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How the pandemic will change the way we renovate our homes

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Jun 27, 2020

I vividly remember the first time we moved houses—I was nine years old in New Delhi, and my parents and I were moving to the first home my father bought. I’ll never forget the excitement of finally having my own room designed according to what I wanted (or at least the practical stuff my folks agreed to) and running from room to room with my dad showing me all the cool stuff he’d fitted in, while I sneakily thought about how our new home had enough space for me to roller blade indoors whenever I wanted. 


But, honestly, this Hallmark-memory probably lasted for the first 10 minutes of moving in. In reality, there was a lot of squabbling, disagreement, and overall discontent with most of the work that was still incomplete in the house, which ended up continuing for weeks after we moved in. Between several losses in translation and ego clashes between contractors, my parents feebly pointed fingers at each other for being too tied up with work or taking care of me to physically be present to oversee and project manage our new home while it was being built every day.


Two and a half decades later, we still make peace with a few faults around the house, which we're always too busy (and, now, reluctant) to redo…

What Should Home Renovations Be Like Today?
This, however, shouldn’t have to be the case, especially with the plethora of talented designers, architects, and skilled labour we have in our country. With this concern in mind, Asian Paints—India’s paint giant—thought of its latest offering, Beautiful Homes Service. Enlisting expert interior designers who’ve worked across the length and breadth of the industry, Beautiful Homes Service takes care of executing every task in your home renovation from start to finish with a hassle-free, time-saving method.


Following a six-step process, which begins at the time of signing up for the service online, your newly renovated home is handed over to you once every task is complete.

Consultations and discussions for your dream home can take place right in the comfort of your space.

Throughout the entireproject, you will regularly be kept up-to-date by the Customer Experience Specialist (CES) assigned specially to you. This CES will continuously be your single point of contact till the very end; executing every idea in your vision for a perfect home.


The Need For A Digital Home Renovation Experience
Once you decide to renovate your home or redo a certain room in your house, the Beautiful Homes Service begins with a single sign up on the website. From there on, everything is handled digitally and seamlessly on a regular basis according to a schedule set up as per your convenience. 


Ayush Massey, who spends his time shuttling between Toronto and New Delhi, has been considering a makeover for his home in India for the past few years, but frequently finds himself giving up on the idea. “Whenever I visit, my time in Delhi is limited and mostly taken up with work or meeting family and old friends. While I’ve always toyed with the idea of surprising my parents with a freshly-designed home, it seems close to impossible, as I’m never there to dedicate all my time and energy to oversee the project.” The need for a digital home renovation service, he feels, is something that’s a long-time coming, and, if executed correctly, can be of extreme convenience to working professionals and ex-pats living out of the country.


Here are five reasons why we think the Beautiful Homes Service will revolutionize the way we renovate our homes.


1. Most Of Our Habits And Lives Are Managed Digitally These Days
From banking and grocery shopping to home entertainment and the way, we communicate with one another—almost all aspects of our daily lives take place on a digital platform today. With more and more digital solutions cropping up to help our lives function smoothly and, sometimes, remotely, this begs the question—isn’t it time for home design services to also have a digital solution?


2. In A Post-pandemic World, We Will Realise The Ease Of Working Remotely And Digitally
These unprecedented times have been a time for reflection and realization; and one of the biggest things we’ve achieved is finding a way to continue our work and daily tasks remotely from the comfort and safety of our homes via various digital platforms. This has shown us that we can, technically, still be in two places at the same time while forgoing the time-consuming headache of commuting across a city several times in a day. And one of the biggest problems for any home construction or renovation (especially for working professionals) is being present throughout the day to physically oversee the entire project.


3. A Dedicated Single Point Of Contact
From the moment you sign up for the Beautiful Homes Service till you’re handed over your completely renovated home, your main point of contact for any and all communication will be a Customer Experience Specialist assigned specially to you. From scheduling a call with an expert interior designer and discussing ideas for your home to executing your vision and reporting back to you regularly with timely updates, you will be rid of any need to be physically present to oversee or manage the entire project. Updates will all be brought seamlessly to you.

The design of a home created by Beautiful Homes Service will be entirely customised according to your expectation

4. Every Design Detail Will Be Executed As Per Your Specification
Once an expert designer has spoken with you over a video call and understood your ideas for the project, a render of the same will be presented to you on a 3D visualiser (custom-made by Asian Paints) to inspect and make changes. After you approve these renders, your Customer Experience Specialist will be with you at each step of the way when you visit a store to select the colours, materials, and finishes of your choice and will execute every element of it in your home while keeping you regularly updated on its progress.

5. An Easy Solution That Won’t Eat Into Your Schedule
With your specially assigned and dedicated Customer Experience Specialist, every meeting, update and step of execution will be scheduled with and communicated to you according to timelines that work for you. 

Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own project? We can help. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. For a home consultation, click here.

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