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Asian Paints’ Trend Forecast for 2023 is moody and edgy

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Mar 13, 2023
Accessorized grey living room ideas – Beautiful Homes

ColourNext is a comprehensive forecast of trends in colours, materials, textures and finishes that's relevant for the subcontinent. The first trend, Gothilicious, is an authentic individual narrative that explores complex ideas and embraces powerful emotions

As avenues of self-expression increase, we are building an authentic, individual narrative, one that explores complex thoughts and ideas, embraces powerful emotions and how our histories shape our environment. As we put ourselves up, front and centre, rejecting mass uniformity, we are acknowledging the shadows with the light. The absorbing and moody, sensual and sensorial, statement-making and out-there are all the darker parts of us that have greater acceptance than ever before. Enter darker colours, edgy and scarred surface textures that take centre stage and vulnerable yet evocative finishes. Polarity is shifting away from neutrals, making way for darker, rawer sentiments, a definitive aesthetic and an understated gothic essence. Anticipatory and lush palettes that are reminiscent and revivalist are being utilised with new twists and hints to the past and the future.

It’s Not all Doom and Gloom

The use of darker colours is not only about darker, deeper sentiments, it's finding acceptance in the most unlikely places too, owing to its innate glamour and sophistication. Some of the foremost parts of our lives that are associated with new beginnings, comfort and joy also come cloaked in blacks now, just because sometimes nostalgia can be fun. Goth business casuals, kitchen countertops, sleep pajamas and even baby clothes are all embracing this colour palette like never before.

Infused food with black addictive’s - Beautiful Homes

The food industry has been quick to catch up with foods infused with black charcoal, black sesame and even black garlic being hailed as the essence of immortality. Image courtesy, Getty Images

Gothic architecture rose on the ashes of war, power & loss - Beautiful Homes

Gothic architecture rose on the ashes of war, power struggles and loss. Image courtesy, Getty Images

Our History Makes Our Present

Gothic architecture rose on the ashes of war, power struggles and loss and present times have seen a resurgence after the turbulence of the past two years. The pandemic and political upheaval has altered us at a fundamental level and there are lessons people are not willing to forget even as they are now focused on moving on. This processing of grief and dipping into how we are feeling is finding expression in transformative, transdisciplinary ways.

A Pop Culture Reclamation

If there is a change underway, popular culture is always at the forefront, leading and reflecting how people are viewing themselves and their surroundings. In the last year, TV shows, the music industry, fashion and even food have embraced darker palettes. Only Murders in the Building and Stranger Things, Hulu and Netflix’s popular shows, are capturing this mood with deconstructed walls, vintage furniture and revivalist Victorian buildings while HBO’s House of the Dragon builds even further on Game Of Thrones’ gothic legacy. American singer Billie Eilish is leading the trend in the music industry and fashion has gone to town with labels such as Blumarine, Khaite and the pioneer of black clothing for women, Chanel, making goth the central theme for their 2022 collections.

Met Gala celebrity look that were powerful - Beautiful Homes

Fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala, saw celebrities challenging the traditional notions of ‘The Gilded Age’, with looks that were powerful, rich and iterative. Image courtesy, Getty Images

Lush period novel Wuthering Heights & Rebecca are some other favorite inspirations - Beautiful Homes

Lush period novels Wuthering Heights and Rebecca are some other favorite inspirations as long as they come in yellowed, leatherbound tomes. Image courtesy, Unsplash

The Rise of Dark Academia

What started as a little Tumblr trend for students with a penchant for gothic buildings, classic literature and vintage clothing, went on to become a Tik Tok sensation last year. Dark academia is a movement led by a young audience that gained groundswell as schools closed and social media users built their own romanticized ones online. This online community is a stylish world that likes its members smart and a little moody, where study groups are the ultimate social activity and hallowed, historical colleges the ultimate destination. A dark academician’s ideal space resembles a Baroque palace, a Victorian building or even an English countryside.


Blacks, Greens and Chestnut explore the intensity of pristine, engulfing colours. This is a colour palette that holds you in its thrall with its depth, mystery and drama. The high pigment and heavy black undertones make for a set of colours that become a shadow of each other, sitting harmoniously and impactfully. Deep reds, aged tan browns and black sea are colours that hold their secrets, only hinting at what lies beneath, what rooms have witnessed over the years.

Colour forecast by Asian Paints - Beautiful Homes

A colour palette that holds you in its thrall with its depth, mystery and drama that sit harmoniously and impactfully.


Deep and absorbing materials like Molten metal – Beautiful Homes

Deep and absorbing materials like Molten metal.

Hard Materials

Deep and absorbing, these materials convey a sense of a journey, the process showing itself in their imperfect and beaten surfaces. Replete with character, these materials are underlined by friction, retaining natural flaws and acquired marks. In our personal spaces they add a touch of intrigue, narrate a story or become foundational pieces with their monochromatic palettes and strong presence.

Soft Materials

Statement-making and luxurious, these materials make for old-world glamour and mystique. The materials can be used to make a space decadent, classic or highshine. Soft yet strong, from table settings to furnishings, these materials can be used to bring a Victorian touch or create a decidedly sleek, high-fashion look to your interior design.

Statement-making & luxurious materials like faux fur – Beautiful Homes

Statement-making and luxurious materials like faux fur.


Dark Regal Glamorous

Glamorous and tactile, the wallpapers stand out and anchor a room, adding a compelling narrative and depth. Incorporating a range of metallic and matte finishes, this collection is not one that conforms, but challenges and elevates. The rich, dark hues give rooms regality and can be used for a maximalist or a paired-back look.


Inky Dark Absorbing

Dark, absorbing and inky textures with an underlying sense of mystery and glamour, the textures are attention-grabbing and statementmaking. Shades of black are superimposed with abstract strokes and metallic accents for an intense and sensorial collection.

Lusture wallpaper ideas for your home – Beautiful Homes

Lusture W184XS25B75 Wallpaper.

Royale Play Plateau Black Texture for your home– Beautiful Homes

Royale Play Plateau Black Texture.


Kim Kardashian made a statement on power and the pandemic in her all-black Balenciaga outfit at the Met Gala 2021. “People would know instantly it was Kim because of her silhouette, they wouldn’t even need to see her face, you know? And I think that’s the whole power of her celebrity, that people wouldn’t need to see her face to know it’s her,” Balenciaga designer and creator of the outfit, Demna Gvasalia said. Kardashian felt the dress was a fitting outfit in a year that was defined by masks.


Designer Yohji Yamamoto has championed the quiet power and moodiness of the colour black his entire career. For the 2022 menswear collection, the designer combined the influences of Polish painter Zdislaw Beksinski’s dystopian universe with Charles Dicken’s bleak Victorian world and gave it an Edward Scissorhands twist


Ceramic artist Laura Pasquino retains the textures and organic nuances of clay, even leaving the fingerprints and tool marks gathered during the process of making, to give a natural finish and retain character.


Antoni Gaudi worked with a goth aesthetic and made it all his own at the start of the 20th century, emerging as a pioneering figure of art nouveau and modernism. Japanese artist Kengo Kuma has designed a sculptural mesh curtain made of 1,64,000 meters of aluminium as part of a renovation of Casa Batla, a mansion designed by Gaudi in 1904. Mesmerizing and monotone, the curtain uses dark colours to a rich and glamorous effect.


Made by architects Alan Organschi and Aaron Schiller, the Chilmark House uses the burnt wood technique as a symbol of grit and character, a beautiful showcase of longevity in the face of distress.


TITLE IMAGE, FROM TOP On 1st shelf is the Stratosphere showpiece by The White Teak Company; On 2nd shelf is the emerald green crystal décor objects by Esssajees; On 3rd shelf is the old brass christian monstrance by Essajees; Bandstand home décor by The White Teak Company; Ruthless marble floor lamp by The White Teak Company; Osaka benito 1-seater emerald sofa by Nilaya furniture

Photography, Kunal Daswani

Styling, Sonali Thakur

Designed for Kardashian by Balenciaga – Beautiful Homes

Designed for Kardashian by Balenciaga. Image courtesy, Getty Images

The Chilmark House by architects Alan Organschi and Aaron Schiller – Beautiful Homes

The Chilmark House by architects Alan Organschi and Aaron Schiller. Image courtesy, Official Instagram account of Gray Organschi

Ceramic pieces by Laura – Beautiful Homes

Ceramic pieces by Laura. Image courtesy, Official Instagram account of Laura Pasquino

Sculptural mesh curtain designed by Kengo Kuma – Beautiful Homes

Sculptural mesh curtain designed by Kengo Kuma. Image courtesy, Getty Images

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