before. 


I was very inspired by a room in a Jaipur palace which has blue walls with arches. It stayed with me, and I wanted to bring that alive somewhere in my house. I have come a little bit close to that. Asian Paints came really handy, because they were very helpful in suggesting all possible blues till I found the one I liked. I am a person who loves colours, so in my house I don’t think we have gone with a white wall in any of the rooms. All our paints are from Asian Paints. I am glad now the home is contemporary yet rustic and it all came together so well for us.

Ganesh Chaturthi table setup - Beautiful Homes
Different sweets savouries and her hand enameled jewellery are featured on crockery sourced from Jaipur.
Rustic dining area design - Beautiful Homes
Six seater circular dining table renders a rustic vibe to the room.
Bougainvillea inspired earrings designed by Mrinalini Chandra - Beautiful Homes
Blue bougainvillea earrings designed by Mrinalini Chandra.
Flower decoration at Mrinalini Chandra's home - Beautiful Homes
Her fascination with flowers continues from living room to the dining table.
Bougainvillea inspired pendant designed by Mrinalini Chandra - Beautiful Homes
Pink bougainvillea pendant designed by Mrinalini Chandra.
Jewellery designer Mrinalini Chandra - Beautiful Homes
Mrinalini Chandra with her Ganesh Chaturthi setup.

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