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This rented Mumbai flat is a study in subtle elegance

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Nov 24, 2021
The home decor features warm whites & self-textured fabrics with wall art - Beautiful Homes

In one of the tallest skyscrapers, this apartment boasts of stunning views of the Maximum City with a minimalistic design approach

When Avnish Chhabria, the founder of Wellbeing Nutrition, approached Preetu Muley Pandey, Founder & Chief Interior Designer, Pree D'fine, he had one non-negotiable request—that his home be ready to move in within six weeks. The rented apartment on the 72nd floor of Lodha Park in Mumbai, had to be decorated with something old and something new, and Pandey’s team did exactly that in record time, letting the family move into their home in the fifth week.


As one enters the living room, the view of the cityscape leaves a lasting impression, but look inwards, and you see a monochrome colour scheme at play—warm whites dominating the room, with touches of brown and tan added for a balanced contrast. Home to the couple and their son, this three-bedroom abode is spread across 1,530 square feet

An Inviting Entrance

The main door opens into a foyer before branching out into a living-cum-dining space. To make it look more inviting, the designer added décor elements to personalise the space and conceal a few bits. Explains Pandey, “Medium-length foyers can look very abrupt, so it was important to give it a sense of flow and keep the eyes busy. We concealed the electrical distribution board shutter with a framed photograph that added depth to the space. We also used trinkets from their Africa trip to build a story and wrapped them with greens anchored to the floor. The mirror addition was to make the spectator a part of this preface.”

Foyer design is personalised by adding souvenirs from owner’s travels - Beautiful Homes

The foyer has been personalised by adding souvenirs from the owner’s travels, and a large painting to conceal the electrical board.

Rattan bar table created by the interior designers to make it visually appealing - Beautiful Homes

The rattan bar table was created in-house by the designer’s team, to make it visually appealing for the couple who entertains a lot.

The foyer leads to a dining area where a dining table that seats eight is placed under a horizontal hanging lamp. Picked from a local store, it adds to the contemporary décor that is amplified with the art on the wall behind it. A console with planters completes the look, and brings in the greens as the client requested.


As one walks ahead, the large seating space envelopes the living room. Muted, off-white couches in different sizes and shapes with a coffee table with rounded edges take centrestage. The rug underneath blends with the flooring, giving it a subtle, elevated feel. “The client wanted a home that is modern, contemporary, and done up in pastel hues with plants and art around. We knew about his inclination towards warm whites, and consciously picked only self-textured fabrics. We also added warm shades of wood and tan to the décor to balance it out,” adds Pandey. 


Adjacent to the seating area lies the bar which was created in-house by the designer and her team. “We specially designed the bar corner for a family that entertains a lot and loves their spirits. The rattan bar table is visually light and full of character while smoothly concealing the storage space behind it. We used nostalgic materials to unite the old with the new,” reveals Pandey. The art on the wall perfectly frames this corner, and was a gift from a family member to the clients.

An Art-Filled Haven

Each of the three bedrooms have a distinct mood and theme to it, yet the common thread of monochrome subtlety seamlessly makes its way. The master bedroom belongs to the couple, and houses pieces of art that reflect their love for one another. The sheer curtains, candles, and other delicate décor accessories further enhance this vibe.


The son’s bedroom dons a black-and-white look with a tiled rug placed under the bed that matches its headboard. The oversized art above it gives the room the required character, without the need for other décor elements. The third bedroom is again minimally done and reflects the two-toned theme running across the home.

Living room interior design with warm whites, art & indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

The client wanted to do up the space in warm whites with art and plants to create a cosy ambience.

The home design, even though minimally decorated, is inviting and has several pieces that grab your attention. “We are strong believers of personalising spaces and so the client and us together picked pieces of art that reflected their personality. Since this was a rented apartment, ​​we did minimal finishes on the walls and focused on the smaller details that actually add to the experience. The entire shell was maintained as is without any structural changes,” she concludes.

The dining room is the first seating space of this rented apartment - Beautiful Homes
The dining area is the first seating space of this apartment.
The home décor features warm whites & self-textured fabrics with wall art - Beautiful Homes
The décor features warm whites in self-textured fabrics. The painting behind the bar is done by a family member
The master bedroom is decorated with delicate décor items like pendant light - Beautiful Homes
The master bedroom is decorated with delicate elements to keep it romantic.
Art for bedroom décor is handpicked by the owners & interior designers - Beautiful Homes
The art in the bedroom is handpicked by the owners and designers to showcase the couple’s love.
Bedroom interior with a full-length wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes
One side of the bedroom has a full-length wardrobe, while the other opens to views of the city.
Bedroom design has a bold black & white tone with an oversized wall art - Beautiful Homes
The son’s bedroom features a bold black-and-white tone with an oversized piece of art on the wall.
Third bedroom design has off white & tan colour palette in the décor - Beautiful Homes
The third bedroom continues the off-white and tan colour scheme in its décor.

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