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Asian Paints’ Trend Forecast for 2023 is prioritising good-quality sleep

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Mar 15, 2023
Morning glow soft neutral colour palette - Beautiful Homes

ColourNext is a comprehensive forecast of trends in colours, materials, textures and finishes that's relevant for the subcontinent. The third trend, Sleep Sense, is about countering productivity and scarcity culture with safe, comforting cocoons that allow us to switch off

There’s a sleep revolution underway, a great sleep awakening where we are countering productivity and scarcity culture with safe, comforting cocoons that allow us to switch off. As the movement towards health and wellness gains ground, a collective longing for a slower, simpler life has made nostalgia the perfect antidote to an accelerated pace of life. We remember a time when sleep was not collateral, the first casualty of external stress, it was just a peaceful, restorative few hours that rewired our bodies. In our quest to sleep better, we are making full use of all that modern homes have to offer while traditional sciences and indigenous craft are coming to the fore. There is a renewed focus on breathable, handcrafted fabrics and locally sourced natural materials and the overall colour palette is calming and cooling.


We had a system for work – established and fine-tuned over decades – till we no longer had it. As things got upended in 2020 and our entire work-life structure reversed, boundaries between personal and professional lives blurred, upsetting everything else in the balance. Demands of stayat-home families and coping with the pandemic meant people worked late into the night, for many it was the only quiet time of the day. But two years later people are recognizing the toll of disrupted timings coupled with pandemic-related anxiety, with a lot more people reporting they had more trouble sleeping than before.

Sleeping more results in productivity

Studies show people who are sleeping more are actually more productive, even though we might be compromising sleep to work more. Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Slower life

A slower life is an idea that has steadily gained ground in the past few years, encouraging us to take our time and enjoy the process. Image courtesy, Getty Images

Conversations Around Sleep

There has been a growing body of work on the importance of sleep and sleep quality in the past two decades, entering the mainstream in the past two years as health and wellbeing took centre stage. We are now questioning productivity culture and striving for a more well-rounded day, no longer glorifying celebrities who say they thrive on four-hour sleep days. A growing body of work is also now linking chronic sleeplessness with age related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes and obesity.

Sleep Tech

Everyone knows a lot more about their daily health than they did before, thanks in part to wearable tech that puts all kinds of metrics on our fingertips, from our oxygen saturation to heart health and duration and quality of our sleep. It’s not just these ubiquitous bands that have made health the final frontier of innovation, better sleep is now backed by a whole host of products that are aimed at helping us rest more peacefully. Weighted and temperaturecontrolled blankets, ASMR machines, smart lights that simulate sunsets and sunrises, humidity and air quality machines and even coffee alarm clocks.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking has now become a common feature in all the gadgets that we keep in close proximity. Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Slow Living

Slow living. Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Slow Living

We may be more connected than ever before, but we’re also taking back control of our time, living more considered, deliberated lives that are not always “on”. Slower lives have meant spending our hours more consciously and meaningfully, reconnecting with things that are good for our health. This has reflected in our personal spaces by turning our homes into sanctuaries that offer escape and calm, in turn increasing our adoption of products and goods that are local, sustainable, organic and whole.


A Sense of Calm Stillness

Light, soft colours that are evocative of a morning glow and comforting cocoons, the palette is curated for a sense of calm and stillness with white, beige and soft greys taking centre stage. The colours are marked by a translucent quality that gives a sense of being able to breathe beyond the boundaries of the room and connecting back with ourselves at the end of the day.

5 colour palettes that are suitable for sleep - Beautiful Homes

A colour palette that reflects a sense of calm stillness.


Seed Pillow

Seed pillow that ensures thermal comfort, ventilation, bio-climatic architecture and porosity.

Hard Materials

These natural materials are borrowed heavily from indigenous practices and vernacular architecture to create spaces that are cocooning with a nostalgic appeal. The materials are specially selected for their properties of regulating temperature to create thermal comfort, ventilation, bio-climatic architecture and porosity representing the depth of knowledge across the country for homes that are naturally conducive to better sleep.

Soft Materials

Ataractic and medicinal, these are deliberate and intentional choices that find their way into homes for their breathability, local relevance and restorative properties. Regaining popularity for their gentle and tranquil characteristics, the materials form a rich tapestry incorporating diverse weaving techniques, soothing herbs and sustainable production.

Use cotton for soft materials for home décor - Beautiful Homes

Soft and breathable, Semal rooi is known to be medicinal with a multitude of health benefits.


Light Calming Breathable

Subtle shades and patterns create walls and accents that add a touch of tranquillity and serenity to rooms. The wallpapers work well with a multitude of combinations and settings giving a feeling of wholeness and calm. The patterns have luminosity and transparency, circumventing boundaries and confines.


Comforting Pacifying Textures

Soft, warm textures that feel light and breathable, the collection takes us back to comforting memories of a time when life felt uncomplicated and slow. Calming and pacifying, the textures are derived from indigenous craft and local practices, borrowing heavily from age-old wisdom and a simpler time.

Neutral colour scheme living room design - Beautiful Homes

Awaken wallpaper.

Royale play wall to floor texture design - Beautiful Homes

Royal Play Wall to Floor Texture.


Home linen firm makes weighted blankets in cotton and velvet that the company says helps with calmer, better sleep, creates happy hormones and even tackles insomnia.


Bose Sleep Bud II has been created to silence all external noise with a mini in-built white noise machine to help one sleep better.


Wolveridge Architects' Courtyard Residence offers a sense of protection and retreat with its calm colours, elemental palette and textural rawness.


The natural scents of geranium, lavender, nutmeg, sandalwood and chamomile have now been recognised to induce sleep by relaxing and calming the senses.


Temperature regulating Eight Sleep Pod 2 Pro Cover comes with biometric sensors and a water-cooling grid that can be fitted on a mattress. The cover also tracks sleep, sets alarms and comes with a dual temperature zone to accommodate more than one person.


Uniquely luxurious lime-based paint, revolutionized for the modern world. From Asian Paints, Nilaya Naturals is a meticulously crafted natural paint presented in sustainable packaging. Over 90% of its Earth safe ingredients and a lead content that does not exceed 90 parts per million, make Nilaya Naturals healthy and robust, create breathable layers and give the paint a clean, fresh smell. A tonally perfect palette of more than hundred plus shades interact with natural light in delightful ways, while the flawlessly matte, vintage-inspired finish only grows more beautiful with time.

Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints is committed to providing our clients with the best solutions for all their interior design and decor-related concerns. We believe that a well-designed interior space can have a significant impact on our daily lives, and we strive to create spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Our team of passionate designers works closely with our clients to understand their needs and desires, and we take pride in our ability to deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations.


TITLE IMAGE Side table (Left)- Panoply, Terracotta and Round terracotta vases by Ikai Asai; Curtains- Lorn Snow SKU 112802 fabric by Pure Royale; Swing- seat & bolsters upholstered in SKU 114101 fabric for forecast selections; Cushions- Hata Bay fabric from Bayana collection by Ador Furnishing and Kimo Biscut fabric in Dale collection from Pure Royale; Throw- SKU 107226 fabric; On tray- Nirvan tea pot from Ikai Asai; Floor Cushions- in APF 21 TRIUM13 fabric from forecast selections; Rug in Hata Bay fabric from Bayana collection by Ador Furnishing; Kamal Wooden bowl by Ikai Asai.

Pastel green blankets from

Weighted blankets from Image courtesy, Official Instagram account of

Spacious neutral coloured kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Wolveridge Architects' Courtyard Residence. Image courtesy, Official Instagram account of Wolveridge Architects

Wooden bench design for a rustic style home design - Beautiful Homes

Asian Paints, Nilaya Naturals is a meticulously crafted natural paint presented in sustainable packaging.

Natural home elements like indoor plants & stones for home décor - Beautiful Homes

Asian Paints, Nilaya Naturals comprise a tonally perfect palette of more than hundred plus shades.


The natural scents from geranium, lavender, nutmeg, sandalwood and chamomile. Image courtesy, Shutterstock

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