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Jul 14, 2020

 “La Dolce Far Niente”- I came across this Italian expression in Elizabeth Gilbert's popular book Eat, Pray, Love. It translates to “the sweetness of doing nothing”. While most of us are today inside our homes doing more than ever, we crave that bit of me-time, the joy of moments when you just savour a cup of tea while watching the rainfall outside.


Right now for whoever is able to do it, being able to stay home and work is most definitely a luxury. However, it has been over 100 days of lockdown and if by now, like us, you are looking at everything in your house with a feeling of boredom, you are at the right place.


From nailing client meetings over video calls to stealing some time on a quiet afternoon to bake to the longish power naps in between all the chores – by now we are certain our homes and us, both need a treat.


Your home right now is the safest place for you, and there cannot be a better time to celebrate the small joys of your daily life indoors. The carefully edited collection of pick-me-ups that we have curated for you are gratifying buys that should have you sorted to eat in style, feel ‘divine’, and indulge in some self-care now when it is most needed. Choose your favourites here:


Eat: Our mealtimes are the little windows of pause that we get through the day. Make them a treat with these special products.


Hand-painted Crimson copper water carafe

Ayurveda suggests drinking a glass copper enriched water first thing in the morning. Cheers to good health with this skilfully hand-painted carafe and glass. It will make your bedside and your mornings cheery.

Price: Rs. 4,900

Ritu Kumar

Awadh Black and White Cotton Linen Table Cover

This understated table linen lends an elegant base to your tableware. Brownie Points for the fuss-free machine washable feature.

Price: Rs. 5,800


Sienna Terracotta Baking Dish

Ditch the tin! This sustainable baking dish will be the finest addition to your bakeware.

Cooking and baking in terracotta have many healthy advantages as well. The properties of clay slow down the cooking process by retaining the heat, moisture, and nutrients!

Did anyone say a healthy crusty cherry pie?

Price: Rs. 890

Kaunteya Tableware

Pichwai Dinner Set

Finding the balance between contemporary and spiritual designs, the lotus motif finds its way onto this delicate dinnerware etched in undertones of 24 K Gold. The Pichwai collection has our heart smiling with the hope of passing this heirloom tableware down generations.

Price: Rs. 39,726

Cocoon Carpets

Bauhaus Collection - The Atypical Form Carpet

Netflix and cocooned! Add wine, some cheese and that sounds like the ultimate date night - all things considered. Hope we have given you the incentive to splurge? Made of handspun, high twist pure wool with silk accents, buying that one piece to make your home look a tad bit sexy never hurts.

Price: Rs. 98,000

Studio Kiklee

Sue Two-tiered Cake Stand

It is a known fact that most not so great days can end well with the addition of dessert. And make your tea and cake time look like celebration time with this tall copper and zinc cake stand. This galvanized two-tiered stand can also be stored flat when not in use. Good looking and space-saving.

Price: Rs. 2,850

Pray: Creating a small space that is for prayer, meditation, or just a cup of tea and your thoughts is a must when you are stuck indoors all the time. Here are some products that will help create that feeling of Zen when you need it most.

Phillips Antiques

Lingam hanging lamp

Shaivism considers the lighting of an oil lamp extremely auspicious for the home. An antique from the 19th century that’s hoping to find its way into your home, this sacred metal lamp will help bring positivity and calm.

Price: Rs. 24,000

Zufolo Designs    

Crystal Sea Salt Lamp

Sea salt lamps are a spiritualist’s favourite as it is known to cleanse, deodorise and purify the air in the room it is placed in. It also helps in relaxation, reducing stress levels, and promotes good sleep due to the soft orange and yellow light.

Price: Rs. 1,100

Studio Smita Moksh

“In The Now” - Shree Collection

This stunning artwork promises to create with you a tranquil, transcendental connection. Bring home this handcrafted ‘solar seasoned’ teak wood artwork.

Price: On Request

Kavita Singh Interiors

Marble Book Stand

If you can find peace in a booklet the book finds a home in this marble carved Kavita Singh design.

Price: On Request

Good Earth

Frankincense Ancient Incense Set

Ayurveda has preached the use of frankincense and its many benefits for decades. Using the “Dewa Dhoop” every day can purify the air and help get rid of bacteria and small insects. Plus, the aroma is supposed to clarify the mind.

Price: Rs. 4,200

Bespoke Home Jewels

Semi Precious Stone Buddha Deity

Ornament your meditation space with some tranquillity with this beautiful Buddha deity. It is carved using the cherished Rose quartz stone which is known to be a powerful healing stone and even accelerate healing.

Price: On request

Gunava Design

Nazar Mirror

The evil eye symbol is placed at home by many communities to counter bad luck or any negativity. This mirror not only looks good but also makes you feel protected every time you see your reflection.

Price: On request

Brown Living

Chakra Pro Yoga Mat by Spiritual Warrior

From all the mats you have possibly used this has got to be the coolest one! The Chakra Pro Mat is made using biodegradable, recyclable natural tree rubber and is lined with cork to give you extra padding. Balance your chakras along with the environment!

Price: Rs. 4,900

The Antique Story

Vintage Monstrance

This vintage monstrance will be a lovely  textured addition to your living room décor. It has a design of a sunburst in the middle along with lotuses at the bottom, both symbols of a fresh start. Even though the origin of this piece is from the Catholic church, you can interpret it as you like.

Price: Rs. 20,000

Apartment 18

Crystal Gemstone Wishing Tree

The tree with yellow gemstones is known to balance the ying-yang energies at home and promote creativity. This can be placed on your work desk to get your creative juices flowing. Plus the yellow tree will add some colour to your work essentials.

Price: Rs. 2,499

Love: We mean self-love. Whether it is indulging in the best chair you can to make your working days better or just a beautiful cosy robe to relax those 10 minutes extra in anything that makes you feel good, is worth it.

Sources Unlimited

‘Baron Chair’ by Giorgetti
To us, nothing says self-love more than taking good care of your health. If you are working all day in front of a laptop, the last thing you need is back and neck aches from a bad chair. This sculptural ergonomically designed work chair is an indulgence and a necessity in our opinion. Built-in is the 5-point revolving base with rotating castors and gas spring to adjust as per your height. You have the option of a low back or high back chair is a classic walnut wooden frame.
Price: On Request

The Hibiscus Armchair

That sound of rainfall, your own playlist, and comforting cocoa, but no place to go? Curl up and sink into the comforts of this reclaimed teakwood armchair for a simple me-time routine.
Price: Approx Rs. 35,000

‘Dots of Love’ Knitted Throw

Comfort your soul with this light yet cosy throw that promises its use all through the year! Made with the softest, high-quality breathable cotton this blanket has you covered in those moments when all you need is disconnect and be cosy.
Price: Rs. 2,699

Anantaya Décor

The Laurie Bricks
Laurie Bricks are a set of miniature terracotta bricks that enables you to indulge in an afternoon of play celebrating the art of ‘slow architecture’. The set comes with 144 mini bricks, a small trowel, and desi mortar. Not happy with your creation? Worry not, the mortar and bricks disintegrate when soaked in water to be reused again.
Price: Rs. 2,430

Neptune Nova lite collection of bedsheets

These luxuriously soft bedsheets are exactly what you need for the sweet escape and better dreams. The geometric grey and yellow undertones make for a cheerful entry to your bedroom.
Price: Rs. 3,299

Flower hand-block print cotton bath robe

The waffle cotton hand printed with floral motifs feel like a big old bear hug after a relaxing bath. Indulge yourself with this royal snuggly bathrobe for a cosy escape whenever you really need it.
Price: Rs. 2,499

Bath Towel

Who doesn’t love the plush luxury of the extra soft towel? A small indulgence that will start your day on a pleasing note, Amouve’s Bath towels are organic, made with non-toxic dyes, are high absorbency and super, super soft. Made using a density of 700 GSM cotton, your bath time just got an upgrade!
Price: Rs. 1,670

Veedaa Candles
Veedaa gift set

Veedaa Candles are made with clean-burning soy wax and soothing scents. Lighting carefully selected aroma candles can melt away your stress. Try this one with Himalayan Cedar Patchouli in a reusable Glass bottle paired with 3 wick Intoxicating Rajnigandha bloom candle
Price: Rs. 2,750

Gulmohar Lane
Cuba marble bath set

We’re sending your basin counter some resort-ish vibes with this bathroom set in uneven stone texture. This set comprises of five elements, perfect for all bathroom spaces.
Price: Rs. 5,865

The Hibiscus Armchair

That sound of rainfall, your own playlist, and comforting cocoa, but no place to go? Curl up and sink into the comforts of this reclaimed teakwood armchair for a simple me-time routine.
Price: Approx Rs. 35,000

Proof Vision
Water-proof TV

If the bathroom is one place you have right now just to yourself, make it even better with some premium smart TV that is completely waterproof. This ultra-thin model comes with in-built speakers and a fully waterproof remote control. The smart mirror can be used above your basin counter and magically turns into a TV at the press of a button!
Price: On Request

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