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Jul 08, 2022

How do you tell someone you’re meeting for the first time how you want your home to look? Is there a way to ensure ideas are related as precisely as possible to artisans and carpenters? Can you ensure that you all see the same ideas for a space? In a country with a rich talent pool of designers, architects and skilled labour, there should be an easy answer for all those questions. And now there is.


After dominating the industry for several decades, India’s paint giant Asian Paints noticed several growing home-renovation concerns from consumers and created its latest offering—Beautiful Homes Service. As a tailor-made service, created with a consumer-first approach, the Beautiful Homes Service enlists expert interior designers—who have worked across the length and breadth of the country—to take care of executing every task in your home renovation from start to finish with a hassle-free, time-saving method. Following a six-step process, which begins at the time of signing up for the service online, your newly renovated home is handed over to you once every task is complete. And, to help bring your ideas and vision to life, Asian Paints has specifically custom-made a 3D visualizer to present your ideas once you’ve discussed them with an expert designer, so you can see exactly what you’ll get from the service in the new home presented to you.

The Meaning Of Bespoke Design In India
For fashion designer Mansi Malhotra, it is symbolic for her design aesthetic and sense of personal style to reflect in her surroundings. “When my clients—many of whom are internationally-based—enter my atelier, it’s important for the space I’m working in to be an extension of what I create. These days, we are exposed to a mélange of diversity from across the globe, be it through travel or simply being connected digitally, which creates a need for us to express this in the way we live. There is a growing necessity to tangibly see what we think or feel, which is why social media platforms are thriving because we can visually put out our ideas and thoughts for the world at large,” she explains. 

Asian Paints has specifically custom-made a 3D visualizer to help bring your ideas and vision to life.

Whether you’ve been flipping through pages in a glossy magazine or catalogue, or you’ve come across a room on Pinterest with a look you simply must recreate, the next time you call your trusted carpenter and contractor for what might seem like a relatively straightforward and quick job, consider visualizing every element of the décor and design, taking in even the smallest nooks and corners, to avoid any surprises after the job is complete. Simple tricks such as measuring your floor space and the fittings that will go on it, will go a long way.


Here are five ways the Beautiful Homes Service 3D visualizer will help to accurately recreate your perfect dream home.


1. What You See Is What You’ll Get
Once you’ve signed up for the Beautiful Homes Service on the website, a Customer Experience Specialist assigned specifically to you will set up a schedule for a detailed discussion of your home renovation with an expert interior designer. After your ideas have been understood, they will be presented to you on a 3D visualizer custom-made by Asian Pants for this service. Through this intricate tool with features that surpass any other existing visualizers in the industry, you will be able to delve into every aspect of the changes that will be made in your home. Every tiny detail that you would like to see in your home can be brought to life on this visualizer.


2. There’s Always Room For Change
The first render presented to you doesn’t have to be the final design set in stone. If you would like to make any amount of changes, big or small, they can be incorporated. If, for some reason, your vision is still not executed accurately in the renders or even if you change your mind once you see it brought to life, you can have more discussions with the designer till you are completely satisfied with what you see. Once you approve of the designs, and a downpayment of 15% of the project cost is made, the first step of execution for your Beautiful Homes Service will begin.


3. A 3d Vizualizer Custom-made For A Consumer
After witnessing several consumer habits, tastes and preferences, and also being aware of the growing technology options available internationally, Asian Paints created a 3D visualizer for the Beautiful Homes Service because it understood how today’s consumer is extremely aware and confident about incorporating the finest details in their home. Much more advanced than any other existing tool in the industry, the 3D render created with this visualizer will help recreate a basic visual of what you’d want your home to look like.

The 3D render created with the visualizer will help you see exactly what you’ll get from the service in the new home presented to you.

4. A Service That Works With Any Budget
Once you’ve seen your designs on the 3D render, made your changes and approved the project moving forward, a one-time design charge of 5% of the quotation value or ₹25,000 (whichever is lower) will be charged to you.  This amount is valid only for online consultations, and will vary if you’d like a Customer Experience Specialist of visit you in person. Your downpayment will immediately be adjusted when you book the site. The Beautiful Homes Service was created with the aim to work in different kinds of homes across the country with a range of budgets. Whether it’s a grand heritage bungalow or a humble small-space studio, there is a design solution for every budget.

5. The Asian Paints’ Assurance
Since its inception in 1942, Asian Paints has been a leader in the paint industry for decades, constantly redefining the idea of quality and creativity in homes and spaces across the country. Along the way, it has had access to and collaborated with the finest talents and state-of-the-art products, along with bearing witness to the highs and lows in the market over the years. With this experience and knowledge, and serving the test of time, Asian Paints brings with it a guaranteed quality assurance and sense of security in the Beautiful Homes Service.


Are you looking for interior design expertise for your own project? We can help. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream home. For a home consultation, click here.

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