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This Mumbai apartment is all sleek lines and uncluttered spaces

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Feb 23, 2024
Aesthetic bedroom design idea for your space – Beautiful Homes

Designer Rohini Bagla of ​​Studio Rohini Bagla shares how she worked closely with the Asian Paints DécorPro team to conceptualise this elegant yet practical home 

A young couple—Meghna and Ravi reached out to interior designer Rohini Bagla, founder of ​​Studio Rohini Bagla, to conceptualise the interiors of their 3 BHK apartment in Powai, Mumbai. The clients wanted a luxurious home that was practical at the same time. Rohini worked closely with the Asian Paints DecorPro team to make their dream home a reality. As Meghna and Ravi love to cook and host, they desired an open kitchen that was chic and functional. For this reason, Rohini incorporated a modular kitchen from Sleek by Asian Paints. In addition, the homeowners wanted their apartment to be well lit with plenty of ambient lighting. Bagla sourced all the decorative lighting fixtures and architectural lights from The White Teak Company by Asian Paints. Moreover, to make the compact apartment appear larger than it is, Rohini Bagla used a muted colour palette by Beautiful Homes Services' painting solutions. The result is an opulent yet functional apartment, which is a tranquil retreat for the clients to come home to.


Furthermore, this sumptuous Powai abode showcases numerous unique elements that add character to the home. It features an open kitchen, which is connected to the dining and living room. The living space opens into a light-filled balcony with a bar area, a swing, and expansive windows. The well-appointed bedrooms are serene sanctuaries with modern furniture pieces, cosy soft furnishings and ample storage. The home is an airy, light-filled space with smart storage solutions, striking furnishings and thoughtfully curated decor accessories. The interior designer has seamlessly united aesthetics and functionality across the entire home.


Here, she takes us on a tour of the Powai apartment and shares tips on conceptualising aesthetically pleasing yet practical homes.

Beautiful Homes (BH): How did the family envision their home? What were the specific requirements of the family?

Rohini Bagla (RB): Our client sought a luxurious and modern 3 BHK residential apartment that prioritises efficient space utilisation. The focus was on creating a compact yet indulgent design aesthetic. Our aim was to create a serene and opulent retreat for the occupants. The concept presents a modern luxury residential interior design that marries contemporary aesthetics, functionality, and opulence. We focused on crafting an elegant and comfortable living space that reflects the owner's style and enhances their quality of life. Throughout the apartment, high-quality materials and finishes are used to enhance the feeling of luxury and sophistication. The project is carefully crafted to align with the client's budget and timeline, ensuring seamless execution and a truly exceptional outcome. 

Chic living room design – Beautiful Homes

The Powai apartment designed by Rohini Bagla of Studio Rohini Bagla features lighting fixtures by The White Teak Company and wall paints by Asian Paints.

BH: What was the idea behind the aesthetic of this home?

RB: The design concept of this apartment combines modern luxury with compact space optimisation. This includes incorporating neutral and subtle hues, pop-out accents, and gold elements to create a serene and luxurious ambience. Space utilisation is optimised through careful planning of room layouts, efficient storage solutions, and integrated furniture. Additionally, lighting is strategically planned to highlight key design elements and create the desired ambiance. Smart home technology and automation systems are integrated for enhanced convenience and comfort.

Modern modular kitchen design for your space – Beautiful Homes

The modular kitchen is from Sleek by Asian Paints.

BH: The home features an open kitchen from Sleek by Asian Paints. What are the advantages of having a modular kitchen?

RB: The open kitchen is designed to welcome guests and facilitate seamless integration of food preparation and socialising. High-quality materials and finishes were chosen to align with the modern luxury design concept through the open kitchen from Sleek by Asian Paints. We picked a modular kitchen with matte PU finish and built-in handles. I love that the modular kitchens by Sleek by Asian Paints are highly customisable. In addition, the sleek and contemporary design of modular kitchens adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. The wide range of finishes and materials available allows homeowners to achieve a cohesive look that complements the style of their living space.

BH: The apartment features beautiful lighting fixtures and architectural lights. Where are they sourced from and how do they help elevate the interiors?

RB: The apartment features architectural and decorative lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company by Asian Paints. I believe that lighting plays a very important role in home interiors. When the lights are layered well, it creates an enchanting ambience. Layering different types of lighting, including ambient, task, and accent lighting, adds depth and dimension to the interiors. Moreover, thoughtfully designed lighting fixtures and adjustable lighting create the desired ambience in the home.


BH: How did the Asian Paints DécorPro team help you make the clients’ dream home a reality?

RB: The Asian Paints DécorPro team was very prompt in their services. Whenever I had any requirements for the site, they took immediate action and made sure that the products and services were delivered on time. Furthermore, the Asian Paints products were always of the best quality. That’s how they helped in making the clients’ dream home a reality.


BH: How was your experience working with the Asian Paints DécorPro team?

RB: It has been quite some time since I have been working with the Asian Paints DécorPro team and I feel like they complement and help interior designers and architects in the best possible way. They assist us in executing our sites faster through the timely delivery of their services and products. 

Simple corner design for your space – Beautiful Homes

Against a green backdrop, the open metal shelves feature different artefacts.

Bedroom study table design – Beautifull Homes

Wooden groove wall panelling differentiates the study table from the rest of the room.

BH: Do you have any interior design tips for people who would like to craft spaces with a similar design aesthetic?

RB: The unique residential design of this successfully shows that homes can be warm and welcoming while being highly functional and matching the clients’ tastes and preferences at the same time. My only guideline for crafting a space similar to this home is to create a sense of understated luxury. This means that even if different finishes and design elements such as neutral colours, clean lines, and minimalistic furniture are used for an understated aesthetic—all these design features should blend well to create a cohesive narrative.


BH: For this home, what Asian Paints DecorPro services did you use?

RB: All the paints in the home are by Asian Paints. Additionally, we incorporated an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional modular kitchen from Sleek by Asian Paints and we used The White Teak Company’s architectural and decorative lighting fixtures as well. 

Swing chair design for balcony – Beautiful Homes
The balcony features a swing for the residents to unwind after a long day.
Small cupboard design for your space – Beautiful Homes
The balcony houses a compact bar cabinet.
Elegant home interiors for your space – Beautiful Homes
As the clients love to cook and host, the home houses an open modular kitchen from Sleek by Asian Paints.
Blue wall design for bedroom – Beautiful Homes
White grooves and indents imbue character to the bed back wall painted in Asian Paints.
Enchanting bedroom design idea for your space – Beautiful Homes
The bedroom exhibits vibrant paints from Asian Paints and lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company.
Aesthetic bedroom design idea for your space – Beautiful Homes
The bedrooms are equipped with modern furniture and soft furnishings. All the paints are sourced from Asian Paints.
Modern blue bedroom design for your space – Beautiful Homes
The son’s bedroom features paints from Asian Paints, wooden furniture and storage.
Simple bathroom design idea for your space – Beautiful Homes
The bathrooms also exhibit lighting fixtures from The White Teak Company.

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