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Smart, cute, and well-designed products for children (that even parents will love)

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Nov 13, 2019

When it comes to kids’ furniture and décor, things become redundant pretty quickly. Children grow out of everything, so it’s fiscally prudent to use multitasking pieces. The other thing I’d like to point out is that, even those of us who promised ourselves we’d never buy ‘cute’ things, eventually succumb. Like those Anne Geddes photos (remember the baby in a sunflower pot?); you don’t want to like them, but you smile anyway. But what makes those pictures cute is they’re smart rather than just sweet-cute. I’ve got a little selection of objects here that meet the smart-cute quotient. This isn’t an exhaustive or gendered list, just products that could prove useful and entertaining—important factors for anything related to young children. 

1.    Hape
This 30-year-old German brand is famous for its wooden toys, and there’s a range of their products on our favourite digital mega-hypermarket, Amazon. Focus though, on the Hape Multifunction Kitchen, which is a beaut! For one thing, it’s made of board—no tacky primary-coloured plastic anywhere. The reviews for this product are positively star-spangled, parents loving the fact that it’s easy to assemble, the magnetic doors, realistic accessories, and functional features like the pegs to hang pans and spatulas. If you’re interested in investing in a kiddie kitchen, check this one out.
Price: Rs. 16,999

2.    Homesmiths
At some point in her/his young life, your child will meet a box of Lego. You want to get this Homesmiths Beige Colour Toy Organizer into your home before that happens. As the self-explanatory name says, the stand is beige, which is nice, while the compartments are brightly-coloured for the objects you’d like to keep in them. Small toys, Lego pieces, stationery, odds and all sorts of ends—believe me, you need this!
Price: Rs. 5,999

3.    Tot Tutors Organizer
This one is a more expensive version of the Homesmiths item, serves the same purpose, but perhaps because of the colour scheme, this one may live out a longer life in your home. Espresso coloured, and stacked with white plastic boxes, there are plenty of things you could do with this item, and older kids would find it just as useful as the younger ones. But yes, the maturity comes at a price in this case.
Price:  Rs. 49,994

4.    Peakaboo Patterns
This Chennai-based brand by Garima Agarwal is a kid-focused designer furniture brand, with a retail outfit in the city. The brand has a large variety of products, spread all the way from vacation gear like beach tote bags and sun umbrellas, to baby bedding, but I’d like to point you in the direction of the teepee tents. Cloth-based, and light, these can be ordered online and seem a fairly simple set-up.
Price: Rs. 7,500

5.    Swaddle Cove
The easiest way to make sure your furniture and décor will grow with your kid is to customise everything. We put the question out to a moms’ group in Mumbai, and one of the most popular suggestions was Swaddle Cove. Founder Nupur Muhana Gupta promises to bring her clients’ “imagination to life”. A complete bespoke nursery, specific pieces of furniture like a floor bed that we especially loved, even hand-illustrated wallpapers—whatever the ask Swaddle Cove does it. For examples of the firm’s work, check out the Facebook page.
Price: Price on request

mart, cute, and well-designed products for children (that even parents will love) - Beautiful Homes

6.    Snurk USA
I discovered this brand of designer kids’ bedding on the Instagram page of Eva Chen, Instagram Fashion Partnerships head, mom, author and mega-Influencer. The brand primarily makes duvet covers, apparel and throw pillows. Of which, the duvet covers are the smartest ones you’ll see around. Designed so perfectly that your little one will look like a sleeping NASA astronaut, a footballer, mermaid, superhero, or any number of other whatever their latest I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up occupation is. Unfortunately, Snurk doesn’t have international shipping yet, but this is a worthy product to ship over to that friendly US-based relative who wouldn’t mind schlepping it over to you.
Price: Rs. 8,410 onwards

7.    Qik Frames
This is another product that doesn’t ship over easily, even though framing children’s art is definitely an international problem! QIK Frames allows you change the art within, without changing the frame or even taking it off the wall. QIK Frames are available in various size options, and its simple mechanism allows you to simply lift the frame and replace the artwork—just perfect for presenting your child’s artistic efforts as it grows from handprints to more elaborate ideas.
Price: Rs. 1,412 onwards

8.    Bobo & Boo
No matter how cute, they are plastic bottles and plates are not worth the risk. Bobo & Boo is an Australian brand of bamboo dinnerware that is colourful enough to entice fussy eaters, safe and sustainable. And it’s easily available on Amazon. There’s another alternative, of course, the simple steel cutlery you can buy anywhere across the country. As long as you don’t mind the clanging, which is inevitable.
Price: Rs. 1,085 onwards

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