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This home uses colour to unify its eclectic décor

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Jul 28, 2023
Living dining space epoxy flooring – Beautiful Homes

For a family of five with different tastes, filled with a play of colour, materials, textures and styles—the ‘Philocalist’s Abode’ by Baldiwala Edge lives up to its name

Out of the pursuit of artistic individualism was born an eclectic, design-centric home with striking colours. While the view from the twenty-third floor Worli apartment is breathtaking, it’s interiors that truly mesmerise. The four-bedroom home housing three generations was handed over to Ali Baldiwala, Interior Designer and Partner at Baldiwala Edge, to be transformed into a space that encapsulated tastes of the owners.


Along with his design team, including designers Manoj Chalke and Kavya Salian, Baldiwala carefully crafted the 4000 square-foot house into a home bursting with colour, art, vintage curios, family artefacts, eccentric lighting and tasteful furnishings elevated by Italian and English furniture that work well with the locally-designed bespoke ones.


We sat down with Ali Baldiwala to take a tour of the home and understand his design process. Edited excerpts from an interview:

Beautiful Homes (BH): What was the broad design approach for this home?

Ali Baldiwala (AB): It’s a house for three different generations—a couple, their son and daughter, both of whom are in their twenties, and the husband’s mother. Each had a very different approach to design and aesthetics with a very clear idea of what they wanted. Bringing these distinct ideas together and honouring what each wanted was quite challenging from a design perspective. The daughter wanted English and Art Deco styles while the son wanted New York loft house and industrial inspired surroundings. The wife wanted a lot of colour, the husband leaned more to subdued elegance and his mother wanted something very simple featuring a lot of natural elements. Our design decisions were based on giving each room a distinct personality; the concept and approach was more eclectic.

Modern hallway design with sea green wall panels – Beautiful Homes

The bar features a bespoke, wood and brass, live edge high table supported toughened glass on both sides as legs of the table complemented by rust velvet bar stools. The herringbone wooden flooring adds a warm dimension with the bar area being concealed behind pocket door shutters in the pistachio partition.

BH: How did you fulfil their requirements yet create a cohesive language for the décor?

AB: A common thread that deeply ties the whole visual together is colour. With each space displaying such a varied language, it was colour that created a distraction from the design elements and connected the home as a whole. Another thing the family was unified on was that their art and collectible pieces needed to stand proud. This was another element that imparted a cohesiveness to the home. The family had an eye for details and aesthetics, however different. That’s why we called the project The Philocalist’s Abode—it means someone who admires beauty.

Living room design with yellow & white sofa – Beautiful Homes

The entrance opens up to design-centric living and dining areas on one side displaying a retro vibe blended with a spark of contemporary. The formal seating area features a striking mustard sofa complemented with white ones. The family’s treasure art, antiques and artefacts like the Lalique swans take centre stage.

Master bedroom design with round false ceiling – Beautiful Homes

The master bedroom features a soothing palette brought to life by a wallpapered metal arch behind the bed. The milky white marble floor offsets the cool tones and pops of blue in the TV unit. At the entrance to the room lies an oblong console topped by semi-precious stone and brass legs.

BH: Let’s delve deeper into how you used colour throughout the home.

AB: The home avoids bland at all cost; colour is the star of the show. In the living room, which has a very contemporary feel, there are a lot of fabrics, rugs and furniture pieces in general that bring in the colour. The curved-shaped fluted partition in a pistachio green shade (Asian Paints Matt PU River Cruise 7680) takes centre stage. The adjoining study features a palette of sunset tones elevated by a high gloss red lacquered chair. In the den, it’s the central burgundy stripe that runs on the ceiling and down the wall and the L-shape sofa in peacock colours that stands out against the mosaic wall and shelves made of Statuario marble. The design element in the kitchen became English but it’s the olive-green shutters paired with rust tones that stands out. The son’s room, though industrial in style, uses colour in the form of the exposed brick wall, which features variations in colour and texture, paired with a pop of green. The daughter’s bedroom was a confluence of design with colour being the common thread—from the colour-block yellow and white wardrobe to the impressive custom mural by Za Works. Finally, the master bedroom is soothing and elegant with cool blues of the television unit (Asian Paints Matt PU Tea Swirl 7481) and the arched, wallpapered element behind the bed.  Forming a neutral base to all these colours and elements throughout the home are soft white walls and ceilings (Asian Paints Royale Love Song L144).


BH: What are a few stand-out features of the home for you?

AB: I have a few but one that really springs to mind is the entrance. The foyer, dominated by tons of gold and earth, stands out because of the main door made of brass sheets that are riveted on top of the plywood. The richness is balanced by the marble flooring thoughtfully crafted to mirror the keys of a piano. The patterned floor is inlayed in Cremo Delicato, Rosso Alicante and Swiss machina marbles. How apt that the marble flooring of the entrance portrays piano keys—it’s like you are walking on musical notes into a symphony of colours.

Living dining space epoxy flooring – Beautiful Homes

Baldiwala softened and divided the large, rectangular living room by creating a curved fluted partition in pistachio green PU and continued the curved geometry on the ceiling. The partition conceals a home bar behind shutters on one end and a cosy den on the other.

Glass top dining table with blue tufted chairs – Beautiful Homes

Adorning the heart of the dining room is the dining table in timber and glass surrounded by lush velvet chairs. Two marble-topped credenzas designed in hand textured wood bring symmetry and character to the space; works of art by Artist Gopal Adivrekar hang above both. In between lies a dramatic centre storage unit designed in ash wood, teak wood and brass.

Rounded sofa chair design with wall murals – Beautiful Homes

With colour bringing the home together, it’s the wall mural by ZA Works in the daughter’s bedroom that steals the show. Running the entire length of the wall, it paints a tale of a lady sitting with her thoughts in the calm of a night sky while a young boy, victim to his curiosity, peers through the bushes. Adding a softer mood, the ancient Roman god of love Cupid, witnesses the scene from the starry skies above.

Narrow hallway design with brown cabinets – Beautiful Homes

The entrance stands out for the brass door and marble inlay flooring representing piano keys. One wall features a metallic, textured cabinet with geometric detailing. The other side is adorned with a brass and black side table.

Study room corner with wall-mounted table – Beautiful Homes

The muted sunset tones of the study are accentuated by a high gloss red lacquered chair. The sofa in boucle fabric, warm wooden flooring and a bespoke Japanese-inspired wooden cupboard complete the look while artworks by Poonam Agarwal cement the colour scheme. To the right of desk is an open unit in wood featuring a wallpapered back in monochromatic patterns.

Modular kitchen design with green laminated cupboards – Beautiful Homes

The common thread of colour continues in the unfussy kitchen that features rustic tones elevated by olive green cabinet shutters. The modular kitchen boasts of in-built appliances and high-end systems that add modern touches.

Tufted futon design for sitting room area – Beautiful Homes

The partition leads to a cosy den featuring an eclectic mix of design elements. Personal treasures, collectible artefacts and quirky curios are displayed in shelves made of statuario marble verticals with the extra marble pieces used to create a mosaic wall on the other side, an almost mantel for the Souza art that rests above. The central colour block in burgundy accentuates the white walls.

Bedroom design with exposed brick walls – Beautiful Homes

The son’s bedroom features a NYC loft vibe. The room is visually divided by a previously present central beam that Balidiwala incorporated into the loft design with sloping ceiling elements and wood rafters. Rustic red bricks and wooden flooring create the backdrop while metal accents add industrial modern minimalism.

Yellow & white cupboard design with attached dressing table – Beautiful Homes

The daughter’s bedroom sees influences of Art Deco, French and English styles blended to create a colourful, dreamy vibe. The white and yellow wardrobe shutters are elevated by English mouldings and a venetian mirror in the dresser niche. The bedroom also features an Art Deco inspired headboard with burgundy-hued suede elements as well as brass and glass wall scones and a suspended chandelier.

Luxury bathroom with double sink design – Beautiful Homes

The grand master bathroom features white marble flooring and walls cladded in Versace gold marble. The vanity, shutters and back wall are clad in a fluted marble design. Gold bathroom fixtures and wall sconces add glossy touches while the custom chest of drawers are finished in leather.

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